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1 JCVI advises on COVID-19 vaccine for under 40-year-olds
2 Use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: JCVI statement, 7 May 2021
3 Use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 (AZD1222) vaccine: updated JCVI statement, 7 May 2021
4 JCVI gives green light for pregnant women to be offered Covid-19 vaccine
5 Coronavirus LIVE updates as government to make travel announcement
6 JCVI final statement on phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme: 13 April 2021
7 JCVI issues final guidance on phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccination programme
8 AstraZeneca alternative available to under 40s following revised JCVI guidance
9 AstraZeneca vaccine: Are you at risk of blood clots? JCVI issues new advice
10 Scientists split over advice on giving AstraZeneca jab to UK under-40s
11 UK updated advice from the Joint Committee on JCVI
12 Covid-19: Just one new case confirmed in North Wales
13 New advice on COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women in UK
14 Covid: Andy Burnham calls for Greater Manchester over-16s to have vaccine
15 Children 'left behind' in Covid-19 vaccination programme – JCVI expert
16 Vaccine immunity 'won't just disappear' in face of Covid variants – JCVI expert
17 Grant Shapps unveils Government's 'green list' of countries
18 Covid-19 vaccine update for North Wales from BCUHB
19 More than three quarters of adults in North Wales have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine
20 JCVI warning as none of vaccines work as well against new variants
21 Alternative to AstraZeneca will be offered to under 40s
22 Decision TOMORROW on whether AstraZeneca Covid vaccine is safe for under-40s amid blood clot fears...
23 People in 30s could be vaccinated next month, says JCVI
24 Great Western Hospital apology for wrong second Covid jab
25 Covid-19 booster could be given with flu jab in Northern Ireland
26 Latest Covid figures show two new cases recorded in Carmarthenshire
27 Scientists Create World's First Synthetic Organism That Can Undergo Cell Division & Grow
28 Alternatives to AstraZeneca vaccine for under 40s ‘could be considered’ amid rise in blood clots
29 'We will not be recommending vaccination in children unless there are good, solid reasons to do so' – JCVI's Prof Anthony Harnden
30 14 new Covid cases in Hywel Dda today, May 10
31 NHS to allow pregnant women to book specific Covid vaccines
32 How will covid-19 vaccine safety concerns impact vaccine confidence?
33 Rare blood clots from AstraZeneca vaccine mostly affect younger people
34 News in brief: People urged to continue getting Covid jabs despite blood clot concerns
35 People under 40 will be offered Pfizer vaccine
36 Pregnant women in UK to be offered coronavirus vaccine
37 Over 45s offered COVID-19 jab as NHS completes vaccine offer to 32m priority patients
38 GPs told to cancel planned AZ vaccinations of pregnant women
39 Tap into Ramadan's sacrificial spirit for a blessed, healthy Syawal
40 One further Covid-related death recorded Newry, Mourne and Down with Pfizer now recommended vaccine for under 40s
41 Covid vaccine: When will the over 35s in the UK get vaccinated?
42 Latest Covid-19 vaccine update from BCUHB: Progress, appeal to employees and variation in vaccination rates between local authority areas
43 Covid NI: No further coronavirus related deaths and 76 new cases recorded by DoH
44 Health chiefs will decide TOMORROW whether under-40s will get alternative to AstraZeneca's Covid jab
45 Covid vaccines for under-40s to start in six weeks as rollout proceeds in order of age
46 UK upgrades Indian mutation of coronavirus to 'variant of concern'
47 Covid-19: New cases recorded | News | Meirionnydd
48 Covid: No new cases in Carmarthenshire, latest figures show
49 SAGE finding could speed up Covid jabs in jails – insidetime & insideinformation
50 Covid vaccine schedule timeline: When YOU could get the jab
51 GPs can now vaccinate over-45s 'where supply permits', says NHS England
52 Claim to have hit vaccine target 'tenuous', says one of more than 100,000 eligible Scots without jag
53 Next phase of Covid vaccine rollout to begin this week
54 Scientist warns of Covid summer surge if behaviour changes 'too fast' post-lockdown
55 Why don't I get a choice over which coronavirus vaccine I get?
56 Covid prevalence drops across England with 1 in 1,180 infected
57 J. Craig Venter Institute Scientists to Investigate Role of Opioid Abuse in HIV and HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders Pathogenesis through $4.7M NIDA Grant
58 Concerns over vaccine 'queue jumping' at GP in Ombersley
59 Live Coronavirus latest news: Over half of UK now vaccinated, NHS figures show
60 Covid-19 vaccine bookings open in NI for 35-39 age group
61 Covid vaccine: Prioritise over 16s living with immunosuppressed adults, says JCVI
62 Third of adults in Wales have now received a two-dose course of a covid vaccine
63 How the JCVI sets who gets a covid-19 vaccine and when
64 First-dose COVID-19 vaccine supply on hold for further two weeks
65 Calls for mass prisoners' vaccination rejected despite JCVI recommendation – The Justice Gap
66 Prioritise homeless for COVID-19 vaccine says JCVI
67 Genes necessary for cell division in modern bacterial cells identified
68 Oxford jab 'could be banned for under-40s after blood clot reports double'
69 Covid-19 vaccine booking loophole raises fears some are skipping queue
70 Who is next on the priority list for Covid vaccines
71 AstraZeneca Northern Ireland: Blood clot death investigated for any possible link to vaccine... GP insists overwhelming majority 'don't need to worry'
72 LIVE UPDATES: Coronavirus
73 Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation: advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, 30 December 2020
74 Researchers could report on interchangeability of Covid vaccines by next month
75 Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 30 December 2020
76 Johnson & Johnson vaccine paused in EU over blood clot concerns
77 JCVI statement on use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine: 7 April 2021
78 Vaccination of adults living with individuals who are immunosuppressed
79 Devon enters next phase of Covid-19 vaccination programme
80 Few vaccinated elderly people struck by Covid three weeks after jab
81 No new coronavirus cases in Pembrokeshire or Ceredigion today, April 29
82 Use of one shot J&J jab under threat for under 30s in UK, as vaccinations paused worldwide
83 JCVI interim statement on phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme: 26 February 2021
84 JCVI strategy designed to save lives
85 JCVI confirms priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination
86 JCVI: Over-16s living with immunosuppressed adults should be prioritised for vaccine
87 Letter from the JCVI to the Health and Social Care Secretary: 23 February 2021
88 New JCVI advice on use of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine
89 All today's new Hywel Dda coronavirus cases are in Pembrokeshire
90 Optimising the COVID-19 vaccination programme for maximum short-term impact
91 Letter from the JCVI to the Health and Social Care Secretary on further considerations on phase 1 advice: 1 March 2021
92 Children could be vaccinated to prevent disruption to education – JCVI expert
93 Immunity from first dose of Covid-19 vaccine could be as low as 33%: JCVI deputy chair
94 Who will get Covid vaccine first? JCVI priority list explained, and when the Pfizer vaccine could be ready
95 Exclusive: JCVI Considering Delayed Jabs For Younger People Who've Had Covid
96 JCVI: updated interim advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination
97 Influenza A Virus Discovered in Heart Muscle Tissue Causing Damage Long After It Has Cleared from the Lungs
98 UK vaccine panel says under-30s should not receive Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
99 Scientists develop synthetic cell that grows and divides uniformly
100 When will I get the vaccine? JCVI to reveal second phase order of who will be offered jab