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Result Content Idea Research
1 How state aid became a Brexit deal-breaker
2 After one year of the 'geopolitical' Commission it's time to get real
3 Calendrier du 21 septembre au 27 septembre 2020
4 Jacques Delors, best wishes from Belgrade!
5 Brian Feeney: Boris Johnson's bill is a sign of weakness and desperation
6 Neale Richmond: Brexit was no one hit wonder
7 World Trade Organization in disarray and leaderless, as Azevedo steps down
8 Why failure to secure a trade deal with the EU would leave the Union more unstable than ever
9 Party conferences are in urgent need of a change. But moving online isn't it
10 JOHN KAMPFNER: Germany does do things better
11 EU confession: How euro architect Jacques Delors admitted single currency was doomed
12 Epidemic infects Europe with 'germ of division'
13 EU on brink: Coronavirus a ‘mortal danger’ to Brussels bloc – dire warning
14 Coronavirus could be final straw for EU, European experts warn
15 Delors bonds as new EU borrowing instruments
16 Europe after COVID
17 Article by young Boris Johnson helped inspire Thatcher's 'No, no, no'
18 ICC speaks with Geneviève Pons on the alignment of trade and climate policy
19 How the EU can emerge from coronavirus stronger – and greener
20 Jacques Delors foresaw the perils of austerity. How we need his wisdom now
21 A green and innovative recovery –
22 How one man changed how British politicians felt about Europe – forever
23 Calendrier du 13 juillet au 19 juillet 2020
24 The COVID-19 crisis: An opportunity for more integration?
25 Jacques Delors: Britain could leave the European Union
26 Euro doomed from start, says Jacques Delors
27 Avanti, von der Leyen! –
28 Coronavirus Reopens Europe’s Old Division
29 EU Once Again Proves the Doomsayers Wrong
30 Ursula von der Leyen’s disaster management
31 With a Shrug and Some Sorrow, Europeans Bid Farewell to EU Member Britain
32 Britain's EU Journey: When Thatcher turned all euroskeptic
33 The EU’s recovery fund revives a debate on common taxes
34 Covid-19 Has Reestablished the Power of Europe's Nat'l Governments
35 Time for EU to quit crisis stumble
36 Merkel claims deeper EU integration will solve rows over bond-buying
37 Restoring a Europe built on values for its youth
38 EU Green Deal 'hangs on social justice and innovation' warns think-tank
39 A net-zero emissions future to guide Europe through turbulent economic times
40 Straining the ties that bind the eurozone
41 Covid-19: EU Commission recovery proposal expected by end of May
42 A Pandemic Solidarity Instrument for the EU | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
43 How does the 'unidentified political object' that is the European Union really work?
44 Eastern hope survives in EU’s coronavirus gloom
45 Summit cut health & research, despite second-wave fear
46 Healing the rift in Europe’s single currency
47 COVIDcast: The future of globalisation
48 European Call: 3 solutions for climate and jobs
49 Germany Takes Over EU Presidency at Challenging Time
50 Stumbling into its moment of truth: the EU's debate over its economic response to covid-19
51 Waiting for Europe…
52 EU snub: How Boris Johnson savaged former European Commission President
53 EU at risk: Warning bloc faces collapse of power after coronavirus due to furious row
54 EU project in ‘mortal danger’ if Italy and Spain are abandoned
55 The euro area in the age of COVID-19 | VOX, CEPR Policy Portal
56 Calendrier du 15 juin au 21 juin 2020
57 Delors: after power
58 Margaret Thatcher’s Battle Over Europe
59 Will Europe's Recovery Fund Cause More Problems for the EU?
60 Coronavirus could hit defense spending and spark NATO tensions once again
61 Exclusive: Former EU chief Delors says Britain is good for Europe
62 The truth about European solidarity during corona
63 Is the Franco-German recovery plan a game-changer?
64 Coronavirus crisis: How to win the second half
65 EU BOMBSHELL: How euro architect claimed single currency was FLAWED from beginning
66 The Brief
67 Europe: Heading for a Fight
68 Macron and Merkel Deliver an $859 Billion Breakthrough
69 Could coronavirus lead to Frexit?
70 Italian EU minister: No country questions the need for debt issuance
71 Why Britain Brexited
72 Coronabonds for a Europe of solidarity, not charity
73 Recovery plan slammed for failing to tackle climate crisis
74 Mavericks to mainstream: The long campaign for Brexit
75 EU Green Deal can help set the tone for CEOs in Davos
76 From collegiality to Iron Towers
77 German lawmakers turn sights on Bundesbank to get to ECB
78 Eurozone chiefs look to €410bn bailout fund for help
79 How Thatcher’s Bruges speech put Britain on the road to Brexit
80 Europe represents a cohesive economic market based around the euro
81 No, Trump did not ban travel from 'Europe'
82 Covid-19 exposes shortfalls of Europe's digital transition
83 The strange thing is not that Britain is leaving the EU – it’s that we ever joined
84 The European Union is an opportunity and a struggle
85 EU fails to settle rifts over size and shape of 'recovery fund'
86 The ins and outs of Brexit – in pictures
87 Remembering the G7 Summit held at Rice University 30 years ago
88 Delors’ accent drew no complaints
89 Tensions over virus response expose deep rifts among EU member nations
90 Diplomats warn over heady vision of future UK-EU relationship
91 Brexit: a "no deal" crash-out is becoming less likely
92 How a dining club briefly took over the EU
93 A Pandemic in Search of an Establishment
94 The EU’s leaders have agreed on a €750bn covid-19 recovery package
95 Lord Empey: John Hume was a towering figure of Irish nationalism who used politics to progress, not force
96 Sébastien Maillard appointed new director of the Jacques Delors Institute
97 “There are no winners or losers when we establish the EU budget,” says Iratxe García
98 Britain’s Brexit boosterism masks slow progress in talks with EU
99 State of Play on the EU Budget
100 EU fury: How bloc ‘IGNORED Britain’s plan to save euro’