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1 A touch of light: the tireless energy of ants
2 Ants' antennae both send and receive chemical signals
3 Step aside bees, the ants are pollinating
4 Antennae Yield New Clues Into Ant Communication | Science
5 Backyard ant hunt proves no small task for this keen entomologist
6 Chinese customs seize bizarre pets hidden in parcel including giant ants from Australia
7 Study tests whether ants can take the heat › News in Science
8 Killer ants could take a bite out of cane toad problem
9 The Termite's Secret Weapon: Spit! : Krulwich Wonders...
10 Researchers Determine the True Odor of the Odorous House Ant
11 Ant communication confused by perfume › News in Science
12 UCR research shows how Argentine ants have been a successful invasive species
13 'Super' ants carry seeds half their size over long distances
14 The Albany pitcher plant will straight up eat you (if you're an ant)
15 A touch of light: The bounty
16 Nature's traffic engineers have come up with many simple but effective solutions
17 Australia goes wild: 6 amazing critters from Down Under
18 These are a few of my favorite stings…
19 A cuckoo-like parasitic moth leads African weaver ant colonies to their ruin
20 Australian endangered species: Dinosaur Ant
21 [Annual Ant Control Issue] Fatal Attraction
22 Using cigarettes to ward off parasites
23 Sarah Schwartz, Author at Science News
24 Australian scientists fight cane toad invasion with cat food and laced sausages | EcoTone: News and Views on Ecological Science
25 Blind termites hear killer ants coming millimeters away
26 Australia's beer-loving jewel beetle
27 [Stored Product Pests] Flexibility is Key
28 Richard “Bugman” Fagerlund says don't let the bedbugs bite
29 Bea restaurant, Barangaroo, Sydney
30 Michael Way
31 Friend or foe: spotting the new garden pests