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Result Content Idea Research
1 An International Climate Agenda for the Biden Administration
2 How Biden and Kerry could rebuild America's global climate leadership
3 Biden links climate change to national security as he taps John Kerry for climate czar role
4 Biden's climate plans can cut emissions and also be good politics | TheHill
5 ‘All in’ climate diplomacy: How a Biden-Harris administration can leverage city, state, business, and community climate action
6 WHO publishes series of profiles on climate change and health in island states
7 Why Agricultural Carbon Offsets Can't Play a Role in International Climate Action
8 As Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry Will Be No Stranger to International Climate Negotiations
9 Scott Morrison's climate language has shifted – but actions speak louder than words
10 The Biden Administration Will Boost Global Climate Action
11 China's Global Climate Boost by Kevin Tu
12 Lessons learned from COVID-19 can help us fight climate change
13 Lessons in capacity building for climate action – in a pandemic-affected world
14 Trump slams global climate agreement Biden intends to rejoin
15 The U.S. will leave the Paris climate accord on Nov. 4. But voters will decide for how long.
16 The U.S. Left the Paris Climate Agreement. Others Are Pressing Ahead.
17 International Climate Change Research Satellite Successfully Launched From Central Coast
18 Climate Change One of Biden's Top Priorities
19 Why Biden Needs to Work With China on Climate Change
20 A Biden victory positions America for a 180-degree turn on climate change
21 Carbon Neutral by 2060? The Environmental Implications of China’s New Climate Target for Southeast Asia
22 What would happen if youth ran international climate talks?
23 What COVID-19 has cost the climate
24 Contributing to the Paris Agreement
25 India has practically achieved pre-2020 climate action targets: Prakash Javadekar
26 China is outpacing the U.S. when it comes to tackling climate change — here’s how it happened
27 What US Insurers Should Keep in Mind about Climate Change Regulations
28 UK's Climate Leadership Weakened by Aid Cuts Ahead of COP26
29 Milan to plant 3 million trees in bid to boost quality of air and life
30 Biden Will Nominate First Women to Lead Treasury and Intelligence, and First Latino to Run Homeland Security
31 McKinsey Report: Chilling news for India on global warming
32 UK calls for greater international climate ambition ahead of Dec. 12 summit
33 Climate watchers celebrate Biden victory over Trump in US election
34 New research reveals major benefits of integrated approaches to climate and nature
35 US Formally Exits Paris Global Climate Pact Amid Election Uncertainty
36 Greens look to Yellen on climate
37 Pollinator-Friendly Solar Could be a Win-Win for Climate and Landowners, but Greenwashing is a Worry
38 India Climate Agenda for the Biden Administration
39 How to Fix the Climate
40 A Deep Dive Into Biden's Economic And Climate Policy Options : The NPR Politics Podcast
41 Public Banks Urged to Invest in Farmers Battered by Climate Change
42 G20 important for global climate action in 2021 – German official
43 China premier vows stability in face of ‘complex, volatile’ economic climate
44 Commentary: China's move on climate action signals arrival as a 'hybrid superpower'
45 Covid-19 Shutdowns Were Just a Blip in the Upward Trajectory of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions
46 Trump administration targets banks divesting from fossil fuels in new anti-climate rule
47 India has practically achieved pre-2020 climate targets, says Environment Minister Javadekar
48 ‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis
49 How does Boris Johnson’s green plan stand up internationally?
50 UOW joins international Climate Alliance
51 John Kerry’s Past Embrace of Fracking Could Create a Climate Disaster Abroad
52 Combating Climate Change with the Clean Air Act’s International Air Pollution Provision
53 Canada's latest climate plan bets on expensive and unproven carbon capture technologies
54 TRANSITION: Biden's foreign policy team breaks with Trump — and Obama
55 Battle climate crisis like COVID, Red Cross urges governments
56 Trump Rolled Back 100+ Environmental Rules. Biden May Focus on Undoing Five of the Biggest Ones
57 Newsom’s Top Five Candidates for Kamala Harris’s Senate Seat All Have Climate in Their Bios
58 The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson review – how to solve the climate crisis
59 Top anti-Black Friday campaigns: Patagonia, Allbirds & more reject consumerism
60 Climate Change: Dhaka seeks partnership with the UK
61 Will Saudi Arabia derail G20 climate-led recovery?
62 How will sectoral roadmaps lead to climate neutrality?
63 Why the US Election Result is Good News for Global Climate Action
64 Automakers Show 'Concerning' Lack of Engagement on Human Rights and Climate, Analyses Reveal
65 Addressing the climate emergency and advancing the SDGs through circular economy
66 Knife-edge Swiss vote could make businesses liable for global rights abuses
67 ERAFP wins jury's prize in climate reporting awards
68 Wasserman Schultz makes climate pitch in Appropriations gavel bid
69 'Historic' Court Ruling Will Force France To Justify Its Climate Targets
70 The secret origins of China’s 40-year plan to end carbon emissions
71 Europe ready to restart transatlantic climate dialogue after Trump 'parenthesis'
72 Liberals fall short on climate action, but Parliament can do better
73 This Black Friday, a global coalition is holding Amazon to account
74 COP26: Frustrated by delay, young activists stage virtual Mock COP
75 Climate actions are crucial in building community resilience – The Manila Times
76 COP26 carrying the hopes of the world: Laura Clarke
77 Climate crisis: 'Nowhere near the finish line'
78 Malcolm Turnbull says Scott Morrison will give in to international climate pressure
79 How successful are international climate efforts?
80 University of Waikato joins international Climate Alliance
81 7 in 10 across 14 countries see climate change, disease as major threat
82 Despite Pandemic, Many Europeans Still See Climate Change as Greatest Threat to Their Countries
83 UN Delays International Climate Conference Due to Coronavirus : Coronavirus Updates
84 Indigenous Peoples face challenges to effective participation in international climate policy forums
85 China delivers diatribe against U.S. climate policies
86 New Global Climate Action Strategy
87 US election 2020: What the results will mean for climate change
88 Driving international climate action
89 2020 Election Presents A Climate Change Crossroads For US
90 Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years
91 New Study Shows a Vicious Circle of Climate Change Building on Thickening Layers of Warm Ocean Water
92 U.S. companies make new vows to tackle carbon emissions, even as global action falls short
93 NYU Helps Launch International Climate Alliance
94 Climate-friendly cooling to help ease global warming
95 Who is really to blame for climate change?
96 2020 International Climate Action Challenge: 1,000 Eco-Initiatives in 90 Days
97 Students have front-row seat for international climate change negotiations
98 Cities are pledging to confront climate change, but are their actions working?
99 Climate at the National Academies
100 The ‘Straightforward’ Link Between Climate and California’s Fires