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1 PASTOR MIKE RAMSEY: But we see Jesus (column)
2 Jesus brings what's important into focus
3 'Want to Bring Your LGBTQ+ Friends to Jesus?' | Magazine
4 KATHY YODER: Jesus can transform broken lives
5 Friendly beasts and Jesus
6 Jesus around Us | Free Access
7 How a mysterious man fooled a Harvard scholar into believing the 'Gospel of Jesus' Wife' was real
8 Marilyn Bergeron: The host literally embodies Jesus Christ
9 Deep State, Deep Market, Shallow Jesus, Shallow Church | Deep State, Deep Market, Shallow Jesus, Shallow Church
10 Church Talk: Does Jesus really care? | Larry Deeds
11 Church vandal suspect said Jesus statue had 'wrong skin color'
12 Sacred Heart of Jesus statue in Texas cathedral destroyed
13 Tom DeLonge Alludes to Alien Presence During Jesus Christ’s Birth
14 A Director Turns an Immigrant Into a Modern-Day Jesus
15 Teenager Amasses 1.2 Million Followers With Posts on Jesus and the Bible
16 Does Jesus want you to own a gun?
17 Black Jesus version of Michelangelo's Pietà divides Catholics on race and politics
18 Seeing Jesus clearly: Local pastors to hold virtual, evangelistic event on Sunday
19 Ben Alford: Jesus, women, foreigners, slaves and dogs
20 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints delivers food to Greater Opportunities
21 Wednesday's Child
22 'Thank You to the Lord Jesus Christ': Thomas Rhett Wins Co-Entertainer of the Year with Carrie Underwood at ACM Awards
23 Westfield United Methodist to hold 'Jesus in the Park' revival
24 Where QAnon meets Jesus Christ: Inside the "upside-down fantasy world" of Trump rallies
25 Jesus isn't on the ballot. That doesn't mean Christians can opt out.
26 Jesus 2020: Alabama church campaign goes nationwide
27 Pence altered a biblical reference, changing ‘Jesus’ to the American flag in his convention speech
28 52 Percent of Americans Say Jesus Isn't God but Was a Great Teacher, Survey Says
29 How Good Was Jesus if He Didn't Eliminate Slavery? (2 of 4)
30 Historic Jesus statue decapitated in Texas cathedral vandalism | TheHill
31 Letter: Jesus, his teachings replaced by political party, reprobate idol
32 Near death experience: Woman claims she was sent back from afterlife to her body by Jesus
33 Review: What would Jesus say about white privilege?
34 Tom DeLonge claims aliens may have been present at birth of Jesus: “Was that a star or a craft?”
35 White Light Rocks On with Jesus Christ Superstar: The Concert
36 Following Christ Jesus through a time of crisis
37 'The Goal Was to Emphasize Diversity': Church Apologizes for Ad Featuring Jesus with Breasts, Wearing Makeup
38 1 What Jesus is doing
39 Brand new video series from Make Jesus Known
40 Minister: Trump and his supporters don't speak for Jesus
41 Shincheonji Church of Jesus Invites All People of Religion Worldwide to Attend a Prayer Service to End COVID-19
42 Salvation Army, American Red Cross and Jesus Center join forces to feed fire victims
43 A New Book Reveals the Conspiracy to Erase Jesus's Brother James from Christianity
44 New 'AI Jesus' can deliver a sermon, but will you understand it?
45 COLUMN: Jesus was born to be crucified | Faith and Values
46 How will you answer Jesus' question, 'Who do you say that I am?'
47 Three Challenges in Bible Reading | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot Mcknight
48 Where would you be in all of this, Jesus?
49 Jesus Christ revelation: Archaeology 'evidence' has link to crucifixion, expert claims
50 OPINION: Celia M. Hastings — Jesus and John Wayne
51 AI Jesus will help you embrace the apocalypse
52 Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Jesus Rolls' on Showtime, a 'Big Lebowski' Spinoff That's a Dilly-Dallying Farce
53 ‘I Fully Remember Being Hanged On The Cross As Jesus,’ Claims Woman Who Leads Spiritual Organization
54 Duke recruit Vanessa de Jesus willing to play for Gilas women
55 'Thousands Going Wild for Jesus! Unending Baptisms in Cow Troughs': Revival Reaches Huge Crowds in the Heartland
56 Apostle John, Jesus's closest friend
57 AI Jesus writes Bible-inspired verse
58 Jesus is greater | Arts And Entertainment |
59 Dolly Parton earns first Christian No. 1 for ‘There Was Jesus’
60 AI Jesus: Bible-inspired machine makes eerie doomsday 'prophecies' of the 'end of days'
61 1 What would Jesus do?
62 Jesus, the son of God
63 Religion Prof. Wants to Travel Back in Time to Kill Jesus
64 The unifying power of the Blood of Jesus
65 'Jesus Christ' set free after his trial | News and Star
66 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints allows weekly worship services to resume
67 Filipina Vanessa de Jesus to debut for Duke in US NCAA
68 Betty Heath: Jesus came to my house dressed as a painter – and I almost didn’t recognize him
69 LIVING ON PURPOSE: Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling
70 Jesus Art Fight Fueled by Litigation Finance (Corrected)
71 A Sip in Time | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot Mcknight
72 Man claiming to be 'Jesus Christ' held in prison after dodging Edinburgh train fare
73 Man calling himself 'Jesus Christ' accused of dodging train fare
74 Jerry Falwell Jr.'s come-to-Jesus moment
75 Mexican Jesus Seade out of the running to lead the World Trade Organization
76 Rockies recall RHP Jesus Tinoco, option OF Sam Hilliard to Alternate Training Site
77 See Korn and POD Side Project Stillwell's New "A Come to Jesus Moment" Video
78 Notre Dame Is Playing Football. See You at Touchdown Jesus
79 Jorge Jesus: 'I have no regrets' over leaving Flamengo
80 TN Senator Marsha Blackburn Defends Sacred Constitution, Unchanged Since Jesus Rode A Dinosaur
81 Biblical village of Bethsaida is finally identified by archaeologists
82 New York City FC: Jesus Medina is not worth the DP contract so far
83 Chaplain vacancy in London and Home Counties
84 Jesus Baldemar ‘Tinker’ Vasquez of Santa Barbara
85 Rockies' Jesus Tinoco: Recalled by Colorado
86 See Korn and P.O.D. Side Project Stillwell's New "A Come to Jesus Moment" Video
87 School Counselors Jesus Campos and Kristen Lee Help Students Cope During COVID-19 Crisis
88 Bob Woodward's Silence was Wrong | Jesus Creed | A Blog by Scot Mcknight
89 Heidi Klum's home was visited by a man who claims “Jesus told him to come to the house”
90 How an iconic painting of Jesus as a white man was distributed around the world
91 The long history of how Jesus came to resemble a white European
92 What Should Jesus Look Like?
93 Why would anyone believe in Jesus?
94 Searching for a Jesus Who Looks More Like Me
95 Giving Jesus the glory: It's more than a prayer | Faith
96 What Language Did Jesus Speak?
97 Colorado Rockies roster news: Sam Hilliard optioned, Jesus Tinoco added
98 SPEAKING OF FAITH: Jesus is coming back
99 If our faith isn’t about Jesus, it’s not about much
100 Who was Jesus?