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1 Jesse Watters: Trump out-campaigning Biden
2 Fox News' Jesse Watters is expecting his first child with new wife
3 Eagles or presidential debate? Philadelphia has a tough TV choice tonight.
4 Jesse Waters on President Trump's latest address to the public
5 'The Five' react to social media censorship of Hunter Biden report
6 'The Five' react to Trump challenging Dems to impeach him over Supreme Court pick
7 Jesse Watters: Trump Leaving Walter Reed Like a Wounded General Getting ‘Right Back to the Front Lines’
8 Fox News Hit With SERIOUS Karma
9 Marco Rubio rails against Democrats' 'third world' courtpacking scheme
10 Gutfeld on the politics of late night comedy
11 Fox News Tries on Every Possible Trump Defense After His Disastrous Debate
12 Ex-Hunter Biden associate Tony Bobulinksi to attend second debate
13 Gutfeld pans Joe Biden's play for the Latino vote in Florida
14 Why Fox News' Jesse Watters seized on QAnon
15 Fox Hosts’ Post Trump Rally Analysis: ‘He Didn’t Cough’ Could Draw President’s Ire
16 Trump Camp's Steve Cortes: 2020 Election is "Morning In America" vs. Biden's "Dark Winter"
17 Gutfeld on the media dismissing the Hunter Biden story as 'Russian disinformation'
18 Fox host: If Joe Biden wins “impeachment proceedings start the day after inauguration”
19 Fox News host Jesse Watters marries woman he had affair with
20 Fox News COVID Infection Sends Election Plans Into 'Chaos'
21 Bernie Sanders says if Dems win Senate he will be chairman of the health committee
22 Fox Host Admits He Should Have Taken Coronavirus 'Seriously'
23 Jesse Watters compares Biden to erratic driver: 'No sense of direction ... will go wherever you tell him'
24 A Liberal Mom’s Critical Texts to Her Son, a Fox News Host
25 Jesse Watters attacks wrong target for US' failure in tackling COVID-19
26 What is wrong with Jesse Watters?
27 Fox News' Jesse Watters: QAnon Has 'Uncovered a Lot of Great Stuff'
28 Fox News host Jesse Watters said coronavirus travel restrictions were 'more critical in saving lives' than testing. He's wrong.
29 Fox host claims the media is “trying to drag Joe across the finish line” so he succumbs to investigations and Kamala Harris takes over
30 Jesse Watters: Since Primary Biden "Went Far Left And Has Never Come Back"
31 Watters' message to GOP candidates amid summer of chaos: 'You run against this in the fall, it's a layup'
32 Fox News' Jesse Watters makes remarks about Chinese, demands apology
33 Jesse Watters downplays Biden's chances of beating Trump in November: 'Do I look worried? Not yet'
34 Fox News Hosts Laugh at Jesse Watters for Claiming Obama Is 'Terrified'
35 Jesse Watters: The Democrats' Racism Con Job
36 Fox News' Jesse Watters Said Travel Bans 'More Critical In Saving Lives' Than COVID Testing. He's Wrong.
37 Jesse Watters calls Flynn case 'an Obama scandal,' predicts more revelations to come: 'It's about to get ugly'
38 Jesse Watters: Fox News' reporting on Russia investigation has proven to be accurate
39 Electronic voting will become 'fraud proof' and it will prompt more people to vote: Adobe CEO
40 Jesse Watters, Juan Williams debate Susan Rice email: 'I think it's a big, fat nothing'
41 Seth Meyers Rips Jesse Watters for Baffling Trump Defense
42 Fox News Host Seemingly Excuses 'Vigilante Justice' in Kenosha
43 "They're Not Coming Back" Jesse Watters: Predicts New Yorkers Will Leave City Because Leaders Can't Keep City Safe
44 Jesse Watters baselessly speculates George Floyd's death was 'a hit'
45 Fox News Host Jesse Watters Called Out by Women's Groups Over 'Richard Jewell' Remarks
46 Jesse Watters: Trump uses 'Chinese virus' phrase to 'make sure that there is a little bit of accountability'
47 Fox News Stars Now Pretend They Never Said What They Said About the Coronavirus
48 Jesse Watters: 'We shall overcome' the coronavirus 'if we all work together'
49 Jesse Watters to Democrats unhappy with Trump's tone after acquittal: 'I don't care'
50 Inside the Beltway: Bracing for the 'hot mess' on Thursday
51 Fox News' Jesse Watters said female journalists trade sex for scoops
52 Jesse Watters Recaps Last Night's Trump Town Hall
53 Fox's Jesse Watters: Republicans should confirm a justice as soon as possible because Democrats are "bloodthirsty political killers"
