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1 Clashes with cleric's supporters kill 5 in southern Iraq
2 Iraq fears Trump’s final weeks could see confrontation between U.S. and Iran
3 Rocket attack causes fire at oil refinery in northern Iraq
4 Iraq empties camps for the displaced as military warns on Isis
5 Iran may retaliate in Iraq for killing of scientist: Analysts
6 KRG Wants PKK Out of Iraq
7 There can be no ‘going back to normal’ in Iraq
8 Iraq: Scrap Bill to Restrict Free Speech
9 ‘Mosul’ Review: In Iraq, This Time It’s Personal
10 Iraqi military says child killed in rocket attack on Baghdad's Green Zone
11 They served alongside U.S. soldiers. Now they fear that Iran’s allies in Iraq will strike back.
12 Iraq: Baghdad massage parlour attacked by armed group
13 What the US troop withdrawal means for Iraq
14 Iraq: Humanitarian Bulletin, October 2020
15 Iraq: Kurdistan Region (October, 2020)
16 The Truth That Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Know
17 MARK SHIELDS: Afghanistan and Iraq: When will we ever learn?
18 Will reopening of border crossing drive Saudi investment in Iraq?
19 Low Oil Prices Could Finally Bring Iraq And Kurdistan Together
20 Top US general in the Mideast says ISIS in Iraq and Syria still long-term threat
21 Iraq: Mass execution of 21 individuals is an outrage
22 Joe Biden and the future of Iraq-US relations
23 Trump Administration Wants All U.S. Troops Out Of Iraq And Afghanistan By Spring
24 Iraq: Continued international support vital amid 'multiple storms'
25 Iraq: No Justice for Enforced Disappearances
26 From Iraq, an Intimate Glimpse of the Religious Holiday of Arbaeen
27 Protests Turn Violent, Deadly in Iraq
28 UNICEF receives 26 million from Germany to support national systems and ensure vulnerable children in Iraq receive quality basic and social protection services in Iraq [EN/AR]
29 UN says 50 face possible execution in Iraq after unfair trials
30 Several killed in 'Daesh ambush' in Iraq's Baghdad
31 Biden will not change policy towards Baghdad, Iraq's deputy prime minister says
32 Iraq isn't seeking exemptions from OPEC+ output cuts: report
33 Iraq's Dire Fiscal Crisis
34 Iraq's camp closures leave 100000 people in limbo
35 Iraq reports 1,614 new COVID-19 cases as total infections exceed 550,000
36 Iraq’s decision to shut down IDP camps too hasty, NGOs say
37 East Greenbush sergeant earns Bronze Star for Iraq duty
38 Iraqi deputy PM says economy in crisis and 'riddled with corruption'
39 Phasing Out from Iraq
40 ‘Who’s Your Baghdaddy’ Review: The Iraq War Set to Backpack Rap
41 Biden secretary of state pick Blinken criticized over Iraq War, consulting work
42 Iraq's president wants upcoming elections free from fraud or manipulation
43 Iraq: Anti-government demonstrator killed in Basra protests
44 Norway renews commitment to stabilization with new $7.7m contribution [EN/AR/KU]
45 Daesh/ISIS terror attack kills 4, injures 3 in Iraq
46 Iraq Crisis Response Plan 2020
47 Crude impact: cleaning up the ravages of war in Iraq
48 Closure of camp in Iraq's Kirkuk leaves displaced in despair
49 More than 1.9 million Iraqi children in high-risk governorates to be vaccinated against polio
50 Iraq feeling the strain under Opec+ deal
51 Middle East matters
52 Iraq, Saudi Arabia reopen Arar border crossing after 30 years
53 Iraq, Saudi Arabia agree to boost ties
54 Iraq ‑ Complex Emergency Fact Sheet #4, Fiscal Year (FY) 2020
55 The irrefutable logic of numbers and the inevitability of reform in Iraq
56 Iraq: Children forced to live among corpses, unexploded bombs and rubble after camp closures strand thousands
57 WHO Iraq conducts its community awareness-raising campaign to halt the recent surge in COVID-19 cases in Mosul [EN/AR]
58 Federalism is not about dividing Iraq | Ali Sarraf | AW
59 Save the Children: Kids in Iraq live among unexploded bombs
60 How Kurdistan Is Taking Advantage Of Iraq's Oil Crisis
61 Republic of Korea extends support to stabilization efforts in Iraq [EN/AR/KU]
62 Sinjar deal to normalize region, reduce friction between Turkey, Iraq over terrorist presence | Daily Sabah
63 UNHCR Iraq Factsheet
64 Egypt cooperates with Iraq in overhauling military factories
65 Workshops for Quran Teachers Underway in Iraq
66 Iraq's Latest Attempt To Corner Asian Oil Markets
67 Why Iraq Isn't Producing 10 Million Barrels Per Day Yet
68 Islamic State resurfaces with attacks in Iraq’s Diyala province
69 Iraq Fiscal Reforms Key to Curbing Forex Reserve Decline
70 WFP Iraq Country Brief, October 2020
71 Humanitarian Action for Children 2021
72 Iraq: Humanitarian Crisis (Call-4-Action), 23 November 2020
73 Displaced in Iraq's Laylan camp express fears as forced returns commence | MSF
74 Iraq halts operations at small oil refinery after rocket attack
75 Iraq Training Iranian-led Militia Member as a Senior Officer
76 Iraq: Protection Monitoring of Refugees in Response to COVID-19 Round 2 (October 2020)
77 PKK terror group targets revenue sources in N.Iraq
78 Iraq reports 1,606 new COVID-19 cases, lowest since July
79 Troubled Waters: Documenting Pollution of Iraq's Shatt Al-Arab River
80 FAO Iraq, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, has distributed high-quality fodder seeds to selected farmers to improve livestock productivity and animal nutrition in Nineveh Governorate [EN/AR]
81 Iraq: UN Committee urges end to impunity for enforced disappearances
82 COVID-19 exacerbating gender-based violence in Iraq [EN/AR/KU]
83 World unites to help save Iraq's archaeological treasures
84 Iraq: Displaced people in Laylan camp express fears as camp closes
85 Former Iraq, Afghanistan commander to lead COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts
86 How the Iran-Iraq war will shape the region for decades to come
87 Iraq and the US still need each other
88 Iraq: Duhok Governorate profile and monthly humanitarian response (Updated: September 2020)
89 What will it take to bring back growth in Iraq?
90 Iraq: Five civilians killed in Baghdad rocket attack
91 Iraq Index
92 In Iraq, Rising Virus Cases And Oxygen Shortages Stoke Outrage, Fears Of 'Chaos'
93 Inside the Iraqi Kleptocracy
94 U.S. to Reduce Troop Levels in Iraq to 3,000
95 Reporters
96 Iraq Raids Iranian-Backed Militia Accused of Attacking U.S. Forces
97 Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi of the Republic of Iraq Before Bilateral Meeting
98 This Soldier's Witness to the Iraq War Lie
99 ISIS Attacks Surge in Iraq Amid Debate on U.S. Troop Levels
100 Setting the Records Straight in Iraq