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1 Palestinians thwart arson attack on Jerusalem church
2 Thousands of anti-Netanyahu protesters in Jerusalem ahead of hearing regarding PM's corruption trial
3 Hundreds protest outside Israelí leader's Jerusalem home
4 Israel advances plans in sensitive east Jerusalem settlement
5 Jordan fears losing control over Muslim sites in Jerusalem
6 Czech Republic says it will open diplomatic office in Jerusalem
7 Portrait of Jerusalem in a pandemic
8 A murder in Tehran may signal elections in Jerusalem
9 Bahrain minister says he took a stroll around Jerusalem, felt its holy ‘spirit’
10 Jerusalem Jews and Arabs hack ideas for a better city
11 Citizenship in East Jerusalem now
12 Patriarch Pizzaballa makes solemn entry into the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
13 Jordan decries attempted arson attack on Gethsemane Church in Jerusalem
14 Thousands attend funeral of Mir Yeshiva rabbi, violating regulations
15 Ancient gold stash found in jug in Jerusalem
16 Al-Aqsa preacher hails Turkey's policy on Jerusalem
17 Rwanda mulls embassy move to Jerusalem
18 New patriarch of Jerusalem says he must listen a lot, pray a lot
19 Netanyahu welcomes Bahraini tourism minister in Jerusalem
20 First Jewish-Arab Hackathon in Jerusalem To Build Projects For the City
21 Fearing a Biden settlement freeze, Jerusalem expedites construction beyond Green Line
22 Netanyahu said to ask US for okay to advance East Jerusalem building plans
23 Man stabs three family members in domestic violence incident in Jerusalem
24 Saudi Arabia at Bahrain conference: Normalization with Israel possibility
25 UN speaks of Temple Mount as solely Muslim site, ignores Jewish ties
26 Police won’t be charged after East Jerusalem boy loses eye during raid
27 UAE sheikh to buy stake in Israel's ‘most racist team’ Beitar Jerusalem
28 Turkey’s Hamas-supporting regime is seeking to use Israel again
29 Crowns, crusaders and murder: On Jerusalem’s ramparts, tales of love and lust
30 Pandemic brings dark times to Jerusalem's Old City
31 Israeli Arab sector surpasses 100 murders since beginning of 2020
32 Magnitude 5.5 earthquake off Turkey's coast felt in Israel
33 Pfizer chairman 'unsure' if COVID vaccine prevents transmission to others
34 New coronavirus cases top 1,500, as cabinet prepares to meet
35 'Al-Aqsa Mosque is not in Jerusalem'
36 Israeli scientists warned: Iran could be watching you
37 156 UN nations affirm West Bank settlements, east J'lem not Israel
38 3000-year-old temple-era gold bead found by 9-year-old Jerusalem boy
39 Israel High Court authorises takeover of Palestinian land near Jerusalem
40 UCLA opens center to highlight Jewish music experience
41 Netanyahu preparing for official visit to Egypt
42 Israeli secular movement BINA to open centers across Israel
43 Thousand-year-old gold coins found in Jerusalem’s Old City
44 The Negev is key to our renewable energy future
45 LISTEN: Medieval poop chute exposed in renovations at Jerusalem's Tower of David
46 Residents try to jump from windows as fire engulfs Jerusalem residential complex
47 Snow covers the Hermon, temperatures drop to 0 degrees Celsius
48 Iran vows revenge after assassination of top nuclear scientist
49 Gem seal with face of Apollo on it found near Jerusalem's Western Wall
50 Like winning the lottery: Identical triplets born at Hadassah Hospital
51 A culinary journey through Jerusalem's street food scene
52 New Jerusalem angel tree program brightens needy students' Christmas with presents
53 Israeli research: People with asthma 30% less likely to contract COVID-19
54 Soho, Jerusalem: Huge plan puts old train station on track to be new city center
55 King David-era fort found in Israel's Golan Heights
56 Israel demands Amanpour apologize for comparing Kristallnacht and Trump
57 Storms rage across Israel, causing massive floods across the country
58 Israeli scientists claim to reverse aging process
59 Britain reports 15,539 new COVID cases, 397 deaths
60 Massive Israeli delegation heads to UAE GITEX trade show
61 High-school student attempts to preserve Vermont’s oldest Jewish cemetery
62 Criminal mischief on the Mesila
63 US raised prospect of blacklisting Yemen's Houthis
64 The Jerusalem Post: Israel, Ukraine free trade agreement to go into effect New Year's Day | KyivPost
65 Savor: Sababa’s Sunday Brunch with Jerusalem Bagels
66 Israel to legalize, regulate recreational cannabis market within 9 months
67 Oman and Jordan push peace, regional stability at Bahrain conference
68 Worldwide coronavirus death toll tops 1.5 million
69 How Hanukkah came to be an annual White House celebration
70 Missing Israeli soldier found dead near Jerusalem, military says
71 Hapoel Jerusalem on the chase to break Monaco's record in BCL
72 After Supreme Court ruling, New Yorkers go back to synagogue
73 Bahrain approves Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine
74 German court upholds ban on coronavirus demonstration
75 Will Netanyahu, Edelstein receive the coronavirus vaccine in public?
76 ARISE organizes digital conference for post-coronavirus world
77 US suspends exchange programs with China, calling them 'propaganda'
78 Federal student loan payments suspended until end of January
79 Trump signs anti-doping act into law
80 Jerusalem Syndrome: Tech leaders gush over the city's entrepreneurial spirit
81 Lebanon might seek int'l arbitration on maritime border with Israel
82 Smartphone-connected face mask designed in Romania
83 KT in Israel: A little India in Jerusalem's old city
84 US decision to withdraw troops dismays some Somalis
85 WATCH: Daveed Diggs’ new ‘Puppy for Hanukkah’ song
86 Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?
87 In Jerusalem's Old City, The Devout Adjust To Worship In The Coronavirus Era
88 Secret Satmar wedding bypasses COVID restrictions in NYC
89 Remnants of Ancient Palace Discovered in Jerusalem | Smart News
90 Why Jerusalem's ancient past is once again the battleground for its future
91 U.S. to allow ‘Israel’ to be listed on passports of Americans born in Jerusalem
92 Thousands protest in Jerusalem against Israeli PM
93 Israel hails news Dominican Republic may move embassy to Jerusalem
94 US issues first Israel birthplace passport to Jerusalem-born teen
95 Honduras hopes to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem by end of year
96 Jerusalem site reveals ancient Judean tax centre
97 Palestinians warn Israel-UAE deal imperils Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa mosque
98 Israel tightens quarantine in Jerusalem to halt virus spread
99 Exclusive: Israel builds new Jerusalem road that will link settlements as government weighs West Bank annexation
100 Dying in Jerusalem