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1 Nobel laureate gives virtual lecture to faculty of science
2 Princeton's James Peebles receives Nobel Prize in Physics
3 Nobel Prize in Physics: James Peebles, master of the universe, shares award
4 James E. Peebles *62's Guided Tour Through Cosmology
5 Jim Peebles Richly Deserved His Nobel Prize
6 Cosmology, research and teaching with Nobel laureate Jim Peebles
7 Physicist James Peebles on the Charm of the Unknown | New Jersey Monthly
8 The Laureate: Why Jim Peebles *62 Got the Nobel Prize
9 Daily briefing: Why protests haven't lead to a surge in COVID-19
11 Professor Emeritus James Peebles GS '62 awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
12 Warm Springs Intermediate
13 Q&A with Professor Emeritus James Peebles GS '62, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physics
14 Nobel Prize in Physics to James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz
15 Physics Nobel honors architect of modern cosmology, discoverers of other worlds
16 Princeton University prof James Peebles receives 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
17 Nobel Prize laureates — including Winnipeg-born James Peebles — urge action on climate change
18 An evening with Nobel Laureate Dr. Jim Peebles
19 Manitoba-born James Peebles, 2 others awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
20 Hear from Canadian-born cosmologist James Peebles about his Nobel Prize
21 The 2019 Nobel Prize winners
22 Manitoba-born Nobel Prize winner to speak at Manitoba Museum event
23 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Studies of Earth’s Place in the Universe
24 Nobel Laureate James Peebles Dislikes The 'Big Bang' Theory
25 We can learn something from this year’s Nobel Prizes: Humility
26 James Peebles, Didier Queloz and Michael Mayor Win 2019 Physics Nobel Prize
27 A look at Canadian-born Nobel physicist James Peebles
28 Top cosmologist's lonely battle against 'Big Bang' theory
29 Science Public Online Talks
30 Canadian-born James Peebles wins Nobel prize in physics
31 Peebles *62, Princeton's Newest Laureate, Reflects on his Path to a Nobel
32 Nobel prize winner James Peebles fights a lonely battle against the 'Big Bang theory'
33 Canadian-born scientist James Peebles wins Nobel Prize in physics
34 Exploring the Cosmos with Nobel Laureates
35 Nobel honors pioneers in cosmology and exoplanets
36 The 'Dark' Legacy of Nobel Prize Winner Jim Peebles
37 Manitoba-born James Peebles wins Nobel Prize
38 Physics Nobel awarded for discoveries about the universe’s evolution and exoplanets
39 James Peebles, Michel Mayor & Didier Queloz Get Nobel Prize for Understanding Evolution of Universe
40 UM alumnus wins Nobel Prize in Physics
41 Nobel Prize ceremony honours Manitoba-born scientist
42 A Well-Deserved Physics Nobel
43 Three Win Physics Nobel for Showing Our Place in the Cosmos
44 Three Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Physics For Astronomical Discoveries
45 Cosmology and Exoplanets Win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
46 Nobel-Winning Scientist: I Have No Idea if the Big Bang Happened
47 Oct. 8, 2019: Peebles *62 Wins Physics Nobel; Milley '80 Sworn In as Joint Chiefs Chair
48 James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz win 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics
49 Scientists who discovered an exoplanet win Nobel Prize for Physics
50 Why Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Universally Oppose Moving to Mars
51 2019 Physics Nobel awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in cosmology
52 Peebles shops celebrate reopening after 3 months of lockdown
53 Princeton University physics professor emeritus wins Nobel Prize
54 The Galaxy That Grew Up Too Fast
55 Exoplanet researchers welcome 'cataclysmic' Nobel-prize announcement
56 Canadian Physicist Wins 2019 Nobel Prize
57 2019 Nobel Laureates photos: Abhijit Banerjee to James Peebles & Abiy Ahmed Ali; check out the full list here
58 Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Contributions to Cosmology
59 Winnipeg-born physicist wins Nobel Prize: 'I like looking at the world around us'
60 200 Celebrities Sign a Letter Saying "No to the Return to Normal"
61 Nobel at Noon: Physics
62 Nobel prize in physics for discovery of exoplanet orbiting a star
63 Daily briefing: How biological advances have changed who we think we are
64 That time when … a Nobel Prize winner gave me a scholarship
65 Physics Nobel awarded for Big Bang-related theory and exoplanet discovery
66 Nobel winner Gregg Semenza uses his platform to advocate for basic science research
67 3 scientists share 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
68 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to trio for ‘groundbreaking discoveries’ about the universe
69 3 Scientists Win Physics Nobel For Work On The Universe's Evolution
70 SPOT on – new science public online talk series launches
71 True Crime: The 1950 Polo Grounds slaying of a Giants fan
72 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Dark Matter and Exoplanet Discoveries
73 Nobel Prize in Physics
74 Family, Regina police search for Dayton James Peebles, missing since June 27
75 ‘Stuff of which dreams are made:’ Physical cosmology looks to explain the universe
76 Nobel Prize Physics Laureate on Colonizing Another Planet: ‘It’s Completely Crazy’
77 Immigrant Nobel Prize Winners Keep Leading The Way For America
78 Top stories of 2019
79 Eleanor Kenny | News, Sports, Jobs
80 In Praise of Lumpy Gravy From the Cosmic Kitchen
81 Regina police is seeking help locating James Peebles
82 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Cosmology, Exoplanet Researchers
83 What to Stream: “The Story of a Three-Day Pass,” a Precursor to Spike Lee’s “Da 5 Bloods”
84 Physics Nobel Prize Invites Snark from the Anti-ID Peanut Gallery
85 Before Nobel, physicist won over Mumbai
86 Regina police locate missing man Dayton Peebles
87 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for discovery of dark matter, exoplanets
88 Hay Festival Digital Earns 210K+ Streams Over Opening Weekend
89 American And Swiss Scientists To Share Nobel Prize In Physics
90 Nobel Prize in Physics for two breakthroughs: Evidence for the Big Bang and a way to find exoplanets
91 Students, faculty remember Peebles Elementary School
92 Science of far-away planets and infant universe wins Nobel prize
93 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for cosmology and exoplanet breakthroughs
94 Scientists behind major cosmic finds named as Nobel winners
95 Science’s Most Prestigious Prize Awarded For Biggest Questions
96 Nobel Prize in Chemistry awarded to trio for development of lithium-ion batteries
97 Meet the 2019 Nobel Prize Winners
98 A Dazzling Quarter Century of Exoplanet Discovery
99 The Evolution of the Universe
100 Swiss and Canadian-American scientists win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics