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1 The Guardian view on Amazonian cave art: a story about the environment, too
2 Losing elders to COVID-19 endangers Indigenous languages
3 Zairean rite offers example for developing an Amazonian rite, pope says
4 COVID-19 Endangers Indigenous Right to Food, Says UN Report
5 Peru informs UN of protection strategy for indigenous peoples against COVID-19
6 Results-based payments for a greener future
7 Indigenous Amazonians face ravages of the 'invader' virus
8 Amazon indigenous activist wins 'Green Nobel' prize
9 A New Agenda for Climate Giants of the Western Hemisphere
10 ‘Sistine Chapel of the ancients’ rock art found in Amazon forest
11 Amazonian Indigenous Peoples and COVID-19: 'We're not still waiting for help as we know it'll never arrive'
12 Indigenous Amazonians fighting for lives say battle for rainforest involves whole world
13 Native Amazonians, Americans and monkeys show similar thinking patterns
14 Amazonian Indigenous territories are crucial for conservation
15 Zairean rite offers example for developing an Amazonian rite
16 Coronavirus Threatens Indigenous Amazonian Tribes
17 PAHO, COICA and other indigenous groups seek to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on Amazonian peoples
18 Indigenous land intrusions help drive higher virus death toll in the Amazon
19 Eight-mile wall of prehistoric paintings of animals and humans is discovered in Amazon rainforest
20 Fueled by impunity, invasions surge in Brazil's Indigenous lands
21 Disaster looms for indigenous communities as COVID-19 cases multiply in Amazon
22 'Mother Earth isn't waiting for us to save ourselves'
23 Two indigenous women in Latin America honored with top prize for environmental protection
24 Amazonian Indigenous Leader Sônia Guajajara: 'In the Flames, They See Money'
25 Pope Francis: The Zairean Rite is a “promising model” for the Amazon
26 Bolivia: Climate change, inequality and resilience
27 Anthropology Day talk examines rare indigenous Amazonian artifacts
28 Early human landscape modifications discovered in Amazonia
29 Coronavirus heads up the Amazon, sickening native people
30 Queen of the jungle: The real-life Tomb Raider exploring depths of Amazonian rainforest to discover hidden kingdoms
31 A boy from a remote Amazonian tribe has died, raising concerns about Covid-19's impact on indigenous people
32 EarthBeat Weekly: 'Love your local ecosystem' | Earthbeat
33 COVID-19: Over 200 organisations sign statement on protection of indigenous Amazonians
34 Amazonian mining threatens 20% of Indigenous lands
35 Coronavirus spread threatens Colombia's Amazonian Indigenous communities
36 Amazon Deforestation Falls Where Land Is under Indigenous Control
37 Coronavirus fears grow for Amazon indigenous communities
38 Goldman Environmental Prize Honors Six Environmental Heroes | Coronavirus
39 2020 fires endangering uncontacted Amazon Indigenous groups
40 Not all blackened landscapes are bad. We must learn to love the right kind
41 Coronavirus spread threatens Amazonian Indigenous communities
42 Tiny treetop flowers foster incredible beetle biodiversity
43 'Go Make Camps Deeper in the Forest.' How the Amazon's Indigenous People are Handling the Threat of the Coronavirus
44 12,500-year-old Rock Art Discovered in Colombia Was Created by First Humans of the Amazon
45 Isolated indigenous tribes risk extinction from coronavirus, experts say
46 Mine ponds amplify mercury risks in Peru's Amazon: Gold miners have dramatically altered the landscape of Peru's Amazon, increasing mercury poisoning risks for humans and wildlife
47 Similar Thinking Patterns Shown in Native Amazonians, Americans and Monkeys
48 Opinion: Not all blackened landscapes are bad. We must learn to love the right kind
49 Salute To Saw Paul Of KESAN, IP Awardees Of Goldman Environmental Prize 2020
50 Ashaninka Tribe Wins $3 Million in Lawsuit Against Illegal Loggers
51 Using satellites to alert an Amazonian indigenous community of coca encroachment (insider)
52 Jair Bolsonaro Praised the Genocide of Indigenous People. Now He’s Emboldening Attackers of Brazil’s Amazonian Communities.
