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1 Dr. Ivan Poupyrev: An award-winning inventor, scientist, and designer | by Zachary Kaczor | Digital Shroud
2 Google's Ivan Poupyrev wants to turn everything into computers
3 Google brings its Jacquard wearables tech to Levi’s Trucker Jacket
4 With Pixel 4, Google's experimental tech bets finally enter the spotlight
5 XR Technology Conference AWE Goes Live | ARPost
6 Google wants its AI to disappear in your clothes
7 Try a free game that demonstrates Google's latest UI tech
8 Inside Google's secretive ATAP research lab
9 Work Clothes, Reimagined for an Age of Wearable Tech
10 Google’s Project Jacquard is still alive and well, controls entire TED talk presentation
11 Google's smart backpack leads second wave of connected clothing
12 Google’s Project Soli: the tech behind Pixel 4’s Motion Sense radar
13 Google And Levi’s Partner Up To Bring Us Wearable Technology
14 Google's Project Jacquard Makes Comeback at TED Talk
15 Project Jacquard: the Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale
16 San Francisco Decorator Showcase Names 2020 Designers, Transamerica Pyramid Sells, and More News in San Francisco
17 Levi's, Google Partner to Design Bluetooth-connected Denim Jacket
18 Derek Lam Wins Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Fashion Design
19 adidas and FIFA Mobile combine to create new smart sole for an interactive experience
20 Can a Jean Jacket Revive Wearable Technology?
21 The adidas GMR smart football insole has a flaw
22 Google is reportedly set to introduce a new In-Air Gesturing System for the Pixel 4 called "Aware"
23 Levi's To Launch New Smart Jackets That Uses Google Jacquard This Fall
24 FIFA, Adidas and Google have teamed up to create a real-life FIFA experience
25 Google Is Hacking Our Clothes to Work Like Touchscreens
26 New from Levi’s: A smart device in the form of a jean jacket
27 Project Jacquard: Google And Levi's Launch The First 'Smart' Jean Jacket For Urban Cyclists
28 Here’s Why Google and Levi’s Are Working Together to Make a Jean Jacket
29 Technology is Latest Trend Reshaping Fashion
30 Play: Notes from Session 9 of TED2019
31 Fashion Historian Pamela Golbin Is Joining Jacquard by Google as Artistic Director
32 Google built a tiny radar system into a smartwatch for gesture controls
33 2019 National Design Awards winners announced by Cooper Hewitt
34 Will Consumers Want Levi’s New ‘Wearable Tech’ Jacket? | Fashion-Tech, Digital Scorecard | BoF
35 Saint Laurent x Jacquard by Google, Creating the Future of Everyday, Luxury Accessories
36 Can Google Fix Gesture Tech With Tiny, All-Knowing Sensors?
37 Magic microphone lets you whisper with your fingertips
38 Haptic feedback could make iPhone displays feel like rocks or fur
39 Google gets FCC approval for its wearable radar Project Soli
40 Google moves closer to creating 'Minority Report'-style sensors for controlling devices with hand gestures
41 Cintas and Google Collaborating on Smart Garment Technology
42 Turning Everyday Objects into Touch-Sensitive Devices
43 Meet Hakim Raja, the Bengaluru-born techie who's leading Google's quest for futuristic hardware
44 How Project Jacquard Created A Smarter Jacket
45 Google and Levi's connected smart jacket gets a release date and will cost you $350
46 Gesture control on Google's new Pixel 4 is totally pointless
47 What can a Soli chip bring to the Pixel 4?
48 Google's smart jacket is learning to be more useful for non-cyclists too
49 Google developing touchless screen that you control with your fingers in mid-air
50 Cooper Hewitt Unveils 20th Class of National Design Award Winners
51 SXSW: Levi's and Google announce wearable tech release date
52 Diving into TED2019, the state of social media and internet behavior
53 In Case You Missed It: Highlights from day 4 of TED2019
54 Disney researchers use electrical charge to create virtual textures
55 Google's New Gesture Controls Aren't Just for the Pixel
56 How Google's gesture control technology could revolutionize the way we use devices
57 Levi's New Tech-Infused Denim Jacket Will Make Your Commute Safer and Easier
58 Google moves closer to creating sensors for controlling devices with hand gestures
59 How Google's Project Jacquard turns your clothes into wearables
60 Robot Abuses Google’s Smart Textiles to See How Much They Can Take
61 Device puffs virtual objects into reality, lets you feel phantom objects floating in air
62 Google Picks Artists for Residency Involving Connected Yarns
63 TED2019: Bigger Than Us Kicks Off in Vancouver, BC
64 Google ATAP announces Levi’s jacket with touch-sensitive fabric, launches in beta later this year [VIDEO]
65 Google’s Project Jacquard Aims To Make “Activewear” A Reality
66 Disney project turns the human body into a stealthy speaker (video)
67 Susan Kare, Thomas Phifer, IwamotoScott, SCAPE among 2019 Cooper Hewitt National Design Awardees
68 ReMode Confirms Keynote Speakers from Top Retailers and Brands Leading Innovation and Sustainability in Fashion
69 Identities Gives a Cutting-Edge Look at Fashion | Arts
70 Human touch speaker system has Disney Research hearing with a finger
71 Google And Levi's Want To Put Computers In Your Clothing
72 SIGGRAPH 2013 Technical Papers Preview
73 Google Has A New Jacquard Product In The Works With Adidas & EA
74 The Future of Tactile Touch Screens
75 Do we really need ‘smart jackets’?
76 Touchscreens get curves thanks to 3D printed optics
77 Disney invents touchscreen that lets you feel textures
78 Pamela Golbin Is Trading Fashion History for Wearable Tech
79 Google Partnership: Infineon Makes a Comeback
80 Google's Project Soli is back with gesture-controlled wearables
81 The Harvard Crimson
82 Google and Levi’s smart jacket gets a small but useful update
83 Inside Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group
84 Touch your philodendron and control your computer (w/ Video)
85 Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum honors MIT D-Lab with National Design Award
86 Infineon develops breakthrough radar technology for cars and devices
87 Revolutionizing Gesture Recognition Technologies: Project Soli
88 Google is bringing its futuristic gesture-sensing radar to actual products
89 Control Computers With Plants? Disney Magic Makes It Happen
90 'Feel' objects in thin air: The future of touch technology
91 Now, control your gadgets with hand gestures
92 Disney's magical vision calls for 3-D printed optical elements (w/ Video)
93 And finally: Smartwatches hotbed of fake Amazon reviews
94 What makes wearables work for consumers
95 Google’s zaniest inventions yet revealed at Silicon valley
96 I watched over 100 TED Talks, and these insights have stuck with me the most
97 OnePlus is HTC Reborn. Since HTC has left the smartphone… | by Omar Zahran | The Startup
98 The 'smart' shirts that help you lose weight and pay for your shopping
99 You Could Control the Pixel 4 XL Without Touching It (Report)
100 Google to Introduce Pixel 4 Smartphones in Q4 with Apple-Like 3D Face ID and In-Air Gesturing