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1 Trending in China: Pop Star Jay Chou's Livestream Signals Kuaishou's Increasing Partnership with Celebrities
2 Asia Superstar Jay Chou's Livestreaming Debut on Kuaishou Attracts 68 Million Viewers
3 King of Mandopop Jay Chou donates RM20m from inaugural live stream on Chinese app to charity
4 If You Know Where Jay Chou Can Buy A House Like This, Please Slide Into His DMs
5 Jay Chou's First Live Stream On Chinese App Kuaishou Earns S$4.7mil From Fans And Friends
6 Taiwan restaurant owner apologizes for spreading CCTV image of Jay Chou
7 Jay Chou Obtains 20M Yuan in his First Kuaishou Live Stream
8 Jay Chou Slams Restaurant For Leaking Private CCTV Footage Of Him
9 Fancy the dual driver ANC Pro wireless in-ear headphones with hints of Jay Chou?
10 Jay Chou brings magic with his Netflix show 'J-Style Trip'
11 Are Chinese Consumers Over Celebrity Livestreaming?
12 Trending in China: Taiwan Pop Star Jay Chou Debuts on Mainland Social Media
13 Jay Chou Brings Magic With His Netflix Show 'J-Style Trip'
14 Jay Chou's "Mojito" suggests that sometimes, it's okay to be happy
15 Jay Chou Dances Through the Streets of Havana in 'Mojito' Music Video: Watch
16 Netflix Preps Magic Travelogue From Taiwanese Popstar & ‘The Green Hornet’ Actor Jay Chou
17 Mandopop Star Jay Chou Brings Magic With Netflix Show 'J-Style Trip'
18 Fudan students recast public health version of “Mojito”
19 BTS, Iz*One, Stray Kids, Everglow And Jay Chou: Notable Moves On This Week’s World Songs Chart
20 Jay Chou's Instagram post leads fans to speculate that new music is coming
21 Jay Chou's restaurant to close at the end of May
22 Chinese singer Jay Chou's new song 'Mojito' boosts interest in Cuba tourism
23 Jay Chou looks like this now but fans just can't believe it
24 Jay Chou seeks old house in Taipei, Entertainment News & Top Stories
25 Kevin Smith and WildBrain Developing 'Green Hornet' Animated Series
26 YANG | Jay Chou and Problematic Favorites
27 Jay Chou's Son Just Turned 3; The Star Says He Hopes The Boy Will Grow Up To Look "As Good As" Him
28 Why Can't Mando-pop King Jay Chou Take Chinese Music Global?
29 Color Star Technology Announces the Addition of Renowned Music Producer Xiuzhu Chen and Dancer Bowan Wang to its list of Star Teachers on its Planned Color World Platform
30 New Music: Jay Chou, Indigo Children and the Song of the Year So Far from Hiperson
31 Jay Chou And Hannah Quinlivan Take On Tik Tok Dance Challenge For Chinese Valentine's Day
32 Breaking News
33 Jay Chou enjoys atas birthday weekend, but wife never give face
34 Jay Chou is the most-followed Taiwanese artist on Instagram with more than 6m followers
35 Jay Chou to star in Netflix travel show 'J Style Trip'
36 Famously Anti-Paparazzi Jay Chou Took Photogs By Surprise When He Was Nice To Them For A Change
37 Singer Wang Leehom shows off toned body on Instagram
38 Jay Chou’s “Mojito” is China’s Most Viral Song of 2020 So Far
39 The 5 best Jay Chou songs
40 This Is How Jay Chou And Hannah Quinlivan Keep Their Marriage Fresh
41 Jay Chou brings magic with his Netflix show J-Style Trip
42 Jay Chou & Hannah Quinlivan’s Secret In Keeping Their Marriage Fresh
43 How Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan keep the spark in their marriage alive
44 Jay Chou ranks first on Spotify, Line Music
45 Workers' Stadium Turns 60: Looking Back at its Moments in History
46 Jay Chou rants at Netflix Taiwan over lack of publicity for J-Style Trip
47 Netizens Are Surprised At How Tall Jay Chou And Hannah Quinlivan's Kids Are Now
48 Watch JJ Lin's surprise performance with Jay Chou for an online fundraising show
49 Jay Chou and a fancy dress Lang Lang in Netflix magic show
50 RIVAGE PM10 For Jay Chou Carnival World Tour
51 Police parody of Jay Chou's 'Mojito', and more
52 Jay Chou's shows in HK postponed, Entertainment News & Top Stories
53 Jay Chou Posted A Pic Of Himself Looking Swole, And The Comments Are So Funny
54 Jay Chou performs at National Stadium for his latest Carnival World Tour
55 Coronavirus: Jay Chou's restaurant in Taipei to close
56 Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou lashes out at Netflix Taiwan for failing to promote his travelogue
