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1 ICRISAT joins 100-yr seed longevity experiment in Arctic
2 Genebanks of six global research institutions begin experiment on seed's life span at Svalbard Global Seed Vault
3 Centers of Innovation will spur global crop development | Cornell Chronicle
4 Hyderabad-based ICRISAT to be part of 100-year global seed longevity experiment
5 Agriculture to receive boost as CSIR-CRI produces sufficient planting materials
6 Digitization seen key to improving farm output, logistics, DA says
7 University invests in agriculture with multimillion-dollar research centre
8 UN-backed label launched to help shoppers choose environmentally friendly rice
9 Research shows potential of gene editing in barley
10 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Advances the Global Food System Through Memory-Driven Computing With CGIAR
11 Breeder
12 3 climate-resilient food solutions for smallholder farmers | Greenbiz
13 HPE advances the global food system with CGIAR
14 Narrabri to get new $12M crop, farming research centre
15 Science says yes: Experts defend nutritional benefits of Golden Rice in wake of anti-GM protests
16 ICRISAT Recruitment 2020: Apply online for scientist, officers and other posts
17 Nutrition Specialist
18 GM crops: The Greenpeace activists who risked jail to destroy a field of maize
19 Farmer knowledge is key to finding more resilient crops in climate crisis
20 Olam urges international brands to adopt new rice eco-label to allow consumers to support farmers
21 New Director General for ICRISAT
22 Roy: Ohio farmers need natural gas now and in the future
23 ICRISAT launches new facility to accelerate plant life-cycle
24 Feminist, teacher, pioneer: A tribute to Hyderabad Uni professor Dr Rekha Pande
25 Agriculture Subsidies Can Fight Climate Change and Protect Food Security, According to World Bank
26 ICRISAT new Director General assumes office in virtual event
27 Here’s why farm protests have been loudest in Punjab, Haryana
28 India-UK joint research meeting at ICRISAT
29 Nigeria approves new names for top performing cassava varieties
30 Coffee Rust Is Going to Ruin Your Morning
31 How is climate change affecting global water security?
32 How weed farming is destroying the planet
33 In COVID-19–Hit Africa, Agricultural Research Feels the Pinch
34 Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) | College of Business
35 Testing Super Foods for Space on Blue Origin Suborbital Flight
36 Dynamic modelling to help improve farm output
37 Opinion: Agriculture Research, Globally | 2019-12-02
38 New ICRISAT groundnut varieties to be available from yasangi
39 ICRISAT unearths State’s agriculture heritage
40 CS alerts district collectors in view of heavy rains
41 Study: $2.5 trillion loss in goods, services due to COVID-19
42 Chatham High School junior selected to participate in New Jersey World Food Prize Global Youth Institute
43 15 Organizations and Initiatives Helping to Save the Bees
44 Tribal women farmers get ICRISAT inputs
45 Wasp ‘bodyguards’ could be used as biological pesticide
46 The mystery of pollen sterility and its reversion in pigeon pea revealed in a new study
47 Michael Hauser
48 Trump vs Biden on trade: A decision between tariffs or allies
49 Flipping the script on rainfall data
50 ICRISAT, University of Reading partnership to enable farmers grow smart food
51 PhRMA doesn't back Trump's drug-discount plan
52 What is glyphosate?
53 These seeds could prevent a COVID-19 food crisis in Africa
54 Mapping millet genetics
55 New Protein Study Reveals Power of Millet-Legume Blends for Enhancing Human Health
56 Ensure no trading takes place below MSP
57 While Nearly 75% Of North Americans Are Trying To Limit Pesticide Exposure From Food, Only 25% Are Aware Of Glyphosate
58 Kenya harnesses fly larvae's appetite to process food waste
59 Icrisat undertakes study on nutrient deficiency in Telangana farmers
60 New research reveals previously hidden features of plant genomes
61 Researchers help inform cassava breeding worldwide | Cornell Chronicle
62 Export council takes dried beans preservation campaign to markets
63 Targeted Livestock Grazing Won't Preclude Large Wildfires
64 Zero hunger in India is possible with diverse food system | Cornell Chronicle
65 Meals with millets boost child growth by 50 per cent: Study
66 Better dietary options for healthier children
67 Under construction solar power projects facing higher risks: Report
68 Measuring farm households' vulnerability and resilience to climate shocks now possible, new research shows
69 Funding success for Zimbabwe's fish farmers
70 Scientific debate over peanut origin laid to rest
71 How can crops adapt to climate change and still feed the world? This institute has some answers
72 GRDC coup with appointment of respected researcher
73 Plumbers and bakers are needed 'to make decisions on gene editing'
74 Who's responsible for climate change? World's richest 1% emit 2x as much as the poorest 50%
75 Convention on big data in agriculture at Hyderabad from October 16-18
76 Before the Centre, a few states had freed agriculture markets to attract investments – and failed
77 AB InBev partners with ICRISAT to increase water access of communities in Sangareddy, Telangana
78 Hyderabad: Climate change might affect nutrient value & yield time of crops, say experts
79 A regional nuclear conflict would compromise global food security
80 Latest News Live: Shiromani Akali Dal announces exit from NDA over agri ordinances
81 Photosynthetic hacks can boost crop yield, conserve water
82 Icrisat to step up focus on ‘smart crops’ millets
83 New Study Reveals Natural Enemies of Fall Armyworm in Both Asia and Africa
84 Improving global integration of crop research
85 Michigan cherry farmers could lose jobs, livelihoods amid tough competition from overseas
86 Former ICRIER chairperson, Isher Judge Ahluwalia, passes away at 74
87 ICRISAT sets up iHub for agri-entrepreneurs
88 Gates Foundation plans crop research center in St. Louis
89 Experts apply microbiome research to agricultural science to increase crop yield
90 Genes of climate-resistant chickpea varieties identified
91 Extension offers online session for dairy producers amid COVID-19
92 The Effects of COVID-19 Will Ripple through Food Systems
93 Local genetic adaption helps sorghum crop hide from witchweed
94 India-Myanmar pigeon pea program gets research boost
95 Technology to screen for higher-yielding crop traits is now more accessible to scientists
96 Scientists resolve a sterility mystery in tur
97 Scientists unlock secrets of Ethiopia's superfood in race to save it from warming climate
98 Los Alamos grad wins international science contest
99 OPINION: As drought hits, Zimbabweans are going hungry
100 A Worsening Water Crisis Is Threatening Iraq’s Future