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1 France insists it’s targeting Islamist extremism. But some foreign observers and French Muslims see a broader agenda.
2 Burkina Faso Presidential Election Marred by Islamist Threat
3 Austria Is Leading Europe's Crackdown on Islamism
4 A firebrand cleric's return boosts Islamist politics
5 France's War on Islamism Isn't Populism. It's Reality.
6 Macron and the Islamists
7 124 'high-risk' Islamists at large in Germany: report
8 Islamist terrorism: Germany is home to more than 600 agitators
9 Is it correct to identify terrorism with 'Islamism'?
10 What's in France's new law to crack down on Islamist extremism?
11 Vienna shooting: Austria hunts suspects after 'Islamist terror' attack
12 Mozambique police: Islamists behead 50 people in troubled province
13 Austria, France to Push for Tougher Measures Against Islamists
14 Algeria's Referendum: Stirrings of Democracy and the Decline of Islamism
15 EU Seeks Encrypted Messages Access in Crackdown on Islamism
16 3 killed in 'terrorist, Islamist attack' in French church | News
17 The Nature of Islamist Violence in France
18 US demands right to attack Islamist fighters gaining foothold in Kenya
19 Egypt adds leading activist, politician to terror watch list
20 UK de-radicalization referrals for far-right, Islamist extremists now equal
21 France targets radical Islam amid row with Turkey
22 Letter: France is against ‘Islamist separatism’ — never Islam
23 Life after al-Shabab: Driving a school bus instead of an armed pickup truck
24 Multiple Reasons for Islamist Violence on European Soil, Experts Say
25 Islamism Converges With Cancel Culture
26 On freedom of speech and ‘Islamist separatism’
27 European leaders to discuss initiative against Islamist extremism: sources
28 Europe's cities are becoming a refuge for Islamist extremists
29 Tens of thousands mourn radical cleric's death in Pakistan
30 An Islamist insurgency in Mozambique is gaining ground — and showing a strong allegiance to the Islamic State
31 Extremist jailed for Islamist-related terror offences
32 France's Islamist Problem Is Everyone's Problem | Samuel Gregg
33 From Islamism to Transcendentalism
34 Islamist sit-in outside Pakistani capital targets France
35 We must refuse to play the Islamists’ game
36 Religion, Liberty, and Religious Liberty
37 Suspected Islamists kill 18, torch church in east Congo
38 Owaisi speaks language of ‘rabid Islamism, extremism’ like Jinnah, says BJP’s Tejasvi Surya
39 Islamist killers work on West’s weaknesses
40 France’s Flawed Stand against Islamist Radicalization
41 The best response to Islamism is Christianity
42 Do Pakistan’s anti-France protests signal rise of Islamist mob rule?
43 Suspected Islamists kill 17 civilians in eastern Congo raid
44 Indonesia brass barks back at Islamist’s ‘moral’ threat
45 Christian girl is being threatened by Islamist death squads in Pakistan for fleeing forced marriage
46 Terrorist attacks in Europe: How did Pakistan, Turkey help Islamist Extremism grow?
47 Bangladesh Islamist group demands country cuts ties with France
48 Islamist violence in Africa: An African problem that needs an African solution
49 Will Sudan hand over Islamists to Egypt?
50 Watch: Radical Islamist Female Teacher In Pakistan Beheads Effigy Of French President In Front Of Children
51 Women, Islamists suffer setbacks in election in Jordan
52 Mozambique Open to Support in Fighting Islamists, Lusa Says
53 Kappan Is Office Secretary Of Radical Islamist Outfit PFI And Operated Under Journalist Cover: UP Govt To SC
54 Islamist Protest After Macron's 'anti-Islam' Statements
55 Gravitas: Imran Khan helpless before Islamists: Radicals take over the streets of Lahore
56 Islamist terror attacks: India does right to stand by France
57 [EWB Interview] Havliček: Islamist and far-right extremism mutually reinforcing, liberal democracy absolutely threatened
58 India does have a jihadist movement that must be confronted as French President has done
59 Macron alone: where are France's allies in the fight against Islamism?
60 Pakistani Islamist found guilty on two more charges of terrorism financing
61 Islamist agitation in Bangladesh against Mujib statue
62 Bangladesh cricket star Shakib gets bodyguard after Islamist threats
63 Austria police raid dozens of 'Islamist-linked' targets
64 Founder of hardline Pakistani Islamist party Khadim Hussain Rizvi dies aged 54
65 Arabs Warn Biden: Do Not Embrace Islamists
66 ‘You are all dead’: Month after Samuel Paty was beheaded by man screaming Allahu Akbar, school where he once taught threatened
67 Islamist terror attacks on France – 2GB
68 Islamists say Pakistan agrees to French boycott, end protest
69 Indonesian Islamist leader urges 'moral revolution' on return home
70 Bangladeshi star's comeback after Islamist death threats
71 Wirral Tory councillor suspended for retweet on 'Islamism'
72 PM Modi lauds Indian army; Gupkar & Opposition silent on Islamist terror? | Nation Wants To Know
73 Shakeup rattles major Islamist group in Idlib
74 India cannot afford to allow an Islamist state within her borders and this is what Kashmir had become
75 Bangladeshi Cricketer Shakib Says Sorry: Will It ‘Help’ Extremism?
76 Islamist group executes close to 30 people en masse in Democratic Republic of Congo
77 Azerbaijani Islamist Destroys A Cross As Putin Calls For Respect Of Artsakh's Religious Sites (VIDEO)
78 Brereton Inquiry to fuel Islamist propaganda efforts, experts say
79 Former Vice President Hamid Ansari, who had attended program by Islamist PFI, now rants against ‘aggressive nationalism’
80 Opinion: France's difficult struggle against Islamism
81 'Disarm islamophobia with kindness': Mesut Ozil's tip to silence anti-Islamists
82 Macron Vows Crackdown on ‘Islamist Separatism’ in France
83 Bihar: Tension in Katihar district after Islamist mob desecrate, vandalise Chhath Puja ghat
84 What Islamists and ‘Wokeists’ Have in Common
85 Islamist killing prompts French crackdown on militants
86 A Radical Cleric Ignites an Islamist Resistance in Afghanistan
87 4 Jaish terrorists killed in Nagrota got orders from Masood Azhar’s brother
88 Ayaan Hirsi Ali: On September 11, here's what Islamists and 'Wokeists' have in common
89 Tanzania detains people trying to join Islamist insurgency in Mozambique
90 African Militant Islamist Groups Set Record for Violent Activity
91 Turkish intelligence chief reveals Erdoğan’s true Islamist face – analyst
92 Far-right and radical Islamist groups are exploiting coronavirus turmoil
93 German Authorities Probe Tourist’s Killing as Possible Islamist Terrorist Attack
94 Islamist Attacks in Mozambique Threaten to Disrupt Total-Led Natural-Gas Project
95 Europe Is Getting Tough on Political Islam
96 Why police shouldn't stop using the term 'Islamist terrorism'
97 Mozambique villagers 'massacred' by Islamists
98 Russia warns that Nagorno-Karabakh could become Islamist militant stronghold
99 French leader decries Islamist terror attack against teacher
100 Paris Stabbing Attack Termed Act of Islamist Terrorism