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Result Content Idea Research
1 Emerging Memories Hold Promise for Edge AI
2 Encrypted Traffic Inference: An Alternative to ...
3 Correlation Between Needs Satisfaction and Behavioral Intentions of Sexual Health Care
4 Emmy Show Reinvents Itself, but Keeps the Stale Parts
5 Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a nanophotonic device
6 Joe Henderson: Gov. DeSantis' tough talk must mean it's election time
7 TypeScript 3.9 Improves Performance, Promises and Errors
8 EETimes
9 ALLEN B. ROBERTSON: Historian’s manifesto: Truth and blackberries
10 Arm Expands Its Server Universe With Updated Neoverse Roadmap
11 Intel Launches 11th Gen Core Tiger Lake: Up to 4.8 GHz at 50 W, 2x GPU with Xe, New Branding
12 Illuminating the dark spaces of healthcare with ambient intelligence
13 TypeScript 3.9 beta: Reduced compile time and editor improvements
14 A ‘new’ democracy?
15 TypeScript 3.9 Release Candidate Boosts Speed, Editor Functionality
16 Proving Prudence—How a Plan Committee Defended Itself
17 Second Circuit Reverses One Conviction for Lack of Venue, Affirms Others Despite Unlawful Warrant
18 WISeKey and arago announce unique AI based risk management approach to build a fully secured ecosystem for managing COVID-19 pandemic
19 WISeKey selected by the German health tech company Digital Diagnostics AG to secure its digid cantisense™ SARS-CoV-2 test
20 Hegel, a New JavaScript Type Checker
21 Inside the Courts – An Update From Skadden Securities Litigators
22 CS remote or flexitime work part of traffic solution
23 End-to-End Analog Neural Networks Promise Better AI Chips
24 Inference Moves To The Network
25 Coronavirus: techniques from physics promise better COVID-19 models – can they deliver?
26 11 Myths About Inference Acceleration
27 Photonics Processor Aimed at AI Inference
28 Black Lives Matter Is Not Marxist
29 AI comes to the Edge with SolidRun and Gyrfalcon's AI inference server
30 Software Is a Big Deal for AI Inference Accelerators
31 Study suggests animals think probabilistically to distinguish contexts
32 Announcing TypeScript 4.0 | TypeScript
33 Tenstorrent Takes AI by Storm – EEJournal
34 Democrats say intel assessment on foreign election inference doesn't go 'far enough' | TheHill
35 AWS launches its custom Inferentia inferencing chips
36 Updated Inference Studio Supports Biometric Voice Recognition
37 Deep Learning: What the AI Chip Market Is All About
38 Efficient Processor-in-Memory Chip Accelerates AI Inference
39 The promise of career and technical education
40 Are Empirical Bayes Models a Data Science Cure-All?
41 Trump Pretty Much Promises by Tweet to Pardon Roger Stone
42 After multiple legal setbacks, hefty legal bill, UK forced to rethink power, promise of UWOs to take down McMafia criminals
43 MLPerf Releases First Inference Benchmark Results; Nvidia Touts its Showing
44 Tech Q&A: Artificial Intelligence Has Promise of Streamlining Hospital Processes, Diagnostic Tools
45 A New Spiking Neural Network-Based Chip Shows Promise for Preventing Drone Collisions
46 Cheaper AI for everyone is the promise with Intel and Facebook’s new chip
47 The Supreme Court’s Title VII ruling might shatter the conservative coalition
48 A debate between AI experts shows a battle over the technology’s future
49 ResNet-50 Score Confirms Leading Inference Performance of Groq Processor
50 Beyond mass spectrometry, the next step in proteomics
51 Reducing the carbon footprint of artificial intelligence: System cuts the energy required for training and running neural networks
52 Intel Doubles Down On AI With Latest Xeon Scalable, FPGA
53 TypeScript 3.9 slashes compile times for packages
54 Tesla Will Have Fully Autonomous Tech Ready by End of 2020, Says CEO
55 AI taps human wisdom for faster, better cancer diagnosis
56 Artificial intelligence identifies, locates seizures in real-time: Treating the brain as a network allows researchers to extract more meaningful data from EEGs
57 Full-Duplex Wireless Remains A Promise And A Challenge
58 California Coronavirus Update: Daily COVID-19 Infections Count Sees Mysterious Swing One Day After Newsom Promised “Transparency” In Reporting
59 Photon-based processing units enable more complex machine learning: Using photons to create more powerful and power-efficient processing units for artificial intelligence
60 Where Is The Edge AI Market And Ecosystem Headed?
61 Hahn Stresses Importance of Data, RWE in First All-Hands Meeting
62 SolidRun, Gyrfalcon Develop Arm-based Edge Optimized AI Inference Server
63 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Randolph Town Council VP to Burgess: Please resign as president
64 FlexLogix Accelerates Edge Inference – EEJournal
65 Fiat Chrysler applies to trademark 'Dakota,' but not for what you think
66 Shrinking deep learning's carbon footprint
67 The Philosophy of Anger
68 Democrats Never Found Their Hero
69 EETimes
70 Morgan Stanley Says Economy Can’t Promise Trump Re-Election
71 Tocilizumab among patients with COVID-19 in the intensive care unit: a multicentre observational study
72 The Best AI Stocks to Buy for 2021 and Beyond
73 The gene-based hack that is revolutionizing epidemiology
74 GAP9 for ML at the Edge – EEJournal
75 ARM unveils two new A.I. computer chip designs
76 Why Marketing Analytics Hasn't Lived Up to Its Promise
77 Estate Pitfalls in Divorce and Separation Agreements | New York Law Journal
78 Why causal inference is the next big thing in marketing
79 NVIDIA Xavier wins critical AI performance benchmarks
80 Before Drafting the Bill of Rights, James Madison Argued the Constitution Was Fine Without It
81 SiFive Elevates Custom SoC Design With Enhanced Processor IP Portfolio
82 DoE Releases AI for Science Report
83 IBM Debuts IC922 Power Server for AI Inferencing and Data Management
84 Trump's claim about saving HBCUs was false, but his administration has largely backed sector
85 Alibaba Unveils the "World's Most Powerful" AI Inference Chip
86 How to Test Every American for COVID-19, Every Day
87 Trump muses about whether disinfectant injections can treat the coronavirus
88 Can AI model economic choices?
89 Gene network helps to turn white fat into beneficial calorie-burning fat: A new approach to treating overweight and obesity
90 Inference Solutions Snags Customer Value Award
91 Facebook open-sources hardware for AI model training and inference
92 What's Still Lacking in Artificial Intelligence
93 The Basics of Autonomous Vehicles, Part I: Artificial Intelligence
94 AI Chip Startup Makes Training to Edge Inference Transition
95 Racial disparities in automated speech recognition
96 The Roger Stone Commutation Is Even More Corrupt Than It Seems
97 Endologix Investors Lose Bid to Revive Drug Approval Class Suit
98 Engineers are Pushing Machine Learning to the World's Humblest Microprocessors
99 WATCH: We The People
100 Edge device uses inexpensive, off-the-shelf components for deep learning inference