53 COVID-19: Amazonian Tribe Applies Location Intelligence to Protect Community
54 Jaguars robust to climate extremes but lack of food threatens species: Researchers track climate change scenarios for Amazonian wild cats
55 COVID Amazon
56 The Coronavirus Is Spreading Through Indigenous Communities In The Amazon
57 Amazonian leader takes indigenous pepper to the Brazilian market and teaches how to live a good life
58 Coronavirus devastates indigenous tribes in the Brazilian Amazon
59 As coronavirus kills indigenous people in the Amazon, Brazil’s government goes missing
60 How Covid-19 could destroy indigenous communities
61 To End Seven Decades of Ethnic Conflict, He Helped Set Up Peace Park
62 Opinion: Biodiversity conservation during a global crisis: Consequences and the way forward
63 How coronavirus is affecting indigenous people in the Amazon
64 'The way I am is an outrage': the Indigenous Brazilian musicians taking back a burning country
65 Indigenous Colombians mount a spiritual defense of the Amazon
66 Survival of Indigenous communities at risk as Amazon fire season advances
67 Peruvian indigenous group wins suit to block oil exploration in Amazonian region
68 Partnership to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on Amazonian peoples
69 Brazil Plans to Allow Mining in Amazonian Indigenous Reserves
70 Here comes the sun canoe, as Amazonians take on Big Oil
71 Exploring the history of the Amazon and its peoples: an interview with John Hemming
72 Amazonian Tribe Wins $3 Million Lawsuit Against Timber Companies Who Illegally Deforested Land
73 Photographing Indigenous Communities Under Threat in the Amazon
74 As Bolsonaro Keeps Amazon Vows, Brazil’s Indigenous Fear ‘Ethnocide’
75 'It's taking away our wise men': COVID-19 hits Peru's Indigenous people hard
76 Indigenous people may be the Amazon's last hope
77 VIDEO : Indigenous Amazonians fighting for lives say battle for rainforest involves whole world
78 Brazil's indigenous tribe blocks trans-Amazonian road in protest
79 Judge orders Brazil to protect Indigenous people from ravages of COVID-19
80 Morality on Mars: What's to stop future spacefarers from ruining other planets?
81 PAHO to work with COICA indigenous organization to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the Amazon basin
82 How indigenous people in the Amazon are coping with the coronavirus pandemic
83 Coronavirus 'could wipe out Brazil's indigenous people'
84 The millenial pre-colonial cultural influence is evident in the Amazon forest
85 The Amazon's Indigenous Communities Need Urgent Relief to Overcome COVID-19
86 Amazonian chief Raoni Metuktire: 'Bolsonaro has been the worst for us'
87 Expert who protected indigenous tribes is killed by arrow fired by Amazonians
88 Uncommon ground: The impact of natural resource corruption on indigenous peoples
89 Murder in the Amazon heightens fears for isolated tribes
90 The Land Battle Behind the Fires in the Amazon
91 Death stalks the Amazon as tribes and their defenders come under attack
92 Double blow to Colombian Amazon and Indigenous groups from armed militants, COVID-19
93 Goldmining having big impact on indigenous Amazon communities
94 Daily life of Amazonian Tembe tribes
95 Brazil confirms first indigenous coronavirus case in the Amazon
96 Brazil: Indigenous leader warns Covid-19 could reach uncontacted tribe
97 Brazil confirms first indigenous case of coronavirus in Amazon
98 The Amazonian 'prostibars': Human trafficking exploits more indigenous women in times of COVID
99 An eight mile wall of prehistoric art discovered in the Colombian Amazon
100 Amazonian bishops condemn attacks on rainforest and indigenous peoples