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1 It Didn't Take Long for Joe Biden to Betray the Labor Movement
2 Ecuador's Likely Next President, Andrés Arauz, Talks to Jacobin
3 State Sen. Julia Salazar on How Socialist Legislators Are Standing Up to Andrew Cuomo
4 It's Looking Like the Department of Justice Under Biden Will Have Major Influence from Corporate Law
5 Millions of Texans Are Freezing Right Now — Our Deregulated Electrical Grid Is to Blame
6 When Poland's Unrepentant Stalinists Defended Their Regime
7 How Anton Pannekoek Planned to Storm the Heavens
8 Reading Edmund Burke Shows That Conservatism Is All About Defending Traditional Hierarchies
9 We Can't Go Back to a Golden Age of Capitalism Jacobin #1
10 Ghostbusters Afterlife: Slimer on Coke, Muncher on Zoloft
11 Judas and the Black Messiah Actually Does Fred Hampton Justice
12 The PRO Act Is the Most Ambitious Labor Law Reform Bill in Generations
13 The GameStop Bubble Is a Lesson in the Absurdity and Uselessness of the Stock Market
14 The Politics of a Second Gilded Age
15 The Alabama Amazon Union Drive Could Be the Most Important Labor Fight in the South in Decades
16 Philip Levine Was a Poet of the Working Class
17 An Interview With Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes
18 Jacobin magazine downplays Democrats' impeachment debacle
19 How a Russian Nationalist Named Alexei Navalny Became a Liberal Hero
20 Social Housing Is Becoming a Mainstream Policy Goal in the US
21 The Lincoln Project and Andrew Cuomo Are Media-Created Monsters
22 El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Has Blood on His Hands
23 The Queen's Gambit Is a Merciless Takedown of Hollywood Anti-Communism
24 The Chicago Teachers Union's Karen Lewis Dared Us to Believe We Could Win
25 Perhaps We Should Regulate Deranged Billionaires Like Elon Musk
26 Pete Buttigieg Is Bootleg Obama in the Worst Ways Possible
27 How Cuba Survived and Surprised in a Post-Soviet World
28 The Left Should Oppose Censorship by Big Tech Companies
29 When Bulgarian Peasants Read Karl Kautsky
30 The Biden Administration Is the Californication of the Democratic Party
31 The Socialism of Oscar Wilde — Jacobin
32 The Labor Feminism of 9to5 Should Guide Our Organizing Today
33 Joe Biden Should Tell Amazon's Workers They're Stronger With a Union
34 How to End the GOP's Attacks on State-Level Democracy
35 Rihanna Is Right About the Importance of India's Massive Farmer Protests
36 The Danger Posed by the Far Right to AOC and the Squad Is Very Real
37 It Would Be Great if the United States Were Actually a Democracy
38 Delete Your Fake Account
39 Why the Uprising in Belarus Failed
40 American Workers Aren't Striking
41 Everything You Always Wanted to Know about QAnon But Were Too Weirded Out to Ask
42 To Defeat the Radical Right, End American Empire
43 Amazon's Anti-Union Drive Shows Why US Labor Law Is Broken
44 On the Daily Show
45 Jacob Lawrence Went Beyond the Constraints of a Segregated Art World
46 Jeff Bezos: Your Legacy Is Exploitation
47 John Sweeney Was Our Era's Most Influential Labor Leader
48 The New “University Police” Shows Greece's Authoritarian Turn
49 Flaws and All, You Should Watch Judas and the Black Messiah
50 The Australian Facebook News Ban Isn't About Democracy — It's a Battle Between Two Rival Monopolies
51 Emmanuel Macron's Government Is Mounting a Witch Hunt Against “Islamo-Leftism” in France's Universities
52 Rush Limbaugh Was a Repulsive Demagogue
53 Italy's New Technocratic Government Is an Insult to Democracy
54 How Mexico Reshaped the Global Economy
55 A Key Fight Against Criminalizing Homelessness Is Playing Out in Austin, Texas
56 Texas's Energy Crisis Shows Why We Need to Reform Our Privatized Energy System
57 Joe Biden Spread COVID Misinformation in Last Night's Town Hall. The Media Praised Him for It.
58 Why the Democrats Tied Themselves in Knots During Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial
59 Teachers and Their Unions Are Demanding Truly Safe Schools Reopening — Not “Ignoring Science”
60 Myanmar's Labor Movement Is Central to the Fight Against Authoritarianism
61 Joe Biden's Climate Policies Are a Step Back From “Death Wish.” But We Need More Than That.
62 The Energy Policy Culture War Is an Absurd Fantasy
63 Ecuador's Election Was a Massive Repudiation of Neoliberalism
64 School Districts Around the United States Lack Any Real Regard for Educators' Lives
65 Curt Sørensen (1938–2021)
66 Catalan Independence Can't Win Without Broad Working-Class Support
67 Italy's “National Unity” Government Is the Cutting Edge of Post-Democratic Governance
68 Understanding the Right-Wing Political Ecosystem
69 Corporations Are Making Billions in Profits — Yet American Workers Have No Paid Sick Leave
70 Capitalist Finance Is Incompatible With a Free Press
71 Gahela Cari: “In Peru, People are Questioning the System”
72 How Israel Uses Africa to Try to Whitewash Apartheid
73 Cut the Military Budget and Give Us $2,000 Checks With the Money
74 Workers Should Take Back Control of Their Pension Funds
75 If Joe Biden Moves Left, You Can Thank the Left
76 As Japan Prepares for the Postponed Olympics, a Conservative Old Guard Is Dragging the Country Down
77 Happy Birthday
78 Union Dues Are About Building Democratic, Self-Sustaining, Working-Class Organizations
79 Ten Jacobin Articles That Shaped My Thinking
80 Private Equity's Ownership of Nursing Homes Is Killing Senior Citizens
81 Slavoj Žižek: We Need a Socialist Reset, Not a Corporate “Great Reset”
82 The Revolutionary Humanism of Frantz Fanon
83 The Washington Riot Was a Defeat for the Far Right, Not a Triumph
84 Jacobinmag When Joe Biden Takes the White House, What's Next for the Left?
85 How Sci-Fi Shaped Socialism
86 We Underestimate the Far Right at Our Own Peril
87 How CLR James Wrote the Definitive History of the Haitian Revolution
88 The Extreme Center Is Waging War on the Left
89 Don't Study Collective Action Alone: Ten Years of Jacobin
90 The Socialism of James Baldwin Jacobin #1
91 John Lennon and the Politics of the New Left
92 Jacobin Hating, American Style
93 Leo Panitch and the Socialist Project
94 Trump Is a Threat to Democracy. But That Doesn't Mean He's Winning.
95 Noam Chomsky: Fight the Class Struggle or Get it in the Neck
96 Get Ready to Fight Joe Biden Jacobin #1
97 Why the Dutch Socialist Party Is in Crisis
98 To Understand Capitalism, We Have to Understand Shipping and Oil
99 The Police Enabled the Far-Right Mob That Violently Stormed the Capitol Building
100 Alberta's Jason Kenney Bet the Political Farm on Keystone XL — and Lost