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1 Jackie Earle Haley's 10 Best Movies, According To IMDb
2 What The Alita: Battle Angel Cast Is Doing Now
3 'Shutter Island', 'Lincoln' actor Jackie Earle Haley: I use empathy as an entry point to understand my characters
4 DH Exclusive | There's something gripping about darker characters: Jackie Earle Haley
5 Jackie Earle Haley's 5 Best & 5 Worst Movies, According To IMDb
6 Why there hasn't been another Nightmare on Elm Street
7 Why Robert Englund Didn’t Return For The Nightmare On Elm Street Remake
8 Horoscopes July 14, 2020: Jackie Earle Haley, live in the moment.
9 A Nightmare On Elm Street: Why Heather Langenkamp Wasn't In The 2010 Remake
10 MILESTONES: July 14 birthdays for Jane Lynch, Jackie Earle Haley, Darrelle Revis
11 Who Was The Best Freddy Krueger? Robert Englund Vs. Jackie Earle Haley
12 This Day in Horror History: Happy Birthday Jackie Earle Haley
13 10 Ways Freddy Krueger Changed Over The Course Of A Nightmare On Elm Street
14 A Nightmare On Elm Street: 10 Freddy Krueger Facts Every Fan Should Know
15 American Black Film Festival Unveils 2020 Winners
16 The Change That Ruined Jackie Earle Haley's Freddy Krueger
17 Exploring New Skills: San Antonio Actor Jackie Earle Haley On What It Took to Become a Gigantic Cyborg in Alita: Battle Angel
18 The Worst Movie Ever Made, According To Jackie Earle Haley
19 The Tick Interview: Jackie Earle Haley | Screen Rant
20 Watchmen Actor Criticizes How Superhero Shows Handle Killing
21 Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley Just Joined Another Comic Book Franchise
22 Jackie Earle Haley felt right at home directing his first film, 'Criminal Activities'
23 Actor Jackie Earle Haley supports the Spurs at Sundance
24 ‘New Girl’s Lamorne Morris, Alisha Wainwright, Haley Joel Osment & Jackie Earle Haley To Star In ‘Death of a Telemarketer’ Comedy
25 The Highest Grossing Horror Movie Remakes
26 Film News Roundup: Lamorne Morris, Jackie Earle Haley Join ‘Death of a Telemarketer’
27 Carla Gugino’s 10 Best Film & TV Roles, According To IMDb
28 San Antonio’s wickedest star Jackie Earle Haley tickles in Amazon’s ‘The Tick’
29 Jackie Earle Haley: "I'm Perfectly Fine Being Freddy Krueger Number Two"
30 James Cameron's 'Alita: Battle Angel' Casts Jackie Earle Haley (Exclusive)
31 Jackie Earle Haley: 'Bad News' to Oscar Gold
32 Englund ready to see someone up the ante with Freddy Krueger
33 Jackie Earle Haley talks 'Criminal Activities'
34 Jackie Earle Haley's Name Is Attached To A Pair Of Intriguing Gigs
35 Robert Englund would love to voice Freddy Krueger in an animated Nightmare on Elm Street project
36 Why There Were No Watchmen Sequels, According To Jackie Earle Haley
37 Jackie Earle Haley Did Mo-Cap For Alita | Screen Rant
38 10 Years Later: Exploring the Good, Bad and Ugly of the 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Remake
39 5 Horror Reboots Fans Loved (& 5 That Missed The Mark)
40 Jackie Earle Haley Replaces Joaquin Phoenix As The Joker In New Image
41 10 Things You Didn’t Know About A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)
42 Jackie Earle Haley's thrilled to be back acting
43 Actor Jackie Earle Haley Hopes "The Birth of a Nation" Helps Us Heal
44 10 Behind The Scenes Facts About The Making Of A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)
45 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Netflix Series Is Not Happening, But the 2010 Movie is on Netflix
