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Result Content Idea Research
1 Java InfoQ Trends Report—September 2020
2 Use the Struts jQuery plugin to simplify Ajax request cycles
3 Simple file uploads with Java Servlets and JSPs example
4 The Java EE Guardians Rebrand as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors
5 Amid Growth in Cloud Native Enterprise Java Adoption, Eclipse Foundation Announces Results of 2020 Jakarta EE Developer Survey and Jakarta EE 9 Milestone Release
6 Java EE Guardians become Jakarta EE Ambassadors
7 Meteoric Growth of Jakarta EE
8 The Apache Struts Hello World example
9 Where Do Programming Languages Go to Die?
10 The Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan
11 Java EE 8 is here: What you need to know
12 Apache NetBeans Update Adds JDK 14 Support, Java EE Features, New Dark Looks
13 Java finally goes all in on open source with the Jakarta EE 8 release
14 A deep dive into the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan
15 Exit the Java EE Guardians; Enter the Jakarta EE Ambassadors
16 Jakarta EE 9
17 Looking Back on 20 Years of Enterprise Java
18 Jakarta EE 8: A critical examination of the first Java-EE successor
19 Eclipse Jakarta EE 9 Reaches Milestone 1 -- ADTmag
20 Java EE Specifications Renamed Jakarta EE
21 Jakarta EE 9 – signs point to a big bang
22 Oracle: Eclipse can’t use Java EE trademarks
23 Oracle doesn't want Java EE any more
24 Unwanted by Oracle, Java EE gets adopted by Eclipse
25 Java at 20: Ready for life in the cloud
26 Good-bye JEE, hello Jakarta EE
27 Eclipse takes over all Java EE reference components
28 The Eclipse Foundation releases Jakarta EE 8, the first truly open-source, vendor-neutral Java EE
29 EE4J: Eclipse’s replacement for Java EE unveiled
30 NetBeans 11.1 adds Java EE 8 support
31 Eclipse Foundation Releases 2020 Jakarta/Java Survey Findings
32 What Does Jakarta EE Mean for the Future of the Java EE Guardians?
33 Alive and kicking: Java-IDE Apache NetBeans hits 12.0 • DEVCLASS
34 Java EE Is Moving to the Eclipse Foundation -- ADTmag
35 JDK's Move To GitHub Getting Close
36 J2EE and JavaEE are Gone. Enterprise Java is Now Called Jakarta EE
37 Java Choices Explored
38 Where does Java in the enterprise go from here?
39 Jakarta EE 8 – a new age of enterprise Java is upon us
40 What should developers use? Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, or maybe all of them!
41 Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 Released -- ADTmag
42 Java EE Name Change To Jakarta EE -- ADTmag
43 Hey, We're Open Source Again! Eclipse Unveils Jakarta EE 8
44 Jakarta EE negotiations between Oracle and Eclipse hits a roadblock
45 The future looks good for Java EE — 4 experts weigh in
46 The Opportunity in App Modernization
47 Java EE renamed to Jakarta EE
48 Java programming language celebrates 25 years
49 Apache NetBeans 11.1 released: New Java EE 8 enhancements
50 "Java EE 8 is a critical release": Hits and misses, the way forward
51 Weekly Review: Jakarta EE Ambassadors, Microsoft Blazor, AIOps and more
52 Eclipse releases GlassFish 5.1 for Java EE 8
53 Java roadmap: Eclipse’s Jakarta EE enterprise Java takes shape
54 How to effectively screen Java developers
55 Thorntail Reaches Tail End
56 Eclipse Renames Java EE Specifications to Jakarta EE
57 Java EE Is Renamed Jakarta EE
58 Apache NetBeans 11.3: JDK 14 preview features & dark mode
59 Oracle Chooses Eclipse Foundation as New Home for Java EE
60 JetBrains Releases IntelliJ 2020.2
61 Java celebrates 25th anniversary following the release of Java 14
62 Enterprise Java’s new name: Jakarta EE
63 Java Developer –
64 Apache NetBeans turns 11.3 • DEVCLASS
65 Tomcat vs. JBoss: Compare features of these Java app servers
66 Java EE developers: Your voice is needed! Jakarta EE survey open until March 25
67 Understanding Jakarta EE: "MicroProfile saved Java EE & will have a key role in its cloud-native transformation"
68 From Java EE to Jakarta EE: the Java EE Guardians Rebranding Debate with Oracle
69 Eclipse Releases Jakarta EE 8 Spec
70 Java in 2020, Part 2: Anne Thomas on Java Subscription, Jakarta and MicroProfile -- ADTmag
71 Under Eclipse, changes to Java EE begin
72 Remembering Bill Shannon
73 Java EE Security in Relation to JASPIC, JACC and LoginModules/Realms
74 Why I'm Using Java EE (Instead of Spring)
75 Microsoft Announces the Preview of Java Message Service 2.0 over AMQP on Azure Service Bus
76 Gartner App Platform Report Calls Java EE Obsolete -- ADTmag
77 JDK 11: End of the road for Java EE modules
78 Red Hat Releases WildFly 18 Featuring Support for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile
79 Eclipse enterprise Java is due in September 2019
80 Project Helidon Tutorial: Building Microservices with Oracle's Lightweight Java Framework
81 Oracle Responds to Guardians Open Letter on Java EE Rebranding
82 Understanding Jakarta EE: "Modularity is key to faster release cycles"
83 Java EE: What's in a Name? -- ADTmag
84 Is Gartner's Report of Java EE's Demise Greatly Exaggerated?
85 Build Java EE containers using Docker [Tutorial]
86 Microsoft Ports OpenJDK For Windows 10 On ARM
87 Jakarta EE & Eclipse MicroProfile – two names, one family?
88 What's definitely in Jakarta EE?
89 Tomcat vs WebSphere: How these application servers compare
90 Java EE 8 Compatible Eclipse GlassFish 5.1 Released
91 Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 Continues Alignment with Java EE 8
92 No JCP for Java EE
93 Eclipse Releases GlassFish 5.1 Certified as Compatible with Java EE 8
94 Thoughts on Java EE 8 roadmap update
95 WildFly vs. JBoss EAP: How these Red Hat application servers differ
96 How developers can go Kubernetes-native
97 The Future of Java EE, A Q&A with David Blevins: The Eclipse Foundation, EE4J and MicroProfile
98 Oracle survey: Java EE users want REST, HTTP/2
99 Oracle to Eclipse Hand-Off: The Enterprise Java Community Moves Forward
100 Red Hat's New Platform Stresses Java EE Support