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1 SADAT: The Turkish mercenaries who support Islamist groups
2 Failed state Libya is vulnerable to an Islamist takeover
3 Burkina Faso: 180 bodies found in 'killing field'
4 EU Takes Over Lead Role From France in Sahel Islamist Fight
5 ‘You work to protect Islamist terrorists, you’re anti-Hindu and anti-India’: Read Kapil Mishra’s response to The Quint
6 Turkish Islamist tyrant's obscene bid to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque
7 14-year-old boy charged with Islamist terror plot in UK
8 Islamist peril in Nigeria, report warns
9 Qatar-funded ‘Islamist Quartet’ driven by anti-Saudi agenda – analyst
10 Qatar's Anti-Saudi Seeds of the Islamist Quartet
11 Islamists conclude Pride Month with homophobic #WhySoProud tweets claiming homosexuality is ‘Haram’
12 Four aid workers say Islamist militants abducted them in northeast Nigeria
13 Belgian report lists Erdoğan’s brand of Islamism as a primary threat
14 U.N. says attacks by Islamist militia in Congo may be war crimes
15 Africa’s Biggest Investment Takes Shape Amid Islamist Threat
16 Powerful Islamist Group Intensifies Crackdown on Jihadists in Syria's Idlib
17 A feature film shows the threat of violent Islam coming to Senegal
18 Pakistan's Hinduphobia – The Diplomat
19 The horrific reality of an Islamist no-go-zone in Britain
20 Islamists Protest Against 'Pro-Communist' Pancasila Bill
21 Neo-Nazis telling followers to ‘deliberately infect’ Jews and Muslims with coronavirus, report warns
22 Ahead of the release of Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2, clips of him praising Islamist preacher Zakir Naik goes viral
23 A duty of care law is urgently needed to combat rise of hateful extremism online, says Government adviser
24 Is Yemen the Next Frontier for the Turkey-Russia Conflict?
25 Islamists give Widodo fiery taste of things to come
26 Latest deadly Mozambique attack raises stakes further for LNG projects
27 Pakistan Sentences 4 Anti-India Islamists Over Terror Financing
28 Syrian, Russian Airstrikes in Idlib Amount to War Crimes, as Do Jihadist Attacks: U.N.
29 Caritas worker warns of disaster in Burkina Faso
30 France Calls for Release of Mali Opposition Leader Cisse
31 Manchester University Press criticised for publishing book linked to Islamist advocacy group
32 '90%' of 43k extremists on MI5 list are Islamist terror suspects
33 Somalia's Islamist group al Shabaab says sets up COVID-19 treatment centre
34 Some 20 Soldiers Died in Islamist Attack in Northeastern Nigeria
35 Only Muslims go to heaven, Ravish Kumar-like non-Muslims can only hope for a mild level of hell: Dr Zakir Naik explains
36 Mozambique's Violent Insurgency Requires a Regional Military Response
37 West Sussex man admits Islamist-related terror offences
38 More than 40 dead after Islamist extremists attack 3 towns in northeastern Nigeria
39 Russia, Afghanistan and prospects for peace: Ambassador James Cunningham
40 Kashmir: Opportunity in Geelani’s exit
41 PA's Abbas tells Russia's Putin Ramallah ready for talks with Israel
42 EU warns: 'Mozambique in danger of becoming a hub of Jihadist terrorism'
43 Taliban suicide bomber kills three as violence rises despite peace push
44 How Kremlin’s View of U.S.’s War in Afghanistan Has Shifted
45 Turkey, Russia may get embroiled in another proxy conflict in Yemen
46 Far Right and Islamist extremists are continuing to operate with virtual impunity in our country
47 Battle over whether Turkey's Hagia Sophia should be a mosque or museum goes to court
48 Austria investigating political motive in Chechen dissident's killing
49 Pakistan is either incompetent or complicit in terror. Or both
50 A Conversation with Daniel Pipes
51 Moussi: Ennahdha's creation is illegal | MEO
52 Far-right and radical Islamist groups are exploiting coronavirus turmoil
53 Hamas calls quits on beach time for Gaza's dogs
54 Mozambique: Terrorists Kill 17 in Macomia Village
55 Egypt: Sisi’s power reinforced after passing of new law
56 Five Eyes would be stronger with Israel as a member
57 Right-wing extremists in German SOF? Here's how individual extremism looks in the US
58 How Extremist Groups Are Reacting to COVID-19
59 Defence Ministry to probe troops after discovering seven corpses with multiple bullet shots
60 Europe Is Getting Tough on Political Islam
61 Israel Launches Gaza Strikes After Rocket Fire: Report
62 Mozambique government driving locals into arms of insurgents
63 Mozambique villagers 'massacred' by Islamists
64 Young Gaza amputees play soccer again after coronavirus curbs eased
65 Motives of far-right and Islamist terrorists 'eerily similar' | The Strategist
66 Islamist group kills 52 in 'cruel and diabolical' Mozambique massacre
67 Threat from African Militant Islamist Groups Expanding, Diversifying
68 Radical Islamists Are a Threat in Prison and on the Street
69 Burkina Faso: Armed Islamist Atrocities Surge
70 The west ignores the growth of Islamist insurgents in Africa at its peril
71 Burkina Faso: Armed Islamists Attack Education
72 Islamist extremists eye India as fertile recruiting ground
73 What was the Soviet war in Afghanistan like? (PHOTOS)
74 France: is there such a thing as “Islamist separatism”?
75 Islamists have killed 167096 people since 1979
76 The Uyghurs, China, and Islamist Terrorism
77 Viewpoint: What Donald Trump gets wrong about Somalia
78 International Women's Day: With Shoes And Stones, Islamists Disrupt Pakistan Rally
79 Islamist groups claim religious ban on viewing TV series showing Arab Jewish coexistence
80 The Cabal Strategizes: Tahir Hussain behind Delhi Riots
81 The Growing Islamism in Malaysia – The Diplomat
82 Burkina Faso: New Massacres by Islamist Armed Groups
83 A New Secularism Is Appearing in Islam
84 Gandhiji's ideology an impediment to national security (Beyond Gandhi-II)
85 Gunmen Attack Pakistani Stock Exchange, Six Killed: Police
86 Delhi Riot Accused Khalid Saifi, A Close Friend Of Tahir Hussain, Umar Khalid Met Zakir Naik For Funding: Report
87 The Exaggerated Threat of Islamist Militancy in Central Asia
88 Islamist Militant Attacks Surged Most in Emerging LNG Giant
89 Islamist terrorism suspects arrested in raids across Denmark
90 Turkey’s new Islamist elite has acquired a taste for conspicuous consumption
91 Mali: Militias, Armed Islamists Ravage Central Mali
92 France's war on Islamism: Forcing Muslims to 'live like us'
93 We’re far too complacent about Islamist extremism
94 Oil majors request more Mozambique troops after Islamist attacks: sources
95 Shared Themes, Tactics in White Supremacist and Islamist Extremist Propaganda
96 In Kenya, A Rise In Attacks By Islamist Al-Shabab Insurgents
97 Laying the 'Islamist' bogeyman to rest – LobeLog
98 Islamist extremism remains dominant UK terror threat, say experts
99 Islamists get longer jail terms than far-right extremists
100 Christians threatened as Islamists push for control of Africa's Sahel