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1 Column: The eviction moratorium shows the cost of good intentions
2 Events: How to bring more car-free transportation options to the region
3 Charts of the Week: The racial wealth gap; the middle-class income slump
4 By Every Measure: Ask the Experts Interview Series
5 Jenny Schuetz
6 By Every Measure: Ask the Experts in Housing with Jenny Schuetz, PhD
7 The Anti-growth Alliance That Fueled Urban Gentrification
8 Housing Choice Passes Legislature in Early-Morning Vote
9 To weather the coming eviction crisis, cities need better rent relief programs
10 How many households can't pay next month's rent? That's a tricky question.
11 The rent is still due: America’s renters, COVID-19, and an unprecedented eviction crisis
12 Exclusive communities deepen inequality in every metro area
13 Meet Jenny Schuetz, new Rubenstein fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program
14 Rethinking homeownership incentives to improve household financial security and shrink the racial wealth gap
15 Posts by Jenny Schuetz
16 America’s inequitable housing system is completely unprepared for coronavirus
17 Fixing Greater Boston’s housing crisis starts with legalizing apartments near transit
18 COVID-19 is already affecting the Washington, D.C. real estate market
19 What will it cost to save Washington, D.C.’s renters from COVID-19 eviction?
20 Halting evictions during the coronavirus crisis isn’t as good as it sounds
21 Thoughtful design can create high-quality affordable multifamily housing
22 Restrictive zoning is impeding DC’s goal to build more housing
23 Making apartments more affordable starts with understanding the costs of building them
24 Corporate Landlords Aren’t the Real Culprit
25 When middle-class incomes collapse, how you gonna pay next month’s rent?
26 Flexible zoning and streamlined procedures can make housing more affordable
27 Many Americans struggle to afford housing. Here’s where coronavirus stimulus falls short.
28 Minneapolis 2040: The most wonderful plan of the year
29 How missed rent payments could affect the affordable housing supply
30 The Weeds interviews Jenny Schuetz on housing policy
31 Why an Eviction Ban Alone Won’t Prevent a Housing Crisis
32 A conversation about racial justice and worker mobility
33 To save the planet, the Green New Deal needs to improve urban land use
34 Is rent control making a comeback?
35 Around the halls: What should the Biden administration prioritize in its climate policy?
36 Panel: Non-Car Transportation in the DC Suburbs; Challenges and Ideas
37 “Gentle” density can save our neighborhoods
38 To improve housing affordability, we need better alignment of zoning, taxes, and subsidies
39 Affordable housing for special-needs adults
40 Will COVID-19 Worsen the Housing Crisis? | The Takeaway
41 Housing trade-offs: Affordability not the only stressor for the middle class
42 Campaign 2020: How to fix America’s housing policies
43 Webinar: Middle class economic security during the COVID-19 crisis
44 Is zoning a useful tool or a regulatory barrier?
45 Charts of the Week: Federal debt, middle-class income, rental housing distress
46 Housing affordability and quality create stress for Heartland families
47 Is California’s apartment market broken?
48 Federal rule on housing integration never got off the ground
49 Cost, crowding, or commuting? Housing stress on the middle class
50 The biggest housing challenges facing the Biden administration
51 Democrats Hear the ‘Yes in My Backyard’ Message
52 Both renters and homeowners could benefit from better housing policy
53 Offering renters longer leases could improve their financial health and happiness
54 Nine rules for better housing policy
55 Oregon’s new rent control law is only a band-aid on the state’s housing woes
56 Podcast: Housing crisis? Presidential candidates have a plan for that
57 [Your city] has a housing crisis. The answer is [more/less] [building/money/regulation].
58 Under US housing policies, homeowners mostly win, while renters mostly lose
59 Charts of the Week: Paying rent; GDP growth analysis; children born outside marriage
60 Webinar: State of the Capital region 2020 — A region in demographic and economic transition
61 The Goldilocks problem of housing supply: Too little, too much, or just right?
62 Renting the American Dream: Why homeownership shouldn’t be a prerequisite for middle-class financial security
63 'Luxury' Amenities Aren't Why Housing Is So Expensive In The DC Area
64 Will COVID-19 rebalance America’s uneven economic geography? Don’t bet on it.
65 Realizing the value of black neighborhoods
66 Weekend high school hoops roundup: Edgerton boys stay perfect; Badger, Edgerton girls keep hot starts going
67 Zoning, taxing, hoarding: Housing policies for the middle class
68 Prep sports: New Berlin Eisenhower hands top-ranked Beaver Dam girls 1st loss
69 Joe Biden said America's suburbs are 'by and large integrated'. That's not totally true.
70 Charts of the Week: Housing affordability, COVID-19 effects
71 In Las Vegas, the house owner doesn’t always win.
72 Housing in the US is too expensive, too cheap, and just right. It depends on where you live.
73 St. Louis couple who aimed guns at protesters makes false convention claim about Joe Biden, suburbs
74 Tackling zoning to help the middle class: 5 policy approaches
75 Seattle's hidden housing crisis: Middle-class workers forced out
76 Covid-19 Is Killing Affordable Housing, Just as It’s Needed Most
77 Millennials’ share of the U.S. housing market: Small and shrinking
78 How cities might be changed by coronavirus : The Indicator from Planet Money
79 This Year, Running for President Means Talking About the Housing Crisis
80 Unpacking the “housing shortage” puzzle
81 Charts of the Week: Real estate effects, UI myths, health insurance during coronavirus
82 Who's Allowed to Live Near Transit?
83 The rise of the high-rise
84 Congressional Hearing Elevates The Need For $100 Billion In Rental Assistance
85 Why The Housing Crisis Is A Problem For Everyone — Even Wealthy Homeowners
86 Housing: It's About More Than Money : The Indicator from Planet Money
87 Experts Examine Challenges and Solutions to Building Affordable Housing in New York
88 2020 election: Housing becomes rallying cry for many candidates
89 Trump considers carrying out COVID-19 economic relief with executive orders
90 By word and by deed, Ben Carson is abdicating HUD’s historic responsibilities
91 Impact of COVID-19 on Renters, Homeowners
92 The rise of "granny flats"
93 Blueprints to advance racial justice and worker mobility
94 Around the halls: Brookings experts on what to watch for at the UN Climate Action Summit
95 Sanjay Patnaik
96 California wants cities to build more housing near transit hubs. Can LA improve its track record on TOD?
97 Risky (housing) business: Distorted and destabilized housing markets are pushing households into climate-risky, low-opportunity communities
98 Your city didn’t win the Amazon HQ2 beauty pageant. Now what?
99 And the Oscar for “Best Movie in an Urban Setting” goes to…
100 The state of the Capital Region’s housing