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Result Content Idea Research
1 The Anti-Indigenous Handbook
2 Holy See: indigenous communities to be included in decision-making process
3 Native American women shape how museums frame Indigenous culture
4 How Indigenous Burning Practices Could Prevent Massive Wildfires
5 Nornickel Announces Comprehensive Support Programme for the Taimyr's Indigenous Peoples
6 Respect for Indigenous land rights key in fight against climate change
7 Editorial: Tufts must recognize Indigenous Peoples Day
8 Why were Indigenous crews in Canada shot at with flares for fishing?
9 Throne Speech Risks Neglecting Indigenous Communities with "Distinctions Based" Policies
10 An Indigenous Canadian Journalist Was Covering a Protest. Then He Got Arrested.
11 The Walkers and the renaissance of indigenous culture in Peru
12 TIME's list of 100 most influential people in 2020 includes Indigenous Waorani leader
13 Salem City Council Passes Indigenous Peoples Day Ordinance
14 Artifacts from upstate Indigenous towns digitized, repatriated
15 Petition with over 1000 signatures calls on Penn to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day
16 Governor proclaims Indigenous Peoples Day for 2020 | Local
17 More than fashion: For Indigenous people, growing out their hair is about reclaiming their culture
18 Amicable church to raise awareness of Indigenous peoples' issues
19 Black and Indigenous Futures in Archaeology Webinar Series
20 Governor says Indigenous Peoples' Day to be celebrated in 2020
21 Mi'kmaq push for legal lobster sales for non-Indigenous buyers
22 Indigenous Brazilians Fight Covid-19, Arson, and the President’s Push for More Soy
23 Corvallis School Board discuss land transfer with Philomath, emphasis on Indigenous Peoples' Day
24 Indigenous Rights at Issue in Canadian Lobster Ruckus
25 INDIGENOUS RIGHTS: Conservation important but who gets to regulate is key legal issue
26 Indigenous Peoples' Initiative to hold a Sept. 29 press conference
27 Indigenous Food Circles shape food sovereignty
28 Government of Canada announces the Indigenous organizations in Saskatchewan who received funding to address the COVID-19 pandemic in urban areas
29 ‘You don’t control the border’: Indigenous groups protesting wall construction clash with federal agents
30 Montana court abolishes law obstructing voting rights to Indigenous people
31 Karuk Scientist Talks to NPR About How Indigenous Burning Methods Could Help Prevent Massive Wildfires
32 Texas activists: Indigenous communities violently displaced to make way for ‘mega-train’ in Mexico
33 Santa Maria organization makes final push for indigenous to be counted in census
34 Cowan’s auction house returns indigenous war god sculpture to a Zuni Pueblo
35 How Portland's mutual aid supports local Indigenous communities
36 Global project shows most common attacks on Indigenous Peoples
37 Indigenous street vendors bring comfort food and a taste of home to Phoenix
38 Brazil's Bolsonaro blames Indigenous people for Amazon fires in U.N. speech
39 Indigenous activist who denounced lack of water murdered in Baja
40 Blaxers Blog: Indigenous Solidarity from a Black Seminole's Perspective
41 Hispanic Heritage: Honoring indigenous culture through pyrography
42 COVID-19 and the decolonization of Indigenous public health
43 How has COVID-19 affected Native American communities, people? View the entire 'Indigenous Impacts' project here
44 Maynard groups to host Indigenous Peoples Day talk
45 Amazon fires coincide with increased respiratory illnesses in indigenous populations
46 Relics from upstate Indigenous towns digitized, repatriated | Cornell Chronicle
47 Indigenous Fire Management, Oliver Sacks Film. September 25, 2020, Part 1 | Science Friday
48 Peru's Indigenous turn to ancestral remedies to fight virus
49 The erasure of Indigenous people in U.S. COVID-19 data
50 Open Letter from the Ontario labour movement to Doug Ford and Christine Elliot: Declare racism, including anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism, a public health crisis
51 Indigenous knowledge still undervalued: Respondents describe a power imbalance in environmental decision-making
52 Best endeavours: presenting an Indigenous perspective on Captain Cook
53 Az Governor Signs Proclamation Making Oct. 12 Indigenous Peoples' Day
54 First Notice: BMO homebuyer survey; Indigenous infrastructure projects
55 Building Indigenous Food Sovereignty in 14 First Nations in Northern Superior region
56 View the entire 'Indigenous Impacts' project
57 Survival of Indigenous communities at risk as Amazon fire season advances
58 Canada COVID-19 Update for Indigenous Peoples and communities 26 September
59 The Harsh Realities of Being Indigenous in North America
60 Amazon: Brazilian official killed by arrow near indigenous tribe
61 Northwest Passages: Sports mascots and Indigenous people
62 Panel: COVID-19 Carries "Tsunami Impact" For Indigenous Communities
63 'Wisdom' of Guatemala's indigenous people needed for sustainable development: A UN Resident Coordinator blog
64 Cape Breton high school replaces team name that was offensive to Indigenous people
65 Husky Energy gives Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada to schools in Saskatchewan
66 Vincent Namatjira is the first Indigenous Australian to win the Archibald Prize.
67 For this young Indigenous woman, passion for environmental justice is rooted in the land
68 Meet the 18-Year-Old Championing Indigenous Rights in Alaska
69 In the Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots
70 Non-Profi Group Trying To Get Indigenous People Counted In Census
71 Gov. Ducey signs proclamation to declare Oct. 12 Indigenous People’s Day
72 Medical service bus to provide care for Saskatchewan Indigenous communities
73 Cultural Appropriation in the Peruvian Andes Sparks Discussion Around Indigenous Identity
74 These Indigenous educators are bringing Western and Native science together in the classroom
75 Indigenous activists protest outside of Throne Speech
76 Clarivate Report Highlights Current Trends in Indigenous Research across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Region
77 Protector of Brazil's Indigenous Groups Fatally Shot With Arrow by Isolated Tribe
78 An Indigenous bioethicist on CRISPR and decolonizing DNA
79 Infrastructure and Indigenous Engagement | Bennett Jones LLP
80 Philippines Soldiers Accused of Beating Indigenous People
81 The Native Artists Showing Us What’s Happening in Indigenous America
82 As the Arctic thaws, Indigenous Alaskans demand a voice in climate change research
83 Brazil court decision sparks fears over Indigenous land
84 Indigenous group patrols to expel invading loggers in Amazon
85 Uncovering the science of Indigenous fermentation
86 Australia police in spotlight on Indigenous deaths in custody
87 Non-natives removing lobster traps set by Indigenous fishermen in western N.S.
88 'Living with fire' may lead to less destructive wildfires, say Indigenous land stewards
89 Chile’s Largest Indigenous Group Sees Opportunity in a New Constitution
90 Preventing coronavirus COVID-19 among indigenous people in Brazil | MSF
91 COVID-19 in Indigenous communities: What you need to know this week
92 The Indigenous artists designing coronavirus masks
93 Self-taught Indigenous chef serves up gourmet powwow food in Windsor
94 Our land was taken. But we still hold the knowledge of how to stop mega-fires
95 Racism against Indigenous groups, immigration at issue as Chile debates new constitution
96 "Architecture is Vital to Native Culture": Sam Olbekson on Indigenous Design and Social Justice
97 In Nicaragua, Forests and Indigenous Communities Face Threats
98 Artist Builds Effigy Mounds to Honor Indigenous People in Cook County
99 Indigenous Alaskans demand a voice in research on warming
100 Indigenous women are preyed on at horrifying rates. I was one of them