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1 Gboard 10.2 preps redesign for existing themes & screenshots in Clipboard, adds Spelling settings [APK Insight]
2 The Essential Android Books for IT Administrators and Developers
3 Google Phone app prepares to let you always record calls from numbers not in your contacts
4 Google Assistant prepares to let you pay for gas from your phone
5 Google preps Adaptive Sound for automatic speaker EQ on the Pixel 5
6 Google Duo may shut down in April for uncertified Android devices
7 Files by Google 1.0.345 prepares to add a Trash folder for restoring deleted files
8 Google Pay 2.118 confirms the old app will be replaced by the Flutter one
9 Google Photos 5.18 confirms premium editing features for Google One members
10 Android Auto 5.7 prepares to let you add a shortcut to a Google Assistant command
11 Google’s animation for ‘Battery Share’ in Android 11 DP3 tells us nothing new
12 Google Messages 6.7 prepares to let you automatically delete OTPs after 24 hours
13 Google Maps 10.53.1 prepares to add a language changer and Google Assistant driving mode
14 Google Recorder 2.0 from the Pixel 5 tests automated backups synced to Google Drive
15 Google Home 2.21 hints at in-app Android TV set-up process [APK Insight]
16 Digital Wellbeing preps “Heads Up” to stop you from using your phone while walking
17 Google Photos tests “Explore Map” to view your photos by location
18 The ASUS ROG Phone 3 has a hidden 160Hz refresh rate mode – Here’s how to activate it
19 MIUI 12 code hints at a Xiaomi foldable smartphone code-named “cetus”
20 Files by Google prepares to add a Favorites folder
21 Exclusive: Google is testing a low-latency gaming mode on its Android TV dongle, possibly for Stadia support
22 OnePlus preps Tilt-shift, Focus Peaking, Moon mode, and other camera features
23 Android 11 DP1: ‘Battery Share’ hints at Pixel 5 w/ reverse wireless charging, ‘redfin’
24 Here are the countries using Google and Apple’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing API
25 Here’s another look at Google’s Android TV dongle from the Android 11 Developer Preview
26 OnePlus Camera 5.4.23 hints at 64MP photo support, possibly for the OnePlus 8T
27 Google is preparing to let you use “Live Captions” during phone calls
28 The Google Pixel 4a “5G” and Pixel 5 show up in the latest Google App code, but not the Pixel 5 XL
29 Google Messages 5.7 preps reacting to messages, drawing on images [APK Insight]
30 Gboard 9.7 prepares new Google Assistant support, smart completions, and undo auto-correct on backspace
31 The next OnePlus Nord could have the new 5G Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor
32 Files by Google 1.0.315 tests a “Safe Folder” that hides and protects files with a 4-digit PIN
33 [Update: More images] OnePlus may be working on a feature to help you find public charging stations
34 [Update: Take screenshots] Android 11: ‘Columbus’ gives Pixels double-tap gesture for Assistant and more
35 Google Messages prepares end-to-end encryption for RCS, Google Fi integration, manual cloud restores
36 Google Phone 47 prepares to add “Flip to Silence” phone calls and answering with 1-way video
37 Amazon Prime Video preps a random episode button and choosing an audio language for downloads
38 Digital Wellbeing prepares to track your sleep, let you take Night Notes, and more
39 OnePlus Pods truly wireless earbuds show up in the Android 11 beta
40 OnePlus Camera 4.0.267 on the OnePlus 8 series adds video filters and prepares to add a “Smart Scene Enhancement” toggle
41 Pixel Stand 1.4 preps Google Home integration [APK Insight]
42 Google Messages to send iMessage-like reaction texts such as ‘Liked a photo’
43 Google Duo is working on invite links for group video and audio calls
44 Gboard 9.0 preps precise deleting, voice typing tweaks [APK Insight]
45 Gmail 2020.02.02 hints at Inbox-like ‘Bundles’ with ‘Labels’ and ‘Smartmail card’ [APK Insight]
46 Google Photos 4.46 prepares to show photo creations in Memories and adds further hints for premium photo editing features
47 Discord alpha hints at upcoming Pokémon GO collaboration, and surfacing COVID-19 channel
48 Google Lens tests a new “Education” mode for homework help and prepares to add offline translation support
49 [Update: Demo video] Google Phone 44 preps call recording and transcription [APK Insight]
50 MIUI Camera code suggests the Redmi K30 Pro may launch in India under the POCO brand
51 Google Keep 5.20 prepares to let you create drawings from the lockscreen