54 Jesse Watters: 'The left' attacking Barr because 'they know what's coming'
55 Jesse Watters: Trump is 'America First,' while Bernie Sanders is 'America Last'
56 Jesse Watters accuses Atlanta DA of 'political overcharge' of ex-officer in Rayshard Brooks case
57 Kayleigh McEnany tells Jesse Watters that Lori Lightfoot is focused on words but should be focused on action
58 Jesse Watters Talks What It's Like To Co-Host The Five During Coronavirus & What He's Binge Watching During Quarantine
59 Fox News host Jesse Watters finalizes divorce following affair with junior employee who has since left network
60 Fox News host Jesse Watters to divorce after cheating on wife with 25-year-old employee
61 Jesse Watters says Biden correct to distance himself from 'radioactive' push to defund police
62 Jesse Watters says 'it's over' after watching Trump legal team's opening Senate impeachment defense
63 Fox News' Jesse Watters says travel bans "more critical in saving lives" than COVID-19 testing
64 QAnon supporters happy with Fox News segment on conspiracy theory
65 Jesse Watters reveals favorite Thanksgiving traditions, how he avoids the post-meal cleanup
66 Jesse Watters on push to reopen the economy: 'You can feel this country getting angry'
67 Fox's Jesse Watters: Female Reporters Sleeping With Sources 'Happens All the Time'
68 Kelly Dodd Attends Jesse Watters Wedding With Fiance
69 Jesse Watters on Trump's rally performances: Democrats don't get it's 'partially entertainment'
70 Jesse Watters: Trump should approach law and order agenda with 'compassion' to contrast 'do-nothing Dems'
71 Jesse Watters: What Would The Media Say If Barack Obama Were President During The Coronavirus Pandemic
72 Jesse Watters suggests bounty intelligence was leaked by Trump 'hater' to create another 'Russian cloud'
73 Jesse Watters knocks CDC Director Redfield as 'poor communicator' after Senate coronavirus hearing
74 Jesse Watters on Bloomberg: 'What is his message? I'm richer and nicer than Donald Trump'
75 Fox News host's mom tells him to stop sounding like an 'old white guy' who shows 'disdain for diversity' | TheHill
76 Fox News Host Tells Stunned Co-Hosts He 'Wanted to Be Black' As a Youth, and That He 'Had All the Gear'
77 Jesse Watters: Bernie likely to 'take it to the convention', but 'Never Biden' movement makes no sense
78 Jesse Watters reveals the secret to his 'perfect' hair
79 Trump to Fox News’ Jesse Watters: Congrats on engagement to your mistress
80 Jesse Watters: Dem voters 'not behind raising taxes on middle-class Americans to pay for' Sanders platform
81 Man beaten in Portland talks to 'Watters' World': 'They're exhibiting the same behavior that they're trying...
82 Jesse Watters tells Democrats the way to defeat Bernie is to 'treat him like the fool he is'
83 Watters: Trump support for lockdown protests showing Dem govs to be 'moms grounding their citizens'
84 Jesse Watters: Democrats' 'awful' debate shows Trump may win in 'bloodbath' in 2020
85 Fox News Host Jesse Watters Says Visit To His Mother's Home Made Him Take COVID-19 'Seriously'
86 Coronavirus: Fox News admit not taking outbreak seriously enough
87 Jesse Watters talks controversies & future at Fox News
88 Meet Madison Cawthorn, who wowed the RNC
89 Jesse Watters calls out Fauci, says NIAID director 'flip-flops more than a politician'
90 Fox News Host Jesse Watters Announces Vacation Amid Ivanka Trump Comments
91 Jesse Watters slams Obama's 'corrupt presidency' over Russia investigation: 'This guy's got some nerve'
92 New documentary exposes the Biden-China connection
93 Watters slams Democrats as 'science deniers' as governors delay reopenings
94 Watters raps critics of Roger Stone commutation: 'Bill Clinton, didn't he pardon his brother?'
95 Dr. Birx complains to Fox News' Jesse Watters about press coverage of Trump's coronavirus briefings
96 Oliver Stone on reliability of US intel agencies, censorship and diversity in Hollywood, new memoir
97 Jesse Watters on Joe Biden: He's pivoting to a 'race-based campaign' in South Carolina
98 Jesse Watters: Democrats suffer enormous tactical loss on impeachment
99 Jesse Watters on Super Tuesday: Don't confuse 'Bernie hatred' with 'Biden love'
100 Joe Theismann, Lou Holtz, Barstool Sports founder give Jesse Watters their Super Bowl LIV predictions