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1 Eskimos plan to talk to Inuit communities about team name
2 Edmonton football club responds to new calls for a name change
3 Inuit gov. in Labrador, Canada tells out-of-province travellers to stay away despite 'Atlantic bubble'
4 Inuit Art Centre will include digital platform
5 Vinnie Karetak continues to celebrate Inuit culture through storytelling
6 RCMP violence against Inuit happening because few are stopping systemic racism, Indigenous leaders say
7 Inuit leaders, feds and RCMP eye police body camera pilot project in Nunavut
8 Ottawa Public Health launches resource page for First Nations, Inuit and Métis people
9 Qikiqtani Inuit Association and Baffinland sign new multimillion-dollar benefit agreement
10 Quebec Inuit org. calls lack of police, justice reform "ticking catastrophe in modern times"
11 Inuit in Canada's federal penitentiaries overrepresented when it comes to COVID-19
12 Inuit women in Nunavut suffer 'unnecessary violence,' racism from RCMP, legal aid board says
13 'New wave' of Inuit throat singers reach the Canadian mainstream music scene
14 Inuit living outside Nunavut rally for benefits from Inuit organizations
15 Inuit women in Canada's Arctic suffer 'unnecessary violence' from police, legal aid board says
16 Column: Changing normals when it comes to climate
17 During pandemic, mining companies boost donations to Inuit communities
18 Inuit overrepresented in federal prisons' COVID-19 cases
19 Inuit-owned business keeps thriving
20 Nunavut court approves class-action against governments over abuse of Inuit children by former teacher
21 COVID-19 exposes risks of social and economic inequity
22 EDITORIAL: Nunavut Day marks yet another year of progress
23 Indspire Provides Record Funding For First Nations, Inuit and Métis Students Across Canada
24 The approach Edmonton's CFL team takes to social issues apparently doesn't extend to the team's nickname
25 In Canada, Inuit Communities Are Shaping Research Priorities
26 No outdoor celebrations on Nunavut Day due to Covid-19
27 Alaskan Photographer Travels To Show International Inuit Connections : The Picture Show
28 Isolation, drug toxicity lead to spike in First Nations overdose deaths amid pandemic: FNHA
29 Inuit Kayak-Builder Brings Skills to Campus
30 Inuit knowledge can help shape Arctic shipping policies as ice thaws
31 New mobile app helps Inuit people hunt and navigate through ice melting from climate change
32 What you need to know about COVID-19 in Ottawa on Monday, July 6
33 How millennial Inuit sparked a musical movement
35 Canada Goose Launches Bespoke Project Atigi Collection Featuring 18 Inuit Designers
36 Drawn From Poverty: Art Was Supposed to Save Canada’s Inuit. It Hasn’t.
37 NACCA and Aboriginal Financial Institutions Across the Country Roll Out Emergency Loans to Indigenous Businesses
38 As ice melts, the Inuit strive to keep their culture alive
39 Letters to The Province, July 2, 2020: The 'complicated' history of suffrage in Canada
40 Navigational skills require nurturing, lest we lose our way
41 An Inuit approach to cancer care promotes self-determination and reconciliation
42 Inuit Hunters Help Researchers Listen to Narwhals Up Close
43 Inuit-Canadian singer who covered 'Diamonds'' dies at 26
44 Unique sled dogs helped the inuit thrive in the North American Arctic
45 Ancient Inuit Brought Sled Dogs From Siberia That Helped Them Survive, Study Shows
46 Atherosclerosis Seen in 500-Year-Old Inuit Mummies
47 Canada deploys Arctic Rangers to Inuit villages amid pandemic
48 Global Inuit organization concerned about potential spread of COVID-19 in the North
49 Market for Inuit art faces deep freeze after Arctic cruises are put on hold
50 Canada's Inuit could be disproportionally affected by coronavirus, says national organization
51 Coronavirus: Inuit say potential spread of COVID-19 a greater risk for northern communities
52 Redskins, Indians in US mull change
53 COVID-19 shouldn't overshadow ongoing fight against TB, Inuit leaders say
54 Unique sledge dogs helped the Inuit thrive in the North American Arctic
55 Michael Maltzan Architecture's billowy Inuit Art Centre set to open this fall
56 Surprise: Ancient Inuit Mummy Scans Reveal Possible Heart Disease
57 ‘We are not prepared’: Inuit brace for coronavirus to reach remote communities
58 Nunavut's chief public health officer optimistic, lifts more COVID-19 restrictions
59 App helps Inuit hunters navigate thinning sea ice in Canadian Arctic
60 Spokane sports react to potential removal of Native American terms and imagery
61 Inuit designers launch new line of parkas for Canada Goose
62 It's no surprise for Inuit — Baffin Bay polar bears defy past assumptions with stable population
63 Inuit artists help others deal with isolation
64 'Genetic legacy' of Inuit sledge dogs revealed
65 Inuit group in Canada's Arctic are genetically distinct
66 Feds urged to make air transport essential service for Inuit, North
67 Federal funds to provide urban Inuit with country food
68 Nunavut hamlets to deliver water to Inuit households daily for hand washing
69 Nunavut RCMP to consider body cameras as tension between police, Inuit grows
70 Sewing, seal stew and stories: Inuit women in Ottawa gather to share traditions
71 Investigating alcohol smuggling in Arctic Quebec Inuit communities
72 Kelly Fraser, Canadian singer who had hit with Inuit-language ‘Diamonds,’ dies at 26
73 'Do not come to Nunavik,' urge Inuit leaders in attempt to block spread of COVID-19
74 Canada announces new COVID-19 funding for Inuit communities
75 COVID-19 shouldn't overshadow ongoing fight against TB, Canadian Inuit leaders say
76 The Inuit agree on a common writing system
77 Disappearing ice impacts Inuit villagers and all humanity | RiverTowns
78 COVID-19 pandemic raises hard questions about health disparities, says Int'l Inuit org
79 A window into the minds of Inuit women
80 Global Inuit group voices concern about coronavirus impact on Arctic communities
81 After This Teen Posted A Selfie Comparing Herself To An Avatar The Last Airbender Character She Got Racist Comments
82 Inuit infants need access to medication to prevent respiratory illness
83 Giving Birth Where the Family Is
84 After speaking with Inuit, Edmonton Eskimos football team decides to keep name unchanged
85 Inuit sharing ancient knowledge of ice, sea and land with new app
86 ‘Snow’ by any other name would feel as cold
87 Inuit concerned about potential spread of coronavirus in North
88 Ottawa to address growing COVID-19 threat to First Nations, Inuit communities
89 Northern exposure: Textile Museum exhibition explores the art of Inuit printmaking
90 First Nation, Metis, Inuit leaders concerned about Indigenous COVID-19 outbreaks
91 Thrasher reclaims Inuit identity through music
92 New report says Inuit women face ‘racialized policing’ in the Arctic
93 Inuit gov. in Atlantic Canada gives gas allowances to harvesters under COVID-19 program
94 The Incarcerated Inuit Artists Who Carve to Support Their Families
95 Melting ice threatens safety, way of life for Indigenous people says Inuit leader
96 Inuit women in Canada's north encountering 'racialized policing,' report says
97 Inuit communities must be invested in to make Canada whole: Obed
98 Inuit in Canada, Alaska and Greenland found international business association
99 Pictures highlight the Inuit community in Alaska
100 Pauktuutit calls on feds to 'urgently provide' $20M for Inuit women and children fleeing violence