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1 UN Team Says Islamic State Committed Genocide Against Yazidis
2 Eid prayers return to Mosul mosque ruined in Islamic State war
3 What Islamic State police files can tell us about everyday life under the caliphate
4 Islamic State Increases Attacks on Iraqi and Kurdish Forces
5 Islamic State Seeks Revival in Christian Countries
6 The ISIS Files: The Islamic State's Department of Soldiers – Homeland Security Today
7 Kurdish leader says he fears Islamic State comeback in Iraq
8 Iraqi Kurds plan special court to try suspected Islamic State fighters
9 The Islamic State's golden opportunity in Mozambique | TheHill
10 Joining the Islamic State Offers Major Dividends to Local Jihadis in Africa
11 'Islamic State' military leader arrested in Turkey
12 Brooklyn man gets 20 years in prison in subway terror case
13 'Mountain of information' against Islamic State leads UN investigators to recognize Yazidi genocide
14 Africa File: Islamic State Affiliates Are On The March In West Africa
15 Germany charges man with fundraising for Islamic State group
16 Russia Strikes Islamic State Strongholds in Syria as Insurgency Gains Ground
17 Policing as Rebel Governance: The Islamic State Police – Homeland Security Today
18 French Military Leader Asserts Islamic State is 'Regenerating' Underground
19 The Venture Capitalists of Terrorism
20 Islamic State degraded in Afghanistan but still poses threat
21 Turkish police say top Islamic State group figure captured
22 Accused Islamic State supporter Mohamed Zuhbi arrives in Australia after being deported from Turkey
23 Islamic State claims responsibility for Iraq market bomb attack
24 Islamic State claims responsibility for Saturday's attack at Iraq's oilfield
25 UK Will Send Carrier-Based F-35s To Counter Islamic State Insurgency
26 Special Operations Command Blames Hacker for Tweet About Islamic State, Afghanistan
27 INDONESIA Terrorists linked to the Islamic State kill four Toraja Christians in Poso
28 news Islamic State attacks turn Mozambique's LNG boom into a bust Source
29 How the Pope's historic visit to Iraq highlighted Islamic State's destruction of Christian heritage—and the artists working on rebuilding it
30 US Hails Afghan Eid Cease-fire, Suspects Islamic State Executed School Bombing
31 In the Maldives, an ominous rise in intolerant Islam
32 Islamic State supporter Zainab Abdirahman-Khalif released from Adelaide jail
33 Iran: Clash near Turkey kills 2 Guard troops, 7 militants
34 Reports suggest Islamic State orchestrated attack on Speaker...
35 ISIS attacks surge in Africa even as Trump boasts of a ‘100-percent’ defeated caliphate
36 In Bid to Boost Its Profile, ISIS Turns to Africa’s Militants
37 Islamic State Kidnaps 19 People in Central Syria
38 'Caliphate' or not, Islamic State expands its reach
39 Middle East – The resurgence of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq
40 Who really defeated the Islamic State – Obama or Trump?
41 Islamic State and al-Qaeda Linked to African Insurgencies
42 The Head of ISIS Is a Snitch. The Group's Enemies Should Use the Revelation to Discredit Him.
43 Islamic State: Giant library of group's online propaganda discovered
44 Islamic State group claims responsibility for deadly twin bombing in Baghdad
45 In Interviews With Former Islamic State Foreign Fighters in Hiding, Religious Concerns Have Been Replaced With More Quotidian Worries
46 Over 10000 Islamic State fighters active in Iraq, Syria as attacks 'significantly' increase: UN
47 Islamic State, Defeated U.S. Foe, Still Brims With Cash, Ambition
48 Officials, Experts Say Islamic State’s Economic Spigot Not Dry Yet
49 U.S. Sanctions Islamic State’s Central African Franchise for First Time
50 Commentary The Islamic State Stopped Talking About China
51 ISIS Claims Responsibility for Mozambique Attack
52 The Islamic State's Most Vulnerable Child Victims May Also Become Its Future Face
53 Indians and Central Asians Are the New Face of the Islamic State
54 ISIS is using the COVID distraction to rearm and regroup
55 Lessons for Reintegrating Islamic State Detainees
56 Kurds Warn of Growing Islamic State Capabilities in Iraq
57 The Evolution and Escalation of the Islamic State Threat to Mozambique
58 Islamic State Holding on in Philippines, Despite Millions in US Spending
59 ISIS ‘Beatles’ Fighters Being Brought to U.S. to Face Charges
60 Islamic State Exploiting Security Gaps to Step Up Violence, US Partners Warn
61 Iraq in Shock After Islamic State Massacres Family of Seven
62 Islamic State is back and this time the west is ill-prepared to take it on
63 Top Islamic State Leader in Iraq Killed in U.S.-Iraqi Strike
64 Biden Administration Seeks Stable Iraq, Free of Islamic State
65 U.S. Repatriates Last of Islamic State Suspects Believed Captured in Syria
66 US Efforts to Deal Islamic State ‘Enduring Defeat’ on Hold
67 US Backs Release of ‘Low-Level’ Islamic State Prisoners in Syria
68 Killings surge in Syria camp housing Islamic State families
69 Worried about an Islamic State comeback? Here’s why that’s unlikely.
70 Islamic State remains a threat in Syria, Iraq and beyond: US envoy
71 Islamic State Poised for Possible Resurgence in Afghanistan, US Officials Warn
72 Islamic State calls for followers to spread coronavirus, exploit pandemic and protests
73 Islamic State claims responsibility for Jeddah attack
74 Abu Walaa, the preacher guilty of supporting 'Islamic State' terrorism
75 An Islamist insurgency in Mozambique is gaining ground — and showing a strong allegiance to the Islamic State
76 Commentary After the Islamic State: Social Media and Armed Groups
77 Why 2 Islamic State militants will be on trial in Virginia
78 'Islamic State' exploiting coronavirus and conflict to rise again
79 Iraq's Broken Justice System for Islamic State Fighters
80 What to Know About the Threat of ISIS During Coronavirus
81 Foes in Afghan War See a Common Threat of Islamic State’s Return
82 Threat to international peace, security from Islamic State spike again: UN
83 Mawla the 'Destroyer', brutal new head of Islamic State
84 Is Islamic State really operating in eastern DRC?
85 Crowdfunding the Women of the Islamic State
86 With Village Beheadings, Islamic State Intensifies Attacks in Mozambique
87 Islamic State tries to shore up relevance with Iraq carnage
88 ISIS, Reborn: The Islamic State's African Revival is a Lethal Blind Spot
89 Opinion: France must repatriate 'Islamic State' sympathizers stranded in Syria
90 Islamic State never needed a caliphate to keep menacing the world. Now it's regrouping
91 Islamic State claims responsibility for attack that killed 11 in Pakistan
92 Perspective | The U.S. is secretly helping the Taliban fight ISIS in Afghanistan
93 The Routinization of the Islamic State's Global Enterprise – Homeland Security Today
94 What I learned about Islamic State applies to QAnon too
95 Niger Attack Demonstrates Islamic State in West Africa’s Growing Reach
96 Weeklong Operation Loosens Islamic State Grip on Syria's al-Hol Camp
97 Islamic state claims responsibility for Wednesday's Syria bus attack
98 Islamic State says it killed female media workers in east Afghanistan
99 Islamic State tells supporters to target westerners, oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia
100 Islamic State claims responsibility for Vienna attack