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1 Jila Matos
2 Molecules in Flat Lands: an Entanglement Paradise
3 New Buff Innovator Insights podcast to spotlight faculty innovators
4 'Racist road rage' murder charge dropped as video shows self-defence | Witness
5 JILA Helps Design Alarms for Ventilators in the COVID-19 Pandemic | JILA
6 JILA's electric 'knob' tunes chemical reaction rates in quantum gas
7 Scientists develop new, faster method for seeking out dark matter
8 CU Boulder announces $2.5 million endowed chair in optics and photonics
9 New $115 million quantum systems accelerator to pioneer quantum technologies for discovery science
10 New $25-million center to advance quantum science and engineering
11 Now Hiring: The New Quantum Workforce
12 Jila Davoodi's Art Speaks to Change
13 What to Know if You're Teaching Physics Labs Remotely
14 ZEE Biskope to premiere Babli Ke Baraat on April 18
15 JILA's Ana Maria Rey wins Blavatnik Award | JILA
16 More Than 300 Prominent Iranian-Americans Write to President Biden, Urging Firm Policy Toward Tehran, Support for Iranians Seeking Freedom
17 Bigger and better 'tweezer clock' is super stable
18 New JILA atomic clock can outperform all predecessors
19 How A Group Of Tribal Women From MP Scripted History & Got Featured In Vogue Italy
20 CU Boulder physicists honored by National Academy of Inventors
21 CU Boulder, JILA and NIST remember Deborah Jin
22 JILA team demonstrates model system for distribution of more accurate time signals
23 Iran Moves Closer to Rejailing Female Rights Activist Over Criticism of Government
24 Family shattered by ‘avoidable’ death
25 New Boulder facility to help pave the way for quantum computers
26 JILA researchers see signs of interactive form of quantum matter
27 JILA, CIRES, NOAA researchers honored with 2018 Governor's Awards
28 Keeping up with the Curies: Laser scientists win prestigious physics award
29 CM launches 'Ek Jila Ek Utpad' scheme
30 Apollo 11's last working experiment on the moon | JILA
31 JILA team spots elusive intermediate compound in atmospheric chemistry
32 JILA's 3-D quantum gas atomic clock offers new dimensions in measurement
33 Next-Generation Atomic Clock Design Features Laser ‘Tweezer’ Control
34 CU home to numerous pathways to study space
35 It's a beauty: JILA's quantum crystal is now more valuable
36 JILA/NIST optical-lattice researcher Ana Maria Rey wins 2013 MacArthur Fellowship
37 Physicists Uncover Quantum Structure of Buckyballs
38 Getting better all the time: JILA strontium atomic clock sets new records
39 Ngurrara Rangers open scientists’ eyes to traditional knowledge of groundwater care
40 Nobel Prize-winning atomic research debuts in space
41 Lasers could lead to better understanding of neurodegenerative conditions
42 Weddings cancelled, planners stare at losses and debts
43 Iran's Jila Baniyaghoob on journalism, prison and Rouhani
44 Unwinding the mysteries of protein folding | Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine
45 Taking flight with ultracold atoms | CU Boulder Today
46 Deborah S. Jin Dies at 47; Physicist Studied Matter in Extreme Cold
47 'Liberated' Words: Iranian-Born Poet Swept From Censors' Office To Nobel Jury
48 Colorado labs had hefty economic impact in 2016 | CU Boulder Today
49 Remembering CU Boulder's Deborah Jin, A 'Giant' In Physics
50 Strontium Atomic Clock Most Precise Timekeeping Device Yet, Say Scientists | Physics
51 Photography Exhibition Gives Berliners a Rare Look at Tehran’s Legendary Modern Art Collection
52 Trapped Ions Test Fundamental Particle Physics
53 Open Call: Our Future With/Without Parks 2105
54 New Clock May End Time As We Know It
55 High level Dragon Ball FighterZ set in Season 3 features gameplay for Vegito, Bardock, Yamcha, Base Form Vegeta, and Android 21
56 Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture
57 Minister opens branch of Faizabad Jila Sahakari Bank
58 Jila Hille Song: Siddhartha-Ellie appeared in the new song of 'Jabariya Jodi'
59 BB School Cricket: Barisal Town School crushes Barisal Jila School by 277 runs
60 New atomic clock could keep accurate time until the world ends
61 Federal dollars spark aerospace, biotech, laser spin-offs
62 2017 ACT Architecture Awards
63 Crystalline supermirrors enhance spectroscopy for improved chemical kinetics understanding
64 Jila Champaran helmer Lal Babu Pandit`s new films announced