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1 2 Sorts Of Average Inflation Targeting
2 Good Politics Versus Good Policy: The Fed’s New Average Inflation “Target”
3 Bank of Canada to revisit inflation-targeting, shadowing Fed: Reuters Poll
4 Markets Don’t Have Much Reason to Believe the Federal Reserve
5 What do changes in the Fed’s longer-run goals and monetary strategy statement mean?
6 New Fed approach takes inflation targeting more seriously | TheHill
7 Letter: Fed’s inflation targeting is unwise and ill-conceived
8 Is Inflation Targeting Due for a Makeover?
9 The Fed's New Strategy: From Missed Target to Missed Opportunity
10 Fed’s average inflation targeting to have little impact on economy – Reuters poll
11 Two main reasons why the Fed hasn't been able to reach its 2% inflation target
12 What does average inflation targeting mean for investors?
13 Room for rate cuts, inflation to be lower in 2021: Jayesh Mehta, Bank of America
14 Inflation at risk in advanced and emerging market economies
15 Inflation Blues: Fed Keeps Rates Near-Zero, Officially Adopts Average Inflation Targeting
16 George Selgin On Average Inflation Targeting And 'The Menace Of Fiscal QE'
17 Will the Fed’s policy shift start a trend?
18 ECB should ignore latest central bank inflation fad
19 Will the Fed’s New Approach Make Any Difference?
20 FOMC Preview – Policy Incorporating Average Inflation Targeting. New Economic Forecasts and Dot Plots Awaited
21 The Fed’s brilliant plan? More inflation and higher prices
22 Jerome Powell’s Target, Everyone Else’s Problem
23 Analysis | How the Fed Is Bringing an Inflation Debate to a Boil: QuickTake
24 Derby's Take: Fed Official Explains Lack of Rule to Calculate Average Inflation
25 What to Make of the US Fed's New Approach to Inflation
26 Fed Dials Up Inflation Target... Own Gold
27 Dollar under pressure following Fed’s inflation targeting – UOB
28 Inflation target an own-goal for India?
29 Is the Fed Getting Warmer? | Cato @ Liberty
30 Fed's policymakers diverge on outlook for inflation, economy
31 Investors aren't convinced the Fed can raise inflation
32 Letter: Fed risks political interference on inflation goals
33 BoE's Saunders: Average inflation targeting not likely to have much impact for UK
34 Whither the SARB after US Fed drops inflation targeting in dramatic policy shift
35 FOMC: Introducing Average Inflation Targeting (AIT) – UOB
36 Inflation to miss RBA target for half a decade, say top economists
37 Fed's Bullard says 'biggest growth quarter of all time' will lift inflation
38 ‘FAITH’ In The FAIT Of Flexible Monetary Policy Is Key To The Fed’s New Framework
39 Federal Reserve's inflation target fudge: what it means for Australians
40 EUR/USD to benefit from the Fed flexible average inflation targeting – Danske Bank
41 The Economic Recovery Story Is As Fake As Ever
42 US: Fed says wait until 2024
43 Keating is right. The Reserve Bank should do more. It needs to aim for more inflation
44 Gold vs. the Great Wave of Deflation | Gold News
45 Fed's new framework has had little impact on expectations – NBER paper
46 Fed's New Policy Risks 1970s Rerun
47 Will the ECB hook up to the Fed policy train and adopt average inflation targeting?
48 BlackRock funds chief says US inflation target risks bubble
49 Fed relaxes inflation target in policy shift
50 Why gold and silver prices are sinking
51 Aug retail inflation 7%? Bleak projections dash rate cut hopes
52 Dramatic policy shift: After US drops inflation targeting, whither the SARB?
53 US divisions complicate pandemic recovery package
54 The stock market's not-enough tantrum
55 Fixed Income Weekly: Short-term Pause in Policy Momentum
56 Average inflation targeting and the interest rate lower bound
57 Asian currencies to stay resilient – HSBC
58 Canadian dollar steadies as annual inflation stays near zero
59 Economy & Business
60 China's bond market could appeal in low-yield world
61 Mexico: Cutting short the easing cycle
62 Vaccines for Nigeria’s Inflation Rate Syndrome
63 What do BoC, Fed directions mean for debt markets?
64 Central banking is at an unpredictable crossroads
65 US Federal Reserve to meet as congressional deadlock stretches onward
66 Stock market live Wednesday: Tech sell-off again, Dow drops 500, Interactive Brokers raises margin levels
67 Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legal work had a big impact on business in Northeast Ohio and beyond
68 What is “average inflation targeting”?
69 10-year Treasury yield retreats below 0.70% as bond investors buy the dip
70 Relevant trading-focused information authored by key players in the futures, options and forex industries
71 Stocks Close Higher Despite Renewed Coronavirus Fears
72 The V-Shaped Recovery Marches On by Jim O'Neill
73 Copper Price Outlook Remains Bullish Despite Shift in Risk Appetite
74 One of Wall Street's most bullish pundits has changed his view of the markets
75 Global stocks mixed after Wall Street advances to record
76 FX Monthly September 2020: Dollar correction has not yet run its course
77 EUR & ECB Cribsheet for September meeting
78 EUR and The GBP Against The USD and Covid
79 Fed Study Says Average Inflation May Be Better Way to Reach Goal
80 Patterns of Foreign Exchange Intervention under Inflation Targeting
81 What Value Stocks Price Drops Say About the Economic Recovery
82 Bank of Canada launches public consultation on inflation targeting
83 Our new farm policy seen through Sharad Joshi’s lens
84 The Week Ahead: CERB ends, GDP numbers, Trump-Biden debate
85 The Fed’s review of its monetary policy strategy—and what Brookings’ scholars have to say about it
86 It might be time to rethink our inflation-targeting framework
87 Fed’s Kaplan Open to Overshooting Inflation Target to Provide More Support
88 Wilkins' next job may be up in the air, but she's got plenty to do before leaving Bank of Canada
89 The Fed is expected to make a major commitment to ramping up inflation soon
90 A flexible inflation target is not a panacea
91 We are in a real EM currency sell-off now – IIF
92 Tentative signs of stabilisation
93 'We're all fiscalists now' but Keating is still wrong on the RBA
94 The European Central Bank Is Being Pushed To Create More Inflation
95 Fed's Brainard calls for 'flexible' average inflation target
96 Geopolitics and investment in emerging markets after COVID-19
97 What if food price spike undid the growth push? Time to junk RBI’s inflation targeting
98 Why the coronavirus crisis may prompt central bankers to scrap inflation targeting
99 ECB must make inflation targeting fit for purpose
100 US Equities Decline Continues As Volatility Spikes