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1 What's the best way to exercise? The WHO adds 3 major changes to guidelines
2 Scientists have designed a way to transform water into fuel on Mars
3 PS5 Cyber Monday restock: Adorama, Fingerhut, Walmart, and more inventory
4 Thumb study reveals why one ancient human had an upper hand over another
5 Blumhouse CEO reveals how coronavirus is changing movies — now and forever
6 'Mandalorian' Season 2 could change the meaning of a famous Star Wars scene
7 'Mandalorian' Season 2 finally did 1 thing Star Wars has been teasing forever
8 'Genshin Impact' Zhongli Banner guide: Is it worth the Wishes and Primogems?
9 SpaceX Mars City: Werner Herzog issues a stark warning to Elon Musk
10 Netflix December 2020: 11 gripping sci-fi shows and movies you can't miss
11 Scientists uncover billions of gallons of hidden freshwater off Hawai'i
12 VIDEO: Stuck Out Shares New Video 'Inverse'
13 How Werner Herzog and Nic Cage made the trippiest movie of the 21st century
14 'Mosul' Netflix review: The best action movie of 2020 has a timely message
15 'Warrior' Season 2's most epic episode takes on America's racist history
16 Arecibo collapse: Scientists hold back the tears as an icon crumbles
17 'Star Trek Picard' creator reveals why 'Discovery' changed Spock canon
18 The world’s first psychedelics hotline could help you work through a trip
19 Brain study pinpoints why music can literally give you the chills
20 Terraform Mars: Elon Musk says a Mars city of ‘glass domes’ comes first
21 Scientists think they've finally discovered what happened to Mars' water
22 Scientists think they've solved a 99 million-year-old fossil mystery
23 'Mandalorian' Season 2 could use Ahsoka to introduce this crucial warrior
24 This ancient bird’s big beak breaks new ground in the fossil record
25 Scientists made a counterintuitive discovery about the Amazon rainforest
26 Loneliness and hunger light up brain activity in similar ways
27 Xbox exec reveals how Microsoft finally fixed the worst thing about gaming
28 This is how the Apollo mission changed Thanksgiving
29 ‘Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity’ weapon fusion guide: How to upgrade
30 SpaceX is about to break an incredible record for rocket reusability
31 Gold has an inverse relationship with the US Dollar [Video]
32 'Wayne' Season 2: Amazon pick-up is just the beginning, creator says
33 Humans get sick diving in the ocean, but here's why dolphins don't
34 The pandemic is a pivotal moment for fixing another massive health threat
35 'Over the Garden Wall' creator planning a "spiritual successor" to his cult classic
36 'Loki' casting leak reveals a weird take on a 'Rick and Morty' sci-fi trope
37 PS5 restock: Sam's Club, Walmart, and more inventory before Black Friday
38 Psychologists agree: Laughter has 4 powerful effects on well-being
39 SpaceX Starship: watch incredible static fire ahead of 15-kilometer jump
40 'Kingdom of women' study reveals the real cost of traditional gender roles
41 Birder Corina Newsome: I want to see a scientist who looks like me.
42 Elon Musk teases Tesla cars beyond Cybertruck and Roadster
43 You need to watch the most underrated retro sci-fi movie on Netflix ASAP
44 Scientists want to build a lunar habitat inspired by ancient architecture
45 ‘Genshin Impact’ update 1.2 release date, leaks, and 2021 roadmap, detailed
46 You need to watch the weirdest sci-fi movie on Netflix before it leaves this week
47 'Fortnite' Nexus War Galactus live event start time and what to expect
48 'Animaniacs' 2020 songs explained: From "Yakko's World" to Trump jokes
49 Historic neutrino detection could tell us what the Sun is really made of
50 Scientists are using a mind-reading cap to detect an invisible condition
51 'Mandalorian' Season 2 title may reveal a Luke Skywalker cameo
52 Migrating animals have a different way to solve the 'problem of life'
53 A new study reveals surprising similarities between bees and humans
54 Investors Pile Into Risky ETFs During Wild Market Rally
55 'WandaVision' spoilers: Secret comic inspiration may change the MCU forever
56 Penumbral lunar eclipse: How to see the most elusive Moon event, day, and time
57 'Mandalorian' Season 2 theory: Trailer screenshots reveal huge Ahsoka twist
58 Mortal Kombat: New documentary reveals why the studio behind it collapsed
59 SpaceX Starship: Elon Musk responds to incredible fan render of lunar landing
60 How 'Tasha's Guide to Everything' makes D&D more accessible than ever
61 Virgin Hyperloop: first two passengers ride in historic test
62 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
63 'Striking' videos show why to avoid one common face mask design
64 Musk Reads: Recognize Mars as a 'free planet,' SpaceX says
65 Introducing Musk Reads+, a premium newsletter from Inverse
66 'Mandalorian': Bo-Katan fixes one of the worst things about Star Wars
67 Tesla Cybertruck: Elon Musk reveals updated version may be unveiled soon
68 'Winds of Winter' release date may fix the show's most disappointing death
69 A Machine Learning Solution for Designing Materials with Desired Optical Properties
70 ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ multiplayer release date, trailer, platforms, and details
71 It's still too soon to think about 'Black Panther 2'
72 'Star Trek Discovery' just revealed a big connection to reboot movie canon
73 Werner Herzog on meteorites, sci-fi, and simulation theory
74 SpaceX Crew Dragon: Tom Cruise and others expected to fly in space capsule
75 How 'Blood of Zeus' became a Netflix anime hit for two Greek brothers from New Jersey
76 Here's why space messes your body up
77 You need to watch the best sci-fi western on Netflix ASAP
78 Ahsoka Tano Disney+ show release date, trailer, cast for Mandalorian spinoff
79 Xbox smoking, PS5 heat issues: Gamers behind viral tweets share their stories
80 'Mandalorian' Season 2 Episode 2 leak: A classic Star Wars alien may return
81 PS5 storage glitch: What causes it and how you can avoid next-gen disaster
82 Stars may zap the life off their planets — study
83 Why Animal Crossing's future could look surprisingly similar to GTA
84 'Mandalorian' Season 2 Episode 6 release date: What time is Chapter 14 live?
85 'Mandalorian' Season 2 leak reveals Boba Fett's true mission
86 'WandaVision' leak reveals how X-Men will join the MCU
87 You need to watch the most underrated sci-fi thriller on Netflix ASAP
88 NASA map reveals one global change since Covid-19 lockdown
89 Microbiome study could change the way doctors diagnose depression
90 Scientists are turning a sci-fi fantasy into reality to help save the planet
91 Brain study shows why sports create especially powerful memories
92 After months of silence, Voyager 2 sends a gleeful message to Earth
93 State Senate shakeup: Lee ahead of Peterson in an inverse of 2018
94 ETF Investors Dialed Up Risk Over Last 10 Months
95 Vote for Inverse's video game of the year
96 Stuck Out release destructive pop-punk banger, ‘Inverse’
97 Orcas' deadliest predators don't live in the ocean, study finds
98 Musk Reads: SpaceX Starlink will get a much-needed feature
99 Protein study reveals a powerful effect on fat-burning
100 The benefits of coronavirus dreams, explained by 3 theories