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1 This steampunk-looking robot could be NASA’s newest way to explore frozen alien moons
2 How we can explore the cosmos by letting it come to us
3 This Steam-Powered Hopping Robot From NASA Could Explore the Solar System’s Icy Moons
4 This Hopping Robot Could Explore the Solar System's Icy Moons
5 Winners of NASA's 2020 RASC-AL Competition
6 Xplore wins NOAA contract to study commercial solar observatory
7 Steam-Powered Robotic Hopper May Explore Europa, Says NASA
8 How could NASA power this hopping robot on Saturn’s moon? With steam.
9 NASA says future robots may use Steam Power to hop around Icy Worlds
10 Mobility innovation consortium launched in Miami-Dade
11 Steampunk space exploration? Icy moon robot could hop around on steam power.
12 NASA Announces NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase I, 80HQTR20NOA01-21NIAC-A1
13 NASA Selects Early-Stage Technology Concepts for New, Continued Study
14 NASA Could Study Saturn, Jupiter Moons Using Steam-Powered Hopping Robots
15 NASA Announces Challenge Seeking Innovative Ideas to Advance Missions
16 NASA outlines plan to use steam-powered robots to explore icy moons
17 How innovations and technology are shaping the future of gaming
18 Release of NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase II, 80HQTR20NOA01-20NIAC-A2
19 A layered approach to safety
20 Small businesses and research institutions “TeamUp” with AFWERX for flying car funding
21 World Book Offers Free Access to Kids STEM E-book Series
22 Strategic Vaccines, LLC Announces Public-Private Collaboration with Texas A&M Center for Innovation and Advanced Development & Manufacturing
23 MiMedx Announces Concurrent $150 Million Private Equity and Debt Financings
24 NASA Wants Your Help Designing a Venus Rover Concept
25 'Green Swan' observatories and Europe's biggest electric plane: The best green innovations of the month
26 To catch an interstellar visitor, use a solar-powered space slingshot
27 Pekoske's Plan: What's in TSA's New Roadmap? – Homeland Security Today
28 Trump Administration Proposes Medicaid Reforms To Encourage Innovative Contracting Models
29 Market exploration: air platform energy management technologies
30 Great media to keep you entertained while we wait for Cyberpunk 2077
31 Denver's CoPeace lands $1.6M for impact investments
32 Building a path to extreme-scale computing
33 NASA Grants $2 Million to a Mission Concept to Image Earth-Like Exoplanets
34 Awards for New Technologies and Another CLPS Mission Keep NASA Humming
35 Safety of Self-Driving Cars Improved With New Training Method
36 04 Jul 'Upload': Death Is Not the End
37 2020 WA Architecture Awards
38 Project Aslan steers a new course for autonomous urban mobility
40 The Diversification of Violence and Foreign Policy
41 Venus Missions? Interstellar Probes? Here Are 18 Wild Space Tech Ideas NASA Is Looking At
42 Solar Gravity Lens Concept Receives $2M NASA Grant
43 NASA seeks help to design proposed Venus Rover; offering $15,000
44 The history of instrumental rock
45 Classical music lectures and courses available online during lockdown
46 Solar-sailing sentries could allow up-close study of interstellar visitors like 'Oumuamua
47 NASA Funds Giant Radio Telescope Concept on Far Side of Moon
48 DOE awards $187M to support innovative advanced manufacturing R&D, including $65.9M for batteries
49 (Freelance) Data / Analytics Director
50 Supply Shortages Prevail During Covid-19 Outbreak, Restricting Growth of Orthopedic Implants Market
51 Contours of India's economic and cyber-warfare against China
52 As Deaths Soar, Feds End Support for Coronavirus Testing Sites
53 NASA funds proposal to build a telescope on the far side of the moon
54 NASA's Plan to Turn the Moon Into a Telescope Looks Like the Death Star
55 NASA $2M Grant Advances Study to Directly Image Exoplanets Light Years Away
56 NASA Is Designing a Venus Rover Concept and Wants Your Help
57 Searching For Alien Life With The Sun As Gravitational Telescope
58 CNC Guide from FANUC is free and includes five-axis simulation tools
59 Wrap up: The latest in technology
60 NASA asks public to design sensors for Venus rover concept
61 NASA Designing Shapeshifting Robots for Saturn's Moons
62 NASA Wants to Chase Interstellar Objects With “Orbital Slingshot”
63 Space Innovations So Incredible, They Just Might Work
64 Will curriculum reform take students back to basics, or prepare them for the future?
65 NASA issues a Venus rover design challenge
66 NASA Funds Project for Spacecraft That Make Their Own Landing Pads
67 Validea Peter Lynch Strategy Daily Upgrade Report
68 Program Manager, Falcon Complete (Remote)
69 2019 NIAC SYMPOSIUM, Sept 24-26, 2019, Huntsville, AL
70 Habitats on the Moon and Mars could be made from fungi
71 This year’s 22 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts are out of this world
72 DOE to award up to $133M for advanced vehicle technologies research
73 NASA Wants to Photograph the Surface of an Exoplanet
74 Stingray-inspired spacecraft aims to explore dark side of Venus
75 NASA funds proposal to build a gigantic telescope on the far side of the moon
76 This Stingray-Shaped Spacecraft Could Be Perfect For Exploring Venus' Dark Side
77 A Cool Idea to Catch Up With an Interstellar Visitor
78 Solar gravity lens concept receives $2m NASA grant for technology maturation
79 The Man Who Wanted to Fly on Mars
80 Director, Instructional Design
81 Visualisation One Offers Architectural 3D Visualisation Services to Real Estate Developers and Architects Across the UK
82 NASA just invested in 10 new visionary space technologies
83 The man who wanted to fly on Mars: The story of Mars Helicopter's chief engineer
84 An Investor's Primer on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)
85 Hyundai Motor to establish Hyundai Mobility Global Innovation Center in Singapore
86 Moon 'shrooms? Fungi eyed to help build lunar bases and Mars outposts
87 The Far Side of the Moon May Someday Have Its Own Telescope, Thanks to NASA Funding
88 Not Sci-Fi: NASA Might Turn Moon Crater into Radio Telescope
89 Antimatter-Powered Spacecraft Still in the Cards for Mission to Proxima Centauri
90 The 14 Most Innovative Chevrolet Corvette Concepts | HotCars
91 NASA Funds Titan Submarine, Other Far-Out Space Exploration Ideas
92 WEBINAR| 'There is always a continuous need for policy making, a need for more policies for collaborations'
93 How GovCon is Responding to COVID-19: ACT I's Michael Niggel
94 Shape-Shifting Robots on Titan and 24 Other Wild Tech Ideas Have Caught NASA's Eye
95 Robotic asteroid mining spacecraft wins a grant from NASA
96 Stingray Glider to Explore the Cloudtops of Venus
97 Shapeshifter Robots Could Explore Volcanoes and Caves on Saturn's Moon Titan
98 NASA advances lunar crater modeling and asteroid mining projects
99 DOE selects 15 projects for $32M to advance lower-cost fusion concepts; ARPA-E BETHE
100 Why Mining the Moon Seems Possible | Moon Mining History