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Result Content Idea Research
1 A Supercomputer's Covid-19 Analysis Yields a New Way to Understand the Virus | Elemental
2 New theory emerges on why Trump won't accept election loss
3 Who gets a COVID-19 vaccine first–and how do you decide?
4 Gymnast flees North Korea by vaulting over border
5 Biden Has Chosen a Secretary of State
6 QAnon Struggles After Trump Election Defeat
7 Trump brags about Dow 30,000 at surprise news conference, leaves after a minute
8 Democratic Source Code for a New U.S.-EU Tech Alliance
9 How to Recover Washington's Economy Without Waiting on the Feds
10 Only Liberals Can Stop Illiberalism | |
11 How Trump Hopes to Use Party Machinery to Retain Control of the G.O.P.
12 Borexino spots solar neutrinos from elusive fusion cycle – Physics World
13 How Steve Bannon and a Chinese Billionaire Created a Right-Wing Coronavirus Media Sensation
14 AI Can Run Your Work Meetings Now
15 Chernoff leader in Mets' search (sources)
16 Andrew Cockburn · Blips on the Screen: Risk-Free Assassinations · LRB 3 December 2020
17 How COVID Death Counts Become the Stuff of Conspiracy Theories
18 Why Does Exercise Start Hurting Two Days After A Workout?
19 Rockets 'revolt' linked to owner Tilman Fertitta's ties to Trump
20 Sidney Powell’s road from UNC to defending Trump’s supposed ‘landslide’ reelection
21 Relatives of pandemic virus found in labs in Cambodia and Japan
22 Hints of twisted light offer clues to dark energy's nature
23 Chinese Dissidents Back Trump’s Claims of Election Fraud
24 The great reset: new danger on the horizon
25 It's time to move on from the presidential election and cease amplifying baseless Trump campaign claims [editorial]
26 'Counting On' Fans Have a New Theory Why Jessa Duggar Has Not Announced She Is Pregnant With Baby No 4
27 The Weirdest People in the World review – a theory-of-everything study
28 Covid might mean fewer family political fights over Thanksgiving
29 Editorial Roundup: South Carolina
30 Give Thanks to the Workers and Food to the Hungry
31 Coronavirus pandemic causes substitute teacher shortage in Chico, Orland
32 How Some Conservatives Have Switched to Parler, Rumble and Newsmax
33 Covid rampages across US, unifying a splintered nation as cases surge
34 A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf continue to blossom
35 Did Viruses Create the Nucleus? The Answer May Be Near.
36 No vaccine can stop the spread of conspiracy theories
37 Federal Judge Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit in Pennsylvania
38 JFK’s ties to the mob fueled conspiracy theories about his assassination
39 A rusty Giuliani returns to the courtroom on Trump’s behalf
40 Planet Earth Report –“War of the Worlds? Deep Frozen Arctic Microbes Are Waking Up to Moon’s Giant Liquid Tele
41 Social Learning Can Help Transform Crisis Into Opportunity
42 Our Towns: How to Reconnect Rural and Urban America
43 The Republican Election Officials Who Put Process Over Partisanship
44 “Powering the Universe?” –Relic Light of the Big Bang Reveals an Exotic Unknown Force
45 Enter the Cube Farm
46 2020 presidential election: Giuliani returns to the courtroom on behalf of Trump's lawsuits
47 At a Georgia rally, Republicans avoid mentioning Trump’s loss while trying to drum up support for runoff.
48 Trump campaign says attorney and QAnon supporter Sidney Powell is NOT part of their legal team
49 The Trailer: All the votes Trump and his allies are challenging
50 Election denialism is a middle finger to democracy
51 Strangers look sicker (with implications in times of COVID‐19)
52 US Rhodes Scholars for 2021 include UM student
53 Donald Trump 'is planning to pardon his disgraced national security adviser Michael Flynn'
54 Supercomputer Provides a New Clue re COVID-19 Fatalities
55 The Grammys face serious questions after snubbing The Weeknd
56 What if Trump actually did it?
57 Physics
58 The Danger (and Ineptitude) of Trump’s Failed Coup
59 A poll suggests vaccine data boosted Pfizer's public image, but other data point to long road ahead
60 Mystery Of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch Very Much Alive
61 Roger Penrose: Why did the Universe begin?
62 Editorial: What's going on with Lindsey Graham? | Editorials
63 Michigan Lawmakers Tell Trump They See No Reason State’s Election Results Would Change
64 Trump was unique. The Republicans will struggle to find another like him
65 INTERVIEW: New HBO documentary looks into unsolved FBI case involving DB Cooper
66 What is Area 51? And why is it so secretive?
67 A Mysterious Steel Monolith, Reminiscent of Minimalist Sculpture, Discovered in Utah Canyons
68 Rare Donny van de Beek Old Trafford sighting turns out to be hoax
69 Dallas Takes Up Risk Terrain Modeling to Fight Crime
70 Family of Brandan Nylander, killed in officer involved shooting, to sue Napa County
71 The myth of natural morality
72 Why monitoring is the key ingredient to cloud-native app performance
73 Exploring the Relationship Between Posttraumatic Stress and Chronic Pain
74 Fort Lauderdale Black Police Officers Association Helps Those In Need
75 Bradykinin hypothesis
76 TRENDING SCIENCE: A supercomputer analysed COVID-19, here's what it found | News
77 Trump refuses to concede US election after acknowledging Biden victory
78 Steroids cut deaths of hospitalized Covid-19 patients by one-third
79 Implications of rising Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe
80 Jury finds N.B. shooter Matthew Raymond not criminally responsible for four killings
81 A radical new theory rewrites the story of how life on Earth began
82 Therapy Advice That Works
83 Nine COVID-19 Myths That Just Won't Go Away
84 Teaching for job market and 'liberating the whole person' during Covid-19 pandemic
85 Reexamining the origins of human fatherhood: Dads emerged to reap the benefits of partnerships with females and other males, researchers say
86 Interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua could actually be a cosmic dust bunny
87 'Carnage' in a lab dish shows how coronavirus may damage hearts
88 Virus Researchers Cast Doubt On Theory Of Coronavirus Lab Accident
89 A Timeline Of The COVID-19 Wuhan Lab Origin Theory
90 What we can learn from conspiracy theories
91 How conspiracy theories emerge – and how their storylines fall apart
92 A supercomputer analysed data on COVID-19 and helped come up with the "bradykinin hypothesis"
93 A Theory About Conspiracy Theories
94 How QAnon rode the pandemic to new heights — and fueled the viral anti-mask phenomenon
95 New Theory Says Coronavirus Has Come From Space
96 Can Pepcid treat COVID-19?
97 Nigerian Coronavirus Outbreak Highlights Emerging Threat in Africa
98 Online misinformation and disinformation in the age of COVID-19
99 Trump's Diagnosis Flings More Doubt in Coronavirus Debate
100 Think QAnon Is on the Fringe? So Was the Tea Party