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1 Tiny Brains Don’t Stop These Birds From Having a Complex Society
2 Small-brained birds live in surprisingly complex societies
3 Discovery of Birds With a Complex Society Shows Mammals Aren't as Unique as We Thought
4 Paw control: Squirrels with hand preference ‘less efficient at learning new tasks’
5 These Beautiful Blue Turkey-Like Birds Have Tiny Brains and Huge Social Networks
6 Want to save lives in mass shootings? Ban large-capacity magazines, researchers say
7 White Pelicans arrive in yearly migration | News
8 Faculty Profiles | Faculty and Research | Teachers College, Columbia University
9 Republican and Democratic Lawmakers Get Facts Wrong on Gun Policy
10 The Gun Debate
11 Do Armed Guards Prevent School Shootings?
12 Taking Gun Control to the People After Parkland
13 Impact on the collective behavior of animal groups
14 'Assault Weapons,' Explained –
15 Dems Use Mass Shootings as Pretext for Gun Confiscation
16 Tragic shootings have school safety at top of conversation
17 Jordan Candler: Dems Coalescing Around Second Amendment Elimination
18 Gun owners and Republicans don’t really want concealed carry reciprocity bill | TheHill
19 The Idiot Jihadist Next Door
20 NRA's Dana Loesch Calls Out Broward County Sheriff's Office For "Dereliction Of Duty"
21 How to Think About WikiLeaks
22 WATCH: Crystal Griner & David Bailey Honored as Heroes