46 Peter Serafinowicz, Jackie Earle Haley and Griffin Newman on 'The Tick' and “Sassy Trump”
47 Jackie Earle Haley on shooting 'Criminal Activities' in Cleveland
48 Bad News Bears' Jackie Earle Haley to preview new movie "Criminal Activities" in San Antonio
49 Jackie Earle Haley on Bad News Bears, Watchmen, Dark Shadows, and drinking with Danny Bonaduce
50 Jackie Earle Haley Gets Villainous In 'Alita: Battle Angel'
51 Also-rans: They're just as good!
52 FILM REVIEW: The 2020 American Black Film Festival – Goes Virtual
53 ‘Breaking Away’ was this actor’s breakout role. Fans say it changed their lives, too
54 Today in History: July 14
55 Alita: Battle Angel 2: Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz talk on imminent sequel
56 Jackie Earle Haley May Play This Key Suicide Squad Role
57 Jackie Earle Haley Shares Why He Believes There Wasn't A 'Watchmen' Sequel
58 ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Sequel Lands Jackie Earle Haley As First New Cast Member (Exclusive)
59 What The Nightmare On Elm Street Remake Got So Wrong
60 Jackie Earle Haley To Spielberg's 'Lincoln'
61 Netflix Movies: 6 Horror Flicks Leaving in April You Need to Watch
62 Jackie Earle Haley On Set Interview A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET
63 Alita: Battle Angel 2 updates: Is the sequel happening? What we know so far
64 Is Jackie Earle Haley Joining The Batman?
65 Jackie Earle Haley Joins The Cast Of ‘Robocop,’ Jay Baruchel Circling Role
66 How Robert Englund prepared to play Freddy
67 The Dark Tower Added Jackie Earle Haley In A Role You Might Not Remember
68 Jackie Earle Haley: Freddy Krueger Makeup Was Killer
69 'Nightmare On Elm Street' Star Jackie Earle Haley Defends New Freddy
70 This Is What Jackie Earle Haley Might Look Like as the Joker
71 Jackie Earle Haley Jumps From Rorschach to Freddy
72 Nightmare on Elm Street’s Remake Missed A Perfect Freddy Krueger Retcon
73 Jackie Earle Haley Will Direct 'Criminal Activites' –
74 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Remake Now Streaming on Netflix
75 How Nightmare On Elm Street Killed The 2000s Horror Movie Remake Trend
76 DC Fan Art Paints Jackie Earle Haley As The Joker
77 Jackie Earle Haley Photos, News, and Videos
78 Robert Englund Thinks 2010 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Remake Was Premature
79 Jackie Earle Haley describes first nerdgasm (and Freddy Krueger's makeup as a 'total b----')
80 Elijah Wood Is Still Game To Do A New Nightmare On Elm Street Movie, On One Condition
81 Watchmen's Jackie Earle Haley Joins The Tick and The Dark Tower
82 Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger actor wants a queer remake
83 Jackie Earle Haley Revives Freddy Krueger in New Nightmare
84 With Baseball Benched, These Movies Make Good Relievers
85 Jackie Earle Haley Auditioned for Batman vs. Superman
86 Nightmare on Elm Street: Englund Almost Didn’t Play Freddy in Sequels
87 Movie review: ‘Watchmen’ (Jackie Earle Haley, Malin Akerman)
88 'Watchmen': The Reason HBO's Series Ignores the 2009 Movie
89 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Reboot Failure
90 24th Annual American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Friday, August 21, 2020 | The Crusader Newspaper Group
91 New Clip from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET Starring Jackie Earle Haley
92 Baseball Movies: 'The Bad News Bears' (1976) with Tatum O'Neal and Walter...
93 Jackie Earle Haley Joins ROBOCOP; Jay Baruchel Circling a Role
94 Jackie Earle Haley Has Joined The Cast Of James Cameron's 'Alita: Battle Angel'
95 Jackie Earle Haley aces Rorschach test in Watchmen
96 Wynton Marsalis, Jackie Earle Haley Channel Louis Armstrong
97 Cycling movie 'Breaking Away' is a sports classic
98 [Horror Queers Podcast] A Talented Cast Can't Save the Misguided 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Remake
99 Rosa Salazar takes on Jackie Earle Haley in Alita: Battle Angel clip
100 Suicide Squad Wants Jackie Earle Haley as the Thinker?