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Result Content Idea Research
1 JJDPA Reauthorization Passes Congress After 16 Years
2 Gov. Kelly makes appointments to her administration
3 With Cotton Support, JJDPA Reauthorization Seen As Possible This Year
4 Clear OJJDP Guidance Needed By States in Order to Implement JJDPA Updates
5 Advocates Focus on Conference Committee After JJDPA Reauthorization Passes Senate
6 OP-ED: Why the JJDPA Still Matters
7 Tom Cotton on the wrong side of juvenile delinquency act | R Street
8 States, Advocates Urge Caution as Federal Officials Consider New JJDPA Regulations
9 Budget cuts are hurting our children and their future
10 Sen. Cotton Blocks Move to Pass JJDPA Again
11 Business people
12 Congress’ chance to do right by America’s youth | TheHill
13 Gov. Kelly makes appointments to administrations
14 OJJDP Administrator's Words on Racial Disparities Shock Us
15 Rep. George Miller (D-CA) Tells BI Staff JJDPA Reauthorization is a "Priority"
16 Tom Cotton Lone Holdout on Juvenile Justice Reform Bill
17 National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Applauds Updated Law to Modernize and Improve Federal Juvenile Justice System
18 Trying to Fix America’s Broken Juvenile Justice System
19 Juvenile Injustice: OJJDP Dismantles Protections for Youth of Color in the Justice System
20 Federal Juvenile Justice Funding Declines Precipitously
21 NFL players sound off on criminal justice reform for young people
22 Juvenile justice reform finally clears its US Senate hurdle | R Street
23 Why the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Reauthorization Act Matters to Cities
24 Gov. Kelly appoints three residents to her administration
25 Juvenile Judges Council Not Sure What to Expect Under Trump Administration
26 Appeals Court Rules Against Criminalizing Truant Kids |
27 Jailing Vulnerable Youth for Status Offenses Help No One
28 The time is now to protect our youth
29 NAACP | Reauthorization of Juvenile Justice Legislation Passes Another Big Hurdle!
30 Children should not be sent to adult prisons | Opinion
31 As the 115th Congress Ends, Here Are the Important Civil Rights Battles We've Won
32 Thousands of Children On Probation Are Incarcerated Each Year for Nonviolent, Noncriminal Behaviors
33 Collective Decision-making Can Neutralize Politics of Fear
34 New Report Finds Incarceration for 'Status Offenses' Still Widespread
35 Youth Themselves Must Help Design Supports To Protect Them From Homelessness
36 How Do We Make Youth Homelessness Effort Bipartisan?
37 Smarter, cheaper, more effective approaches to juvenile justice
38 To Work On Youth Homelessness, Brainstorming, Decision Analysis Strong Tools
39 Vegas Lost: Nevada bills, local impact
40 Robertson prosecutor speaks on Senate panel
41 Local judge appointed to governor's council
42 Youth Residential Placement Population Reaches New Low Point in 2014
43 Youth Homelessness Is a Symptom, Not a Cause
44 So, How Does This Collective Decision-making Work?
45 Thousands of Youth Are Incarcerated for Low-Level Status Offenses and Technical Violations. This Needs to Stop.
46 Wisconsin Seeks Restoration Of Funds For Juvenile Justice Programs
47 NAACP | Bill improving young offenders passes the Congress!
48 The Steep Costs of Keeping Juveniles in Adult Prisons
49 Protecting Juvenile Offenders From Adult Inmates, and From Themselves
50 America's Biases Marginalize Youth, Drive Them to Homelessness
51 16 success stories for ABA advocacy during the 115th Congress
52 The Senate can make sure Kalief Browder's death was not in vain | TheHill
53 Juvenile Justice Experts Scrutinize OJJDP's Role
54 The sexual abuse to prison pipeline
55 Leadership Conference Priorities for the 116th Congress
56 Stop locking up teen girls for nonviolent offenses
57 Juvenile Criminal Defense: Not Just Kids' Stuff
58 Bill Announcement
59 We Need an Intersectional Approach to Juvenile Justice Reform
60 Coalition for Juvenile Justice, National Juvenile Justice Network Recognize 5 People
61 Can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Help Juvenile Offenders?
62 Sen. Cotton Blocking Juvenile Justice Update Bill from Conference Committee
63 Coalition for Juvenile Justice Conference Featured Listenbee, Others
64 Meet the Minneapolis Sixth Ward candidates, special election is August 11
65 OJJDP Is Simplifying Title II Work to Focus on DMC Reduction, Not Process
66 As Florida jails more kids than any other state, reform on table in Tallahassee
67 The Top Criminal Justice Wins of 2017
68 Groundbreaking Senate Hearing Shines a Light on the School-to-Prison Pipeline
69 Let Kalief Browder's Death Lead to Reform for Other Young People
70 When Running Away From Home Means Getting Locked Up
71 The Criminal Justice Reform That Could Actually Reach Obama's Desk
72 Sen. Cotton Stands In Way Of 99 U.S. Senators On Juvenile Justice Bill
73 How is Alabama working to help troubled youth become productive adults?
74 MacArthur Foundation Urges Major Changes in Juvenile Justice System
75 Webinars
76 What It Feels Like to Be a Teen in Solitary Confinement
77 Homelessness: issues by the numbers and how you can help
78 'My Fellow Americans'
79 Report Analyzes Native American Youth in the Adult Justice System
80 Philadelphia Man Goes from Murder to Mentor
81 Senator Tom Cotton Wants to Keep Kids in Jail