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1 What COVID-19 has taught us about clinical trials
2 Distrust Authorities, Including Me
3 The COVID Science Wars
4 Clearing up Covid-19 misconceptions
5 Washington Football Team’s Matt Ioannidis tests positive for the coronavirus
6 Ioannidis & WFT Officially in COVID World
7 Bengals QB Joe Burrow carted off field with knee injury in 20-9 loss to Washington
8 Build Trust in Your Work by Embracing Openness
9 Football Team's Matthew Ioannidis: Reverts to injured reserve
10 Re: Scientific petitions and open letters in the era of covid-19
11 Letter to the Editor Re: Global perspective of COVID‐19 epidemiology for a full‐cycle pandemic
12 The Undark Interview: John Ioannidis Responds to His Critics
13 Washington Football News: Washington Places T Geron Christian On Injured Reserve; Matt Ioannidis tests positi…
14 John PA Ioannidis: Scientific petitions and open letters in the covid-19 era
15 Stanford refuses demands to retaliate against research center for its lockdown skeptics
16 A Respected Science Watchdog Raises Eyebrows
17 John Ioannidis Explains His COVID Views
18 Opinion: John Ioannidis and Medical Tribalism in the Era of Covid-19
19 COVID-19 Prevalence: John Ioannidis Responds to His Critics
20 A Prophet of Scientific Rigor—and a Covid Contrarian
21 COVID Surge: South Bay Hospitals Brace For Rise In Coronavirus Cases, ICU Patients
22 In the coronavirus pandemic, we're making decisions without reliable data
23 Up to 300 Million People May Be Infected by Covid-19, Stanford Guru John Ioannidis Says
24 Stanford University Epidemiologist John Ioannidis: Fatality Rate Of COVID-19 Lower Than Initially Speculated
25 The Greek-American epidemiologist who 'misled' Donald Trump, Pavlos Papadopoulos | Kathimerini
26 Epidemiologist Dr Zodpey probably only doctor from Vidarbha in prestigious list
27 John Ioannidis Warned COVID-19 Could Be a “Once-In-A-Century” Data Fiasco. He Was Right | Jon Miltimore
28 Dr. John Ioannidis: Now, We Know... | community , united states , nextgen
29 Greece Should Not Impose a Lockdown, Says Stanford’s Ioannidis
30 France And UAE To Participate In MEDUSA Exercises With Trilateral Alliance For The First Time
31 An Elite Group Of Scientists Tried To Warn Trump Against Lockdowns In March
32 Spring Grove High School switches to remote learning model for rest of November
33 Stanford University epidemiologist John Ioannidis calls out media for panicking the public over COVID-19
34 Viewpoint: Stanford epidemiologist John Ioannidis' COVID-19 controversy illustrates the politicization of science
35 Stanford's Ioannidis Contrarian COVID-19 Voice | community , united states , nextgen
36 The Bearer of Good Coronavirus News
37 Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide an opportunity to eliminate the tobacco industry?
38 Nobel prize-winning work is concentrated in minority of scientific fields
39 Explained: Why Stanford University has a list of the top 2 per cent scientists
40 Sydney has the most influential academics in Australia
41 Aris Ioannidis Sets CMAS Masters Indoor Pool World Records
42 The Totality of the Evidence
43 John Ioannidis: Another shutdown would do more harm than good
44 Just 0.05% of healthy under-70s who get Covid-19 will die from the disease, study claims
45 Stanford's Dr. Ioannidis: Reliable Data Can End the COVID-19 Lockdown
46 Stanford’s Dr. John Ioannidis Says Greece Needs More Aggressive Covid Testing
47 Free webinar: Covid-19 mistakes and how to fix them with AI and Big Data
48 JetBlue’s Founder Helped Fund A Stanford Study That Said The Coronavirus Wasn’t That Deadly
49 The Laura Perrins interview – Peter Hitchens
50 Stanford Professor Warns COVID Shelter-in-Place Orders Are ‘Killing People'
51 Conflict of Interest? Whistleblower alleges study by Stanford's John Ioannidis critical of lockdown funded by wealthy corporate donor critical of lockdown
52 NFL Week 13 Opening Odds Analysis
53 Dr. John Ioannidis on the Race for Real Data on the COVID-19 Pandemic (Vid)
54 World-Leading Infectious Disease Expert Explains Why Government Lockdowns Should End | Jon Miltimore
55 A Polarized Society
56 The COVID-19 pandemic through eyes of a NYC fertility center: a unique learning experience with often unexpected results
57 Stanford Researcher Enters New Coronavirus Controversy With Whistleblower Allegations
58 Stanford researcher says coronavirus isn’t as fatal as we thought; critics say he’s missing the point
59 Washington has virus case, 3 other teams add to COVID list
60 Ioannidis: Most Research Is Flawed; Let's Fix It
61 81 Pakistanis named in top 2pc scientists across the globe
62 We know enough now to act decisively against Covid-19. Social
63 Should governments continue lockdown to slow the spread of covid-19?
64 Source -- Washington Football Team loses DT Matt Ioannidis for year with torn biceps
65 John PA Ioannidis
66 Let's hear scientists with different Covid-19 views, not attack them
67 Modelers Were 'Astronomically Wrong' in COVID-19 Predictions, Says Leading Epidemiologist—and the World Is Paying the Price | Jon Miltimore
68 Munk Debates: We're making high-stakes COVID-19 decisions without reliable data
69 Polynesians, Native Americans made contact before European arrival, genetic study finds
70 Eateries wait for the next sole to drop
71 In Online Covid-19 Videos, A Mix of Science and Conjecture
72 All aTwitter: 30 November 2020
73 Why I Think Fatality Rates Are Higher Than the Estimates
74 To Buy or Sell
75 Prominent scientist dares to ask: Has the COVID-19 response gone too far?
76 Coronavirus: Imperial College study says Covid-19 kills 1.15% of all patients in wealthy countries
77 5 Questions: John Ioannidis calls for more rigorous nutrition research
78 Letter: Lockdown is ill-advised; mask wearing is common sense
79 Up to 4% of Silicon Valley is already infected with coronavirus
80 81 Pakistanis among world's top 2% scientists
81 A real health expert is alarmed by the alarmism surrounding coronavirus | Mulshine
82 Nine Greek Researchers Named In Influential Highly-cited Scholars List
83 Free webinar: What should you believe about Covid-19
84 Matt Ioannidis has torn biceps, will miss rest of Washington’s season
85 Is This Really the Best Way to Fight Coronavirus?
86 From Pandemic Facts to Pandemic Policies
87 COVID-19 Daily: Negative Diagnostic Tests, Whistleblower Complaint
88 Compulsory vaccination
89 Lockdown critic says COVID-19 is only slightly worse than the flu
90 Stanford coronavirus research: Did politically-motivated scientists hype their speedy study?
91 Washington Pittsburgh game rescheduled to Monday
92 Washington places practice squad player Javon Leake on COVID-19 list
93 Summer Spotlight: Matt Ioannidis
94 The Coronavirus and the Right's Scientific Counterrevolution
95 Don't let the surplus of first-rounders on the Redskins DL let you forget about Matt Ioannidis
96 Three takeaways from Matt Ioannidis' media session, including his belief in the D-line
97 How Stanford Lost Its Soul
98 How Does Kenny Clark's New Deal Impact Washington's Interior DL Trio of Allen, Payne and Ioannidis?
99 Q&A: John Ioannidis Talks Transparency in Biomedical Literature
100 In a polarized world, what does ‘follow the science’ mean?