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Result Content Idea Research
1 Puppet Releases Its 2020 State of DevOps Report
2 InfoQ Live Roundtable: Microservices
3 New Electron Release Supports New Apple Silicon Chips
4 Google Launches a New Serverless Database Migration Service
5 The InfoQ eMag: Edge Cloud
6 Failing Over Without Falling Over
7 10 Reasons Why You Can't Miss QCon Plus This Nov 4-20
8 AWS Announces New S3 Intelligent-Tiering Archive Access Tiers
9 What We Know about Java 16 and 17 So Far
10 Applying Lean and Accelerate to Deliver Value: QCon Plus Q&A
11 Q&A on The Book AO, Concepts and Patterns of 21-st Century Agile Organizations
12 Cloud Computing in a Shipping Container: Microsoft Introduces the Azure Modular Datacenter
13 Rust Hyper HTTP Library Will Contribute to Make Curl Safer
14 Microsoft Introduces Azure Space to Further Push the Boundaries of Cloud Computing
15 Andrew Clay Shafer on Three Economies, the Wall of Confusion, and the Origin of DevOps
16 Swift Aims to Become a Data Race-Free Concurrent Language
17 Stephen Wolfram on Computer Language Design, SMP, Mathematica, and Wolfram Language
18 Angular 11 Has Arrived
19 HashiCorp Supports AWS Lambda Extensions for Serverless Security
20 QCon Plus: Summary of the Inclusion & Diversity in Tech Track
21 JakartaOne Livestream 2020 Highlights Jakarta EE 9 and MicroProfile 4.0
22 JavaScript Smart Contract Platform Agoric Integrates with Chainlink Oracle
23 AWS Introduces the Event Replay and Archive Capability in Its Eventbridge Service
24 Harry Brumleve on Optimizing Yourself and Enabling Great Culture
25 Microsoft Releases .NET 5
26 Ubuntu 20.10 Brings Full Desktop and Micro Clouds to Raspberry Pi 4
27 AWS Introduces Nitro Enclaves, Isolated EC2 Environments for Confidential Computing
28 The Road to Jakarta EE 9
29 Introducing InfoQ Live: a Microservices Virtual Event on Tuesday, August 25th
30 The InfoQ eMag: Real-Time APIs: Designing, Operating, and Observing
31 Results from the InfoQ Reader Survey 2019
32 The InfoQ eMag
33 Introducing QCon Plus by InfoQ: a Virtual Conference for Senior Software Engineers and Architects
34 InfoQ Live Virtual Event on Aug 25th: Session Spotlights and Roundtables
35 Java InfoQ Trends Report—September 2020
36 Navigating Complex Software Projects and Leading in Uncertain Times
37 Chaos Conf Q&A: Adrian Cockcroft & Yury Niño Roa
38 Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report—April 2020
39 The InfoQ eMag
40 InfoQ's 2019, and Software Predictions for 2020
41 How to Build the Dark Star: a Serious Collaborative Game
42 InfoQ Editors' Recommended Talks from 2019
43 Observability Strategies for Distributed Systems
44 The InfoQ eMag
45 Johnny Boursiquot on Serverless Go and SREs as "Diplomats"
46 Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes : Chaos Mesh Generally Available with v1.0
47 Java 15 Released
48 Sooner, Safer, Happier: a Q&A with Jon Smart from DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas 2020
49 Realtime APIs: Mike Amundsen on Designing for Speed and Observability
50 RSLint, a New, Fast JavaScript Linter Written in Rust
51 State at the Edge: an Interview with Peter Bourgon
52 Demystifying the Most Significant Java Language Features from 9 to 11
53 Obituary: Jan Stenberg
54 Scaling Distributed Teams by Drawing Parallels from Distributed Systems
55 To Microservices and Back Again
56 Google Announces New Capabilities for Cloud Functions: Languages, Security and More
57 Dynamic Proxies in Java Mini-Book
58 Remote Working for Tech Workers is Here to Stay
59 Principles for Microservice Design: Think IDEALS, Rather than SOLID
60 Sam Newman: Monolith to Microservices
61 Microsoft Announces New Technologies to Combat Disinformation
62 How Amazon Teams Do Continuous Delivery
63 Google Expands Its Confidential Computing Portfolio
64 AdoptOpenJDK to Become Eclipse Adoptium
65 Trust and Safety in High Performing Teams: QCon London Q&A
66 DevOps Dojo Provides Online, Interactive DevOps Training
67 Delivering Technology through Software Engineering Leadership: Upcoming InfoQ Live Event
68 Microsoft Obtains Exclusive License for GPT-3 AI Model
69 Asim Aslam on Microservices, go-micro, and PaaS 3.0
70 Pat Helland on Software Architecture and Urban Planning
71 Product Owner Is a Bad Bad Idea
72 Apollo Data Graph Platform: a GraphQL Middleware Layer for the Enterprise
73 Using Measurement to Optimise Remote Work
74 Concurnas: the New Language on the JVM for Concurrent and GPU Computing
75 Microsoft Innovates Its Azure Multi-Cloud, Multi-Edge Hybrid Capabilities
76 Is Julia Production Ready? Q&A with Bogumił Kamiński
77 Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais on Software Architecture, Team Topologies, and Platforms
78 Q&A with Galo Navarro on Building an Effective Platform Team
79 Amazon Announces the General Availability of AWS Glue 2.0
80 Remembering Bill Shannon
81 Q&A on the Book Further, Faster
82 Amazon Announces New Command Line Interface Tool AWS Copilot
83 Ana Medina on Chaos Engineering, Game Days, and Learning
84 Retrospective and Software Trends for 2020
85 LinkedIn iOS Clipboard Copying Was Bug
86 The New Microsoft Edge
87 Liran Haimovitch on Understandability, Complexity, and Live Debugging
88 Q&A on the Book Office Optional
89 Building a Banking Infrastructure with Microservices: QCon London Q&A
90 Micronaut Foundation Established to Advance Adoption of Micronaut Framework
91 Marty Abbott and Tanya Cordrey on Microservices, Availability, and Managing Risk
92 Brahmos, a New, Small, React-Like UI Framework with Concurrent Rendering -- Q&A with Sudhanshu Yadav
93 Operating Microservices & Securing Serverless
94 QCon San Francisco 2020 Announces Program Committee
95 Software Architect Newsletter
96 Q&A on the Book How to Be an Inclusive Leader
97 Ionic Vue Enables Developers to Write Cross-Platform Mobile Applications with Vue 3
98 DataStax Announces Cloud Native Database as a Service and AIOps Tools
99 JavaScript and Web Development InfoQ Trends Report 2020
100 Cloudflare Releases a Cloud-Based Network-as-a-Service Solution: Cloudflare One