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1 Caste Among Indian Muslims Is a Real Issue. So Why Deny Them Reservation?
2 Indian state outlaws religious conversion by marriage
3 Indian Muslims Want A Secular India – Here's Why
4 In India, a vocal Muslim party expands its base
5 The hateful love ‘jihad’ conspiracy in India is going mainstream
6 India's Muslim politics is shifting course amid Hindu majoritarianism
7 Laws Against 'Love Jihad' Are Yet Another Serious Attack on India's Once Secular Democracy
8 What is behind India’s ‘love jihad’ legislation?
9 Indian state criminalises religious conversions by marriage
10 Religious clashes in India sparked scholar's interest in peace | Stanford News
11 A Muslim-Hindu Kiss Puts Netflix India in the Crosshairs
12 What the Owaisi phenomenon says about Indian Muslims & future of ‘secular’ parties
13 India’s Leading Documentary Filmmaker Has a Warning
14 The weaponization of information against India's religious minorities
15 'Is Anyone Here a Muslim, With a Victim Anecdote for My Column?'
16 India: Tributes pour in after death of Shia scholar Kalbe Sadiq
17 Why are Kashmiri Muslim nomads being evicted?
18 Muslims equally concerned for India's security, secularism: Islamic scholar
19 Voices of reason amidst a spate of attacks on Muslims in Europe
20 How AIMIM Has Emerged As the Principal Challenger of the BJP, Not 'Secular' Parties
21 India police investigating Muslim man in first case under new Uttar Pradesh anti-conversion law
22 View: Muslims don’t need all India party for more representation
23 That Muslims enslaved Hindus for last 1000 yrs is historically unacceptable: Romila Thapar
24 ‘You’re Not Like Other Muslims’ And Other Islamophobic Indianisms
25 Muslim ministers: Numbers lag far behind share in population
26 Old hatreds fuel online misinformation about COVID-19 in South Asia
27 Ambedkar's Fears of 'War on Muslims' Have Come True. So Why Celebrate Constitution Day?
28 Liberal outrage over no Muslims in Bihar’s ruling alliance hides caste realities in Indian Muslim society
29 Education has given tolerance, patience to Indian Muslims: Director Kamaludeen
30 The message from Bihar: Indian Muslims want secular parties to stop pretending they don't exist
31 An Indian Muslim's time in a death-row cell at a Pakistani jail
32 India, Pakistan trade barbs over ‘OIC resolution’ on Kashmir
33 The moderate Muslim must address the reality of many lived Islams
34 No Muslim Candidates For BJP, Says Karnataka Minister
35 India best country for Muslims, Hindu their best friend: BJP national spokesman in Kashmir
36 BJP goes for Muslim-Christian social engineering in Kerala local election
37 'Love Jihad': Why legislative remedies must not be dismissed
38 Fact Check: Old Video Shared With Claim Of Muslim Man Masquerading As Sikh In Ongoing Farmers Protest In...
39 Farewell Kalbe Sadiq, India Needs More Like You
40 Rise of Hindutva serious threat to Indian Muslims, region: FM Qureshi
41 Muslim Man Arrested Under Religious Freedom Law In Madhya Pradesh
42 Watch | Love Jihad an 'Urban Myth', Hard Right Threatens India's Interests: Chetan Bhagat
43 Sri Lanka's highest court rejects petitions from Muslims against COVID-19 cremations
44 Nehru recalled what Swami Vivekananda had said of Islam and Hindu ‘upper classes’
45 Indian Idol contestant reveals how she faced opposition from conservative Muslim society as singing is ‘not allowed’
46 India’s Hindi belt politics has a southern challenger — Asaduddin Owaisi
47 Why the Rohingya Muslims are Hyderabad’s ticking time bombs
48 Shiv Sena Asks Centre To Ban Use Of Loudspeakers In Mosques
49 Modi government did more good for Muslims than Congress: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi
50 Why India’s Muslims Reach for Liberalism
51 How Arnab Goswami became India's most loved and loathed journalist
52 UP law sees first case: Kin of 20-year-old move against Muslim friend
53 Asaduddin Owaisi’s rise is just the opportunity Hindutva politics is waiting for
54 Religious reforms in Saudi Arabia will be felt in India too
55 Farmer protest: From celebrity protestors hijacking the ‘protest’ to AAP and Congress fighting for credit, the circus is here
56 Indian Muslims face stigma, blame for surge in infections
57 Anti-India model of farmers' protest, here's how divisive forces are using farmers
58 Jammu Muslims Fear Communal Violence In Region In Name Of Roshni Act
59 Modi govt did more good for Muslims than Cong: Naqvi
60 Will executed by a Muslim does not mandatorily need a probate
61 "...because Pakistan is a Muslim country': Mehbooba draws parallel as India-China talks continue
62 Muslim Man Held Under Religious Freedom Law In Madhya Pradesh
63 Indian Muslims must rewrite their victim mindset to be indispensable in India’s rise
64 Arundhati Roy: Indian Muslims facing 'genocidal climate' amid pandemic
65 Double Whammy For Indian Muslims: A Failed Secular State And Lack Of Progressive Leadership
66 Indian Muslims and liberals are trapped in a toxic relationship
67 CAA, NRC make Indian Muslims back constitution not radical Islam
68 Indian Muslims should form exclusive party, consider moving to Kerala: Zakir Naik
69 At US Islamist convention, Owaisi alleges 'pogrom' against Muslims in India
70 Muslims need political say and AIMIM ensures that: Asaduddin Owaisi
71 Indian Muslims face renewed stigma amid COVID-19 crisis
72 Why India's Muslims Are in Grave Danger
73 In India, Coronavirus Fans Religious Hatred
74 Hate against Indian Muslims: Widening Gulf?
75 ‘Indian Muslims are silent but sad’
76 Disinformation against Indian Muslims during the COVID-19 pandemic
77 First Arab world, now Canada saying enough is enough to Muslim-hating overseas Indians
78 India Is a Secular Nation, So Why Aren’t Muslims Being Protected?
79 ‘Muslims Are Foreigners’: Inside India’s Campaign to Decide Who Is a Citizen
80 Is the Pakistani Government Really Worried About Indian Muslims?
81 In Hindu-nationalist India, Muslims risk being branded infiltrators in their own country
82 Why Arabs are speaking out against Islamophobia in India
83 India’s Muslims are punished for asking to be Indian
84 Covid an excuse to push Indian Muslims out of informal sector jobs. Apartheid the next step
85 Hindu nationalists see Muslim jihad everywhere in India
86 Indian Muslims Are Being Scapegoated for the Coronavirus
87 Hindu Nationalists Blame Muslims For India's COVID-19 Crisis
88 #IStandWithFrance trends in India amid outrage in Muslim world
89 Why India’s Muslims reach for Liberalism: NYT
90 India, Pakistan, Turkey are going back to religion. There is a better way
91 Secular Indians Debate Whether They Should Protest Citizenship Law as Muslims First
92 Museum in India Celebrating Muslim Dynasty Gets a Hindu Overhaul
93 India's Muslims Fear Deportation Under Citizenship Law
94 In India's Capital, Muslims Were Displaced by Pogroms. Then Came Coronavirus.
95 How Muslims are creating a new vocabulary of secularism for Indian democracy
96 In secular India, it's getting tougher to be Muslim
97 Manufacturing Conflict: Indian Muslims and the Shift from Marginalisation to Exclusion
98 India Steps Toward Making Naturalization Harder for Muslims
99 CoronaJihad is Only the Latest Manifestation: Islamophobia in India has Been Years in the Making
100 Javed Akhtar on communal tensions: 'Indian Muslims also have to criticize themselves'