52 Google Play Games prepares to notify you of Google’s chosen Game of the Week
53 Google tests new double tap gestures in Android 11 for taking screenshots and opening recent apps, possibly for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 4
54 First Look at Nearby Sharing – Google’s AirDrop Clone for Android
55 Google app 10.95 preps unified Assistant settings list, dark theme tweaks [APK Insight]
56 YouTube prepares Bedtime Reminders and TikTok-like “Shorts”
57 Samsung Messages app is preparing Google Duo integration [APK Insight]
58 Android Auto 4.8 prepares persistent weather icon, more [APK Insight]
59 Latest Google app beta details how Assistant ‘hotword sensitivity’ will work
60 Google Translate 6.2 fixes ‘Tap to Translate’ on Android 10, preps ‘Continuous Translation’ [APK Insight]
61 Google Photos 4.26 preps ‘Manage your library’ page, new ‘Astro’ filter [APK Insight]
62 Google Home adds Nest Cam events in Feed, better Lighting shortcuts, and more
63 Google Camera 7.5 corroborates Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, hints at Audio Zoom, expanded Social Share, and more
64 [Update: Frequent Faces] Google Camera 7.1 preps ‘Dual Exposure’ controls, more [APK Insight]
65 Google Home 2.15 preps Nest Wifi support, Google Wifi migration, Stadia settings [APK Insight]
66 Google Phone 42 preps automatic call screening to block robocalls [APK Insight]
67 [Update: Auto-resume toggle] Android Auto 4.7 prepares hiding apps [APK Insight]
68 Exclusive: Google is working on a Face ID-like feature for Android Q
69 Google Camera 7.3 tweaks flash menu, hints at 24FPS video and Pixel 4a [APK Insight]
70 Google Duo 57 adds partial dark theme, direct photo gallery access for messaging [APK Insight]
71 Google app 10.41 preps device notifications in Ambient Mode, Alarms in At A Glance [APK Insight]
72 Gboard 8.7 adds more keyboard heights, handwriting speed and stroke settings [APK Insight]
73 Google’s Messages app tests floating conversation bubbles in Android 10
74 Pixel Tips confirms ‘Cards & Passes,’ automatic Call Screen, more [APK Insight]
75 Customizable car navigation icons are coming to Google Maps for Android [APK Insight]
76 Google app 10.83 preps in-app browser, Voice Match for Assistant headphones [APK Insight]
77 Fast Share, Google’s upcoming AirDrop-like service, gets renamed to Nearby Sharing ahead of release
78 [Update: Discover Interests] Google app 10.49 preps Android 10 Assistant gesture tutorial, Driving Mode dark theme
79 Google Tasks for Android hints at Hangouts Chat integration [APK Insight]
80 OnePlus Launcher 4.3.3 essentially confirms the Verizon OnePlus 8 with NFC wallpaper customization
81 Google Camera 6.3 preps ‘McFly mode,’ selfie tips, and Pixel 4 support [APK Insight]
82 Here’s what the Google Play Store’s in-app review system will look like [Gallery]
83 Google app 10.20 readies Assistant ‘Ambient Mode’ and ‘Brief your Assistant’ [APK Insight]
84 Future Android ‘system updates’ could be initiated from the Google Play Store [APK Insight]
85 AR Stickers 1.3 unbundles all included sticker packs, slimming app by 50 MB [APK Insight]
86 Google app 10.38 preps Pixel settings for Assistant, hints at possible Pixel 4 ‘kickstand’ case [APK Insight]
87 Google app 9.66 preps dark theme, ‘Assistant powered intelligent tips,’ Face Match training [APK Insight]
88 Google Camera 7.0 preps Motion Blur, AR Photobooth, and Audio Zoom [APK Insight]
89 Google Home 2.12.50 tweaks control dials, preps ‘Reactive UI’ for Nest Hub Max [APK Insight]
90 Codenames surface for Google ‘Pixel 4’ and ‘Pixel 4 XL’
91 Google Photos 4.21 hints at ‘Stories’ for ‘Memories,’ in-app Smart Display Photo Frame setup [APK Insight]
92 Exclusive: The Back Button may disappear in Google’s revamped gestures for Android Q
93 [Update: Clock Plugins] Google is working on lock screen clock customization in Android Q
94 [Update: Faster, offline voice typing live] Gboard 7.9 preps more Emoticons/Kaomoji, more [APK Insight]
95 YouTube Music 3.15 adds full, edge-to-edge adaptive icon [APK Insight]
96 Fuchsia Friday: The mystery of Dragonglass in Android, Chromium, and Fuchsia
97 Google Autofill tests biometric authentication for passwords and payments
98 Find My Device 2.4 prepares to add support for finding your Bluetooth Fast Pair accessories
99 Google Home 2.13.50 preps Nest device setup, hints at new Nest Mini [APK Insight]
100 Google Voice 2019.14 adds larger messages font, renames menus [APK Insight]