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1 Study supports airborne spread of COVID-19 indoors
2 New research shows older adults are still often excluded from clinical trials
3 Study supports airborne spread of Covid-19 in indoors
4 Johns Hopkins' doc: Level of underrepresentation of Black doctors across healthcare shows 'gross negligence'
5 Yes, COVID-19 Kills Younger Adults, Too
6 Code Blue for COVID-19 Patients: No Survivors
7 Hydroxychloroquine didn't prevent Covid-19 among health care workers in new study
8 A Potential Downside of Intermittent Fasting
9 Five things for pharma marketers to know: Thursday, October 1, 2020
10 Research Roundup: COVID; Diabetes; Fasting; Hyperinflammatory Syndrome; Low-Dose Zinc
11 Hydroxychloroquine doesn't stop spread of COVID-19 in health workers: study
12 PATCH trial shows 'no clinical benefit' of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 prophylaxis
13 Both virtual and human coaches help older adults walk more, study finds
14 Skin Cancer Awareness – The Patriot
15 COVID cluster from Chinese bus trip offers more evidence of airborne transmission
16 Time-Restricted Eating Shows No Weight Loss Benefit in RCT
17 Are New AUC Ratings and Prosecution the Answer to PCI Overuse?
18 Missing The Mark: Covid-19 Vaccine Trials Are Excluding Older Adults
19 Study finds 100% death rate in COVID-19 patients after CPR
20 Covid-19 roundup: JAMA study says people 65+ likely excluded from trials; Trump plans rollout of 150 million rapid tests
21 Early results promising for RNA COVID vaccine in older adults
22 Although Research is Progressing, Many Questions Remain About COVID-19
23 Death by Licorice; Prone Position ECG; Inhaled Aspirin
24 The Risks of the Prescribing Cascade
25 Editorial Roundup: South Carolina
26 COVID-19 news and trends
27 Drug prices: Why prescription medicines are unaffordable for many people
28 HEALTH CARE BRIEFING: Panel Says Drug Cost Surge Tied to Bonuses
29 Fred Hutch-led clinical trial shows new smartphone app helps smokers quit
30 Five things for pharma marketers to know: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
31 COVID-19 patients rarely survive cardiac arrest, study says
32 JAMA – The Latest Medical Research, Reviews, and Guidelines
33 Neanderthal genes linked to severe COVID-19; Mosquitoes cannot transmit the coronavirus
34 Official coronavirus death toll is likely an 'underestimate' of the true total, WHO says
35 How a bus ride turned into a coronavirus superspreader event
36 Mosquitoes cannot transmit the coronavirus: Study
37 Hospital admissions for non-COVID-19 have only partially rebounded and numbers for Hispanics lag
38 What to Know in Washington: Trump On Defense in Crucial States
39 Coronavirus Can Be Deadly for Young Adults, Too, Study Finds
40 Who Is Dying From Covid-19? Why?
41 Coronavirus updates: NYC diners back inside restaurants; North Carolina man accused of $6M PPP fraud; CDC to extend 'no-sail' order
42 This Is the Absolute Worst Soda You Should Never Drink
43 Spend Some Time With Your Pandemic Logbooks
44 Coronavirus: Death toll exceeds 1 million people worldwide
45 Fewer Americans receiving primary care
46 Physician burnout: Running on an empty tank
47 Coronavirus Shedding; Airborne Transmission: It's TTHealthWatch!
48 Number of Americans with a primary care provider declined 2% over a decade, new study shows
49 COVID-19 Update: Massive Layoffs At American and United Airlines; A Rolling Review of AstraZeneca Vaccine; and More
50 Climate change complacency in Europe | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
51 Why 'herd immunity' can't save us from COVID-19
52 What Benefits Can a Workplace Wellness Program Provide Employees?
53 US public concerns about COVID-19 pandemic
54 Seroprevalence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 in 10 US sites
55 If you have this COVID-19 complication, doctors may not be able to save you
56 Efficacy, safety of hydroxychloroquine vs placebo to prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection among health care
57 Risk score for critical illness in patients with COVID-19
58 New JAMA Network site offers daily insights on hot health care issues
59 JAMA editors name the journal's best articles of the decade
60 Can asymptomatic patients spread coronavirus? Here's what a new study reveals.
61 Morphine improves chronic breathlessness in patients with COPD
62 Exploring associations between ultraprocessed food consumption, type 2 diabetes
63 Assessment of deaths from COVID-19, seasonal influenza
64 9/30 update – "A wake-up call" – Over 1000 cases for second day in a row; September has highest number of deaths
65 Mental Health Consequences of COVID-19, Physical Distancing
66 Assessing telemedicine unreadiness among older adults during COVID-19 pandemic
67 ED Visits for Asthma, COPD Spike Before Thunderstorms Among Medicare Beneficiaries
68 Female Clinical Department Chairs Face $70,000 Pay Gap
69 Exclusion of older persons from vaccine, treatment trials for COVID-19
70 Combining behavioral, drug therapy improves overactive bladder symptoms
71 What other countries can learn from Italy during the COVID-19 pandemic
72 Consuming More Ultraprocessed Foods Tied to Higher T2D Risk
73 Quarter of Medicare members can't access telehealth visits, JAMA studies show
74 Prone positioning in awake, nonintubated patients with COVID-19 hypoxemic respiratory failure
75 Social mobility may decrease income-based life expectancy gap
76 Severely Ill Patients Will Sacrifice Lifespan to Avoid Death in ICU
77 Coronavirus morning recap: Phantom smells, faulty genes and update on travel
78 New data confirms emergency room volumes plummeted in months after COVID-19 pandemic began
79 Belén Garijo rises to the top at Merck KGaA amid exec board makeover
80 JAMA Journal Retracts Paper Linking Doctor Burnout to Patient Safety
81 JAMA Network
82 JAMA Internal Medicine: First International Real-world Data Analysis of Kidney Transplants Supports Redesigned System That Could Benefit Wait-listed Patients in US
83 Doctors need nutrition education, says commentary in JAMA Internal Medicine
84 JAMA Internal Medicine: Nearly 3,500 donated kidneys are discarded every year
85 Gender a Key Factor in Who Holds Endowed Chair Honors in Medicine
86 Diabetes Patients Shielded From Rising Insulin Prices?
87 Is there a link between thunderstorms and an increase in ER visits?
88 Which healthy lifestyle factors associated with more years free of chronic disease?
89 Thunderstorm Asthma Attacks Hit Well Before Storms Do
90 JAMA editorial slams FDA over adverse-event reporting
91 COVID-19 Scan for Aug 03, 2020 | CIDRAP
92 About 30% of COVID deaths may not be classified as such
93 12 Proven Health Benefits of Mindfulness
94 Contact tracing assessment of COVID-19 transmission dynamics in Taiwan
95 She's 33 and has battled Covid-19 for months. Her struggle is a warning for young adults.
96 Association of plant, animal protein with long-term mortality
97 Docs Say Bigoted Patients Poison the Workplace
98 Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Spend About $2,500 a Year in Health Care Costs
99 COVID-19 antibody levels vary widely in recovered patients
100 U.S. COVID-19 cases could be way beyond 'Official' count, study finds