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1 Jean-Claude Juncker: ‘I should not have listened to David Cameron on Brexit’
2 Jean-Claude Juncker criticises EU over Covid vaccine spat with UK
3 Juncker tries to take the sting out of Sofagate
4 Come back, Jean-Claude Juncker. All is forgiven
5 Jean-Claude Juncker urges EU to step back from ‘stupid vaccine war’
6 'We failed!' Junker admits that broken vaccine promises have damaged EU's reputation
7 Jean-Claude Juncker: Former PM gives Bettel government 'good grade' for handling of pandemic
8 ‘Bring back Juncker!’ William Hague makes shock demand as VDL leads most 'dismal EU ever'
9 'Lack of perspective': why Ursula von der Leyen's EU vaccine strategy is failing
10 What the papers say – April 19
11 EU fury: Juncker's fiery attack after Greta Thunberg accused bloc of climate negligence
12 Brexit Britain warned as Juncker's right-hand man given top role
13 Newspaper headlines: Football Super League fury, and 'united in grief'
14 Juncker ‘very much opposed’ to EU vaccine export controls
15 Daily roundup: Saturday's key coronavirus developments from Luxembourg and abroad
16 Juncker slams EU-China deal as ‘cheap’ on labor standards
17 Ex-EU chief Juncker backs French-German rescue package
18 Von der Leyen accused of breaching protocol in rejection of Ukraine visit
19 Jean-Claude Juncker: A European helmsman hands over the tiller
20 Jean-Claude Juncker's anger at EU criticism before vaccine row intervention
21 Jean-Claude Juncker: 'I've had enough Brexit', outgoing EU chief says
22 EU has lost a “jewel” with Brexit: Juncker
23 Ursula von der Leyen “seriously” plagiarized Jean-Claude Juncker
24 Talking Europe
25 Juncker lashes out at 'stupid nationalists' on eve of European elections
26 EU's Juncker urges Turkey to halt military operation in Syria
27 Ex-EU boss laments lack of progress on Swiss framework deal
28 Jean-Claude Juncker cuts short holiday to have urgent surgery
29 "I told Joe Biden that he had to run for president": Juncker
30 Seriously?! Jean-Claude Juncker hails 'major success' for EU with vaccine programme
31 Juncker warns of difficulties implementing activists' climate demands
32 In Conversation with Lisa Burke: Jean-Claude Juncker: a political panorama
33 Tough trade talks ahead for EU's Jean-Claude Juncker in Washington
34 Jean-Claude Juncker in break with EU as he urges Brussels to scrap bloc's 'Golden Rule'
35 Jean-Claude Juncker: I get Euroskeptical sometimes
36 Jokes About Hungarian 'Dictator' Masked Breach at Heart of EU
37 EU's Jean-Claude Juncker stumbled 'in sciatica attack'
38 Risk of no-deal Brexit 'very real,' says EU Commission head Juncker
39 Jean-Claude Juncker: Von der Leyen and I are ‘like the two popes’
40 Jean-Claude Juncker: Europeans have lost 'libido' for each other
41 Jean-Claude Juncker: I regret not challenging '£350m a week' claims
42 Jean-Claude Juncker: Migrants 'need legal ways to come to Europe'
43 Jean-Claude Juncker calls for EU to be a global player
44 Jean-Claude Juncker: Brexit has been a ‘waste of time and energy’
45 EU Commission boss: Who will replace Jean-Claude Juncker?
46 'The British press doesn't like Europeans': 5 questions for Jean-Claude Juncker
47 The legacy of Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker
48 EU's Jean-Claude Juncker slams Viktor Orban over Soros migrant poster
49 Former EU head Juncker defends himself in Luxembourg wiretap case
50 Jean-Claude Juncker to miss G7 after emergency surgery
51 Jean-Claude Juncker blocked EU curbs on tax avoidance, cables show
52 Lux Leaks Confession: Jean-Claude Juncker Admits He Made 'Major Mistake'
53 EU's Juncker regrets lack of transparency in von der Leyen's nomination
54 Donald & Jean-Claude, a (kinda) love story
55 Jean-Claude Juncker's real scandal is his tax-haven homeland of Luxembourg
56 Flemish mayors ask Juncker to apologise for language comments
57 Ex-EU leader among 141 non-Japanese to be decorated in Japan
58 2018: Juncker: Far-right 'never had a chance' against the EU
59 Really!? Jean-Claude Juncker praises VDL and insists botched EU vaccine policy was ‘RIGHT’
60 Jean-Claude Juncker: Africa's future will shape Europe's
61 Jean-Claude Juncker: I don't own a smartphone
62 Juncker unplugged: Commission president avoids insults on social media
63 Jean-Claude Juncker: Viktor Orbán ‘has always been a hero’
64 EU is facing existential crisis, says Jean-Claude Juncker
65 The Jean-Claude Juncker era: The European Commission President opens up to New Europe in tell-all interview
66 EU leader Juncker criticizes uneven relations with China days after Xi visit
67 Jean-Claude Juncker dismisses claims that freeports are 'systematically used to commit fraud'
68 ‘You Are Ridiculous,’ E.U.’s Juncker Tells European Parliament
69 Jean-Claude Juncker's federalist vision for the EU is far from reality
70 Juncker has ‘doubts’ about Romania’s ability to lead EU
71 Outgoing Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: 'I Kissed Putin ... It Certainly Didn't Hurt Europe'
72 Juncker leaves hospital after surgery –
73 Jean-Claude Juncker's hair-tousling is close to sexual misconduct, Amber Rudd says
74 Jean-Claude Juncker aide handed top EU job to deal with UK
75 Jean-Claude Juncker leaves post as European Commission president
76 Readout
77 Juncker: 'Historic mistake' against Balkan EU hopefuls
78 Jean-Claude Juncker’s greatest gaffes
79 Former president of the European Commission: Border closures do not stop a virus: Jean-Claude Juncker
80 Hungary launches campaign targeting Jean-Claude Juncker
81 EU's Juncker proposes billions of spending on climate change after a 16-year-old's speech
82 Who will replace Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the EU Commission?
83 Juncker: EU’s North Macedonia, Albania rebuff is ‘historic mistake’
84 European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spent €25,000 on 'air taxi'
85 Trump told me 'You're a brutal killer', EU's Juncker says
86 Russia-bashing must stop, says Jean-Claude Juncker
87 The EU's most powerful official says 'borders are the worst invention ever'
88 He must be drunk: Flemish in a ferment at Jean-Claude Juncker
89 Jean-Claude Juncker under attack for claiming French speakers not welcome on Belgian coast
90 'Stop bashing the EU', Jean-Claude Juncker tells European leaders
91 Brexit LIVE: EU's Sefcovic draws red line in 'massive' dispute with UK covering 20 topics
92 Jean-Claude Juncker: Castro ‘a hero for many’
93 EU's Juncker faces renewed pressure over Luxembourg tax policy
94 Juncker: German plan to link funds and rules would be ‘poison’
95 EU's Juncker to stand down as Commission president at end of term
96 Germany, Austria, Netherlands impede euro zone reform: Juncker
97 EU's Jean-Claude Juncker: Bulgaria will deliver results for Europe
98 Swedish student leader wins EU pledge to spend billions on climate
99 Jean-Claude Juncker complains he doesn't have a stately home or jet
100 Adieu Jean-Claude: Juncker's Reign Atop the EU Stumbles to a Close