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1 Islamist militia kills Malawian peacekeeper in east Congo
2 Ten years later, Islamist terrorism isn’t the threat it used to be
3 Germany: Conservatives seek to isolate Islamist groups
4 Political, military wings of Islamist movement clash in Idlib
5 Turkish police remove followers of Islamist figure from mosques
6 Israel coalition talks: Islamist party freezes negotiations in wake of Jerusalem, Gaza flare-up
7 Bangladesh: Hindu actor bullied, called names after Islamists realise that he is not a Muslim
8 More than a dozen people killed by Islamist militants in northeast Nigeria -sources
9 Why US Islamists are the enemy within
10 Pakistan interior minister recommends ban on Islamist party
11 Germany outlaws Islamist organization Ansaar International
12 With eye on Islamist fight, France backs Chad military takeover
13 Radical Islamist party frees 11 Pakistani police hostages
14 France will 'never give in to Islamist terrorism,' says Macron after policewoman's killing
15 Bangladesh arrests Islamist leader after violent protests
16 French military letter rejects “concessions” to Islamism, warns of 'civil war' | | AW
17 Pakistan to outlaw Islamist group leading protests that rails against blasphemy
18 Algerian Islamists eye first election win since civil war
19 35 killed in Gaza, 5 in Israel, as violence escalates
20 Islamist Sharjeel Usmani jumps on the BDS bandwagon: All you need to know about the movement against Israel
21 Bangladesh's Islamist Challenge Intensifies – The Diplomat
22 Suspect in attack on Maldives Speaker has Islamist group ‘links’
23 The Islamic State's golden opportunity in Mozambique | TheHill
24 A warrior dynasty in Chad will do little to end Islamist threat
25 Egypt’s army is fighting Islamism by supporting Ramadan TV series
26 Unvarnished teen worldview of Islamist terror threat
27 Exclusive: Refugees recount brutal attack by Islamist insurgents in Mozambique's Palma
28 French journalist kidnapped by radical Islamists in Mali appears in video pleading for his life
29 France to punish ex-generals for Islamist 'civil war' letter
30 Islamist party chief Abbas condemns terror attack, calls victims 'innocents'
31 Amid Political Chaos, Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Parties Mull Uniting With Islamists
32 Chad dictator’s death spells chaos in Islamist terror’s new ground zero
33 Mozambique Islamist Insurgency Causing 'Truly Indescribable' Horror
34 Islamists kill at least eight in Nigeria's Damasak, hundreds flee to Niger
35 In Pakistan, Clashes Between Police, Islamists Reportedly Leave 2 Dead
36 Algerian Islamists eye first election win, some analysts sceptical | | AW
37 Algeria protesters at crossroads as Islamists take spotlight
38 The banalisation of Islamist terror bodes badly for the West
39 2 women kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists graduate from Southeastern University
40 Sainthood cause opened for Filipino priest killed by Islamists in 2000
41 Pakistan government decides to ban radical Islamist party
42 Islamist leader won legitimacy in Israel's election. Now he wants a place at the table
43 USCIRF infiltrated by Islamist fronts linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul: Report
44 Pakistan Islamists press for French ambassador's expulsion
45 Islamist Ra'am Party Reject Netanyahu's Push For Direct PM Election
46 At least 30 killed in Burkina Faso's worst suspected Islamist massacre
47 Egyptian, Turkish officials end talks with no clear progress
48 Israel: Netanyahu seeks rabbinical help to bring Jewish supremacists and Islamists together
49 Around 30 reportedly killed in Burkina Faso village attack
50 Top leader of hardline Islamist group arrested in Bangladesh
51 Sunni Islamists in Afghanistan kill many female students
52 The Charmed Life and Strange, Sad Death of the Quilliam Foundation – Byline Times
53 Brave interpreter who risked death on SAS missions reveals he discovered Islamist extremists in UK
54 'Change bloc,' Ra'am said hopeful coalition talks can resume after fighting ends
55 Islamist org that collected and routed money to India after anti-Hindu Delhi riots banned by Germany for funding terrorism in Syria and elsewhere
56 Newslaundry, ThePrint columnists, journalists, Congress ‘youth icon’ and other Islamists celebrate Rohit Sardana’s death
57 From Bin Laden to al-Zawahiri: The story of al-Qaeda’s rise
58 Violence in Pakistan as police clash with Islamists; Visiting Indian Sikhs affected
59 Maldives: Increasing Vulnerabilities – Analysis – Eurasia Review
60 Hamas rocket fire kills Israeli woman near Tel Aviv
61 Don't Sell Weapons To Nigeria, Buhari Has Islamist Agenda – Nnamdi Kanu Writes US President
62 French National Assembly Backs Law to Combat Islamist Extremism
63 Appeal of former generals points to deep rifts in French society
64 France Takes On Islamist Extremism With New Bill
65 New perspectives on queer politics under an Islamist regime
66 AP News Bangladesh court sentences 14 Islamist militants to death 1 month ago
67 Letter: France is against ‘Islamist separatism’ — never Islam
68 Opinion: France's difficult struggle against Islamism
69 Debate on Islamist extremism law exposes deep rifts in France
70 France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism
71 Islamist killing prompts French crackdown on militants
72 France Considers A Law To Curb What It Views As Islamist Extremism
73 The Capitol rioters speak just like the Islamist terrorists I reported on
74 Macron launches crackdown on 'Islamist separatism' in Muslim communities
75 French Muslims divided over Macron’s planned law to curb Islamism
76 Europe's Experience on Islamism Is a Cautionary Tale for the United States | Opinion
77 Arab Islamist shows clout with prime-time speech in Israel
78 Tight Israeli vote means Arab Islamist could choose next PM
79 Why France's Islamist Separatism Bill Is Causing Controversy
80 France insists it’s targeting Islamist extremism. But some foreign observers and French Muslims see a broader agenda.
81 French battle against Islamist ‘separatism’ is at odds with commitment to liberty
82 Mozambique's Islamist insurgency: UN warns of rising violence in Cabo Delgado
83 What it means to be a “progressive Islamist”
84 Bangladesh's Dangerous Islamist Appeasement – And What It Portends
85 Hamas chief says group 'ready' if Israel seeks escalation
86 A Radical Cleric Ignites an Islamist Resistance in Afghanistan
87 Indonesian church bombed by suspected Islamist militants
88 France Probes 76 Mosques Suspected of ‘Islamist Separatism’
89 Islamist terrorism: Germany is home to more than 600 agitators
90 EU Seeks Encrypted Messages Access in Crackdown on Islamism
91 The Message of Islamist Beheadings by Brahma Chellaney
92 Islamist attacks kill about 30 soldiers in northeast Nigeria in four days
93 Mozambique city overwhelmed by people fleeing Islamist violence
94 Moroccan Islamist groups reject normalising ties with Israel
95 What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common
96 Spate of Islamist Attacks Puts Sahel on Track for Deadliest Year
97 Mozambique: Refugee crisis clouds army gains against Islamist insurgents
98 18 French active-duty servicemen to face MILITARY COURT over open letter blasting ‘Islamist hordes’ & looming ‘civil war’
99 Islamist Group Asks Somalis to Shun AstraZeneca Shots on Effects
100 Africa Security Brief No. 38