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1 Water Cooler: International Film Noir on Kanopy
2 Jean-Pierre Melville, a master of shadows and silence
3 Le Cercle Rouge
4 Emmy winner Greig Fraser and a critics' panel on Jean Pierre Melville
5 Venice Classics 2020: Jean-Pierre Melville’s The Red..rcle is a heist thriller with poetry between the lines
6 Jean-Pierre Melville’s 1969 masterwork Army of Shadows — where noir meets wartime drama
7 Venice Classics to Screen New Restorations of Films by Martin Scorsese, Souleymane Cissé, Jean-Pierre Melville & More
8 Jean-Pierre Melville Directs Our Stunningly Somber Pick of the Week
9 Jean-Pierre Melville: cinematic poet of the lowlife and criminal
10 Adam Shatz · Who does that for anyone? Jean-Pierre Melville · LRB 20 June 2019
11 Resounding Silence and Profound Superfluity: The Actorly Camera in Jean-Pierre Melville's 'Un flic'
12 The Essentials: The 10 Greatest Jean-Pierre Melville Films
13 6 Films To Celebrate French Noir Master Jean-Pierre Melville's Centennial At The MFA
14 Jean-Pierre Melville's 'Army of Shadows
15 Mistakes from the 50 best movies of all time
16 French director Jean-Pierre Melville celebrates a centennial, with an approach that never goes out of style
17 Jean-Pierre Melville's brooding cinema surveyed on FilmStruck
18 Review: Jean-Pierre Melville’s Army of Shadows Gets New Criterion Blu-ray
19 Jean Pierre Melville's 'La silence de la mer' Is the French Resistance in Microcosm
20 Double Exposure: Film Noir Master Jean-Pierre Melville on his 100th Birthday
21 Jean-Pierre Melville Gets the Retrospective Treatment
22 Godard’s Breathless at 60 — is it any kind of masterpiece?
23 Forest Whitaker Film 'Ghost Dog' Is a Sampler's Paradise
24 6 Filmmaking Tips From Jean-Pierre Melville
25 Melville and his men
26 Ghost Dog, Moonstruck and Libeled Lady: Jim Hemphill's Home Video Recommendations
27 The Signature Style of Jean-Pierre Melville
28 The MFA celebrates the centenary of Jean-Pierre Melville
29 Immerse yourself in the work of Jean-Pierre Melville, master of the French crime film
30 Milos Stehlik On French Director Jean-Pierre Melville
31 Noir City: International 2020
32 Le Cercle Rouge heading to 4K and standard Blu-ray next month
33 Review: Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘When You Read This Letter’ Is a Vexing Noir
34 Outtakes: Jean-Pierre Melville
35 Mubi: online repertory cinema for a handful of change
36 Jean-Pierre Melville's 'Le Samouraï' Plays with the Perils of the Lone Detective
37 Review: Jean-Pierre Melville's 'When You Read This Letter' may surprise even his most devoted fans
38 Weekly Top Five: The best of Jean-Pierre Melville
39 Jean-Pierre Melville
40 Le Doulos review – Jean-Pierre Melville's brilliant but moody tough-guy drama
41 How Reservoir Dogs Established Tarantino's Style | ScreenRant
42 Grace of My Heart, Hard Eight and Mallrats: Jim Hemphill's Home Video Recommendations
43 Fraught with History: Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Le Deuxième Souffle”
44 Jean-Pierre Melville—a minor but intriguing figure
45 French actor Michel Piccoli, arthouse star, is dead at 94
46 This week’s passages
47 The Criterion Shelf: Starring Alain Delon
48 Criterion Reflections
49 A Bitter Widow and a Handsome Priest Share Sparks in a French Classic
50 Stream These Ultra-Cool Heist Movies
51 Blu-ray Review: Jean-Pierre Melville’s Le Samouraï on the Criterion Collection
52 Jean-Pierre Melville's 'Two Men in Manhattan' reaches U.S. fans
53 Army of Shadows (1969), Jean-Pierre Melville’s Resistance classic
54 Trevor Reviews Jean-Pierre Melville's Le Samouraï [Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review]
55 'Two Men in Manhattan' and the Contradictions of Jean-Pierre Melville's Noir Fantasia
56 Review: Bleak beauty of Jean-Pierre Melville's 'Army of Shadows' revealed in full
57 Wes Anderson's French Dispatch Trailer Is Here
58 Blu-ray: Melville
59 Martin Scorsese on the Films and Books that Influenced 'The Irishman'
60 Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘The Silence of the Sea’ Returns
61 Five-star cinema: Jean-Pierre Melville’s ‘Le Samourai’
62 Le Samouraï. “Who are you?” | by Judson Potenza
63 Jean-Pierre Melville hit the ground running with a moving debut, Le Silence De La Mer
64 Diabolically Delon: Three French Thrillers
65 Army of Shadows (1969)
66 10 Best International Movies From The 1960s | ScreenRant
67 Episode 74
68 What’s New on Streaming: “Two Men in Manhattan,” a French Film Noir Set in the Streets of New York
69 New Criterion Collection Movies Announced for April 2020
70 The Seductive Jean-Paul Belmondo Gives Life to 'Léon Morin, Priest'
71 ‘Yellow Cat’ Trailer: Kazakh Venice Horizons Entry Is a Meta-Cinematic ‘Badlands’-Like Romance
72 The Birth of Cool: The Impact and Legacy of Melville’s ‘Le Samourai’
73 High-Fashion Film Club: Celine’s Hedi Slimane Curated a List of Movies You Can Watch Online Free of Charge
74 Blu-ray Review: LE SAMOURAÏ Examines A Solitary Life Lived In Gunmetal Grey
75 Dirty Money (Un Flic)
76 Blu-ray Review: Un Flic [Special Edition] | Under the Radar
77 What’s on TV Monday: ‘Le Samouraï’ and ‘The Silence of Others’
78 The Passion of Saint Jean: Not acting to connect
79 Les Enfants Terribles (1950)
80 StudioCanal: Luis Bunuel and Jean-Pierre Melville Blu-ray Collections Coming Up (UPDATED)
81 NYC Weekend Watch: 'Stalker,' Goldie Hawn, Jean-Pierre Melville, Jiang Wen & More
82 Celine’s Hedi Slimane curates a film selection for Mubi
83 The Garlic Gangster
84 10 Stylish Crime Movies To Watch If You Love Drive | ScreenRant
85 Seventies film noir classic Le Cercle Rouge OST reissued on vinyl for the first time
86 Brushing up on your high culture? Forgive my scepticism
87 Film review: Le Doulos (1962) | Times2
88 How a French film 'Le Samourai' has been an inspiration to many films
89 A Pioneer Of The French New Wave, Filmmaker Agnès Varda's Career Spans The Playful And Pointed
90 Film flashback: Why French classic ‘Breathless’ is still a breath of fresh air
91 Add Vintage Movies to Your Watch List
92 Bob le Flambeur, Le Doulos, and Leon Morin, Priest on Kino Lorber Blu-ray
93 "Fleabag" Series 2, Tarantino's Fav Director and "Sexy Priests"
94 September 2019 Programming on the Criterion Channel Announced
95 The Passion of Saint Jean
96 26 Things We Learned from ‘The Killer’ Commentary
97 Army of Shadows: Resistance is futile
98 ‘Le Trou,’ a Very French Prison Drama, Steals From Its Maker’s Life
99 Hedi Slimane Has Curated a List of Movies to Stream While Under Quarantine
100 Army of Shadows Blu-ray Release Date April 7, 2020