57 Jay Chou Ballad Breaks Sales Record, Streaming Site
58 Jay Chou & Family Making Plans To Retire In Australia?
59 Jay Chou creates new song for wife's movie
60 Jay Chou's new album to be released next year
61 Jay Chou's 2-Year-Old Son Melts Hearts With Vid Of Him Singing His Dad's Hit Song
62 Jay Chou Staged A Concert Specially For His Kids Because They Were Late For His Actual One
63 Hainan police's adaptation of Jay Chou's Mojito goes viral
64 Taiwan Mandopop star's tweet in support of abused children goes viral
65 A lawsuit over pop star Jay Chou speaks volumes about China’s streaming war
66 Why Are Jay Chou's Fans Dissatisfied With This Castle He Built For His Daughter?
67 Jay Chou holds special concert for his kids
68 Jay Chou Lashed Out At Netflix Taiwan For Not Giving His Show, J-Style Trip, Enough Publicity
69 Netizens Think It Is Jay Chou Inside This Airport Quarantine Unit
70 Jay Chou's Reply To A Fan Who Tells Him That Staying Up Late Makes One Fat Is Everything
71 Chinese police's parody of Jay Chou's 'Mojito' goes viral online
72 Jay Chou Taiwan's most popular singer: 2 music-streaming sites
73 Turns Out, Jay Chou's A Fan Of Pink Contact Lenses
74 Much-awaited new song by Jay Chou viewed over 1m times in first 8 hours
75 Jay Chou Came In First In Terms Of Concert Ticket Sales And JJ Lin's Fans Are Reportedly Not Happy About It
76 JJ Lin guests in Jay Chou's travelogue, Entertainment News & Top Stories
77 Tencent wins Jay Chou copyright lawsuit against NetEase
78 Taiwanese star Jay Chou postpones KL concert to August due to coronavirus fears
79 Wuhan virus: Jay Chou postpones HK concerts to November, donates $590000 to help fight virus
80 Jay Chou criticised for using 'vulgar' word on social media
81 Can't see him on stage? Jay Chou holds concert for just his two children in Shanghai arena
82 Jay Chou blasts Netflix Taiwan for not marketing his travel show 'J-Style Trip'
83 A man of his word: Jay Chou settles bills for fans at Atlas bar
84 Jay Chou Lashes Out At The Taipei Arena After His Request To Hold His Concert There Was Denied
85 Jay Chou Stopped Traffic With Hannah Quinlivan For Christmas
86 Gossip mill: Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan donate $589000 to fight Wuhan virus
87 Fans Are Going Crazy About Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao & Jimmy Lin Hanging Out And Having Ice Cream Together
88 Jay Chou encourages fans at his concert to 'stalk' his Instagram, promises them a meal if they find him in Singapore
89 Netflix Announces New Projects with John Boyega and Jay Chou
90 Jay Chou and wife Hannah share video of son singing
91 Watch: Andy Lau, Jay Chou in livestream concert, with appearances from Stefanie Sun, Fish Leong
92 51 stars including Alan Tam, Donnie Yen, Jay Chou appear in MV as songs abound over Wuhan virus outbreak
93 Jay Chou holds private concert for his own kids – The Independent News
94 Pop Singer Jay Chou's New Song Gets Purchased More Than 8 Million Times in Two Days
95 Self-Isolate and Stream Jay Chou’s New Travel Show on Netflix
96 Jay Chou Gave JJ Lin A Super Big Bottle Of Bubble Tea For His Birthday
97 An idol travel companion
98 Nicholas Tse Says He Likes People Who Are “Simple”, Names Jay Chou & Faye Wong As Examples
99 Jay Chou is so rich, he expresses his love for Hannah Quinlivan through skywriting
100 On social media, Entertainment News & Top Stories