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1 Prepare for lift-off: Jet Zero Council to deliver carbon-free flight
2 Prepare for lift-off as Jet Zero Council outlines its aims
3 Creating sustainable aviation fuels with the Jet Zero Council
4 Grading the Jets: Struggles all around vs. Colts
5 Airbus unveils designs for 'world's first' zero-emission commercial jet
6 Jet Zero Council sets out ambitions for carbon free future
7 ZeroAvia Completes World First Hydrogen-Electric Passenger Plane Flight
8 'World's first' hydrogen-electric passenger jet takes off in the UK
9 Jet-zero, Dieselgate hangovers & 'Medicane' heartbreak
10 ZEROe: Airbus to create world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft
11 Airbus' new zero-emission aircraft; history of sustainable planes
12 Multimillion pound prize announced for first zero carbon transatlantic passenger flight
13 Ammonia Can Officially Work As Jet Fuel
14 Airbus Just Unveiled Three New Zero-Emission Concept Aircraft
15 First 70-plus seat hybrid electric regional aircraft to fly by 2028
16 Airbus Wants ZEROe To Be 1st Zero-Emission Commercial Aircraft In The World … By 2035 (Videos)
17 Rolls-Royce completes testing for 'world's fastest' all-electric jet tech
18 RPT-Trump's reported tax methods would be par for the course for the rich, experts say
19 Nike's Sustainability Efforts Range From Space Hippie Sneakers to Bio-Jet Fuel, Says CSO
20 Prometheus Fuels licenses ORNL ethanol-to-jet-fuel process
21 Oil giant to produce jet fuel from animal fat in 'zero crude' refinery
22 New York Jets Week 2: Dear Johnson Brothers
23 13 major airlines commit to joint 2050 net-zero vision
24 To meet net zero emissions targets, China—and the rest of the world—needs these technologies
25 As jet fuel market craters, sustainable aviation fuel prepares for takeoff
26 Robert Courts is new UK minister for shipping and aviation
27 oneworld Airlines Commit To Net Carbon Zero Flight By 2050
28 The Energy Bulletin Weekly 28 September 2020
29 AOG gas main erupts at Massard and Zero in Fort Smith
30 UK Climate Assembly calls for frequent flyer levy, private jet ban
31 The path to net zero: oil majors' transition strategies and capital spending | Platts Insight
32 Oneworld member airlines commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050
33 UK announces ‘Jet Zero’ plan to drive down aviation emissions
34 Harold Hill magician starts biggest TikTok house in Europe
35 Jet Zero: Boris Johnson invests in zero-emission plane to make flying 'guilt free'
36 VistaJet Announces New Market-Leading Sustainable Biofuel Partnership, Updates on Success of Its Current Sustainability Pledge and Calls for Further Action From Private Aviation Industry
37 Surf Air Mobility Lands IPO-linked Funding Boost
38 The Energizer
39 Zero-emission electric planes are the future of transatlantic air travel
40 Why Boris's zero emission aircraft may be mission impossible
41 Jet-zero: Airbus sees airliner fuelled by wind and solar hydrogen 'by early 2030s'
42 UK government announces creation of Jet Zero Council
43 Airbus unveils plans for zero-emission, hydrogen-fueled airliners
44 Sweden and Norway Target Increased Use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel
45 Government prepares Jet Zero Council for take-off
46 UK says: wants to be first with carbon zero Atlantic commercial plane
47 Checkmate
48 UK Prime Minister: Britain Should Develop World's First Net Zero Long-Haul Passenger Jet
49 SF 49ers: 5 biggest unsung heroes in Week 3 win vs. Giants
50 UK's 'Jet Zero' green passenger jet gets the go-ahead
51 Otto Aviation unveils Celera 500L, an ultra-efficient passenger aircraft
52 General Electric's GE9X jet engine wins certification from U.S. regulator
53 Green aviation’s case as Leeds Bradford Airport consultation ends – Piers Forster
54 Powerful pennycress: Dr. Sedbrook's research team is transforming a weed into a crop
55 PODCAST 26: Business bounce back and hydrogen in the air
56 Zero emission flight 'the question is not if we will do it but when'
57 To get the week off to a good start, Zeroavia’s commercial hydrogen jet becomes reality
58 The bigger truth revealed by Trump's taxes
59 Jet zero takes off! Giant helium-filled airship moves toward electric propulsion
60 Johnson's Jet Zero climate crisis plan is both bad and pointless
61 The greening of New York, Ocean Winds of change & 'Jet-Zero'
62 Aerospace Technology Institute Launches One-Year Study of Zero Emission Commercial Aircraft
63 With La Niña likely, we could see below-average snowfall this winter
64 Jet Zero Council underpinned by PM's commitment to fuel green recovery
65 Flights to nowhere: The man who chartered SIA jets for sky-high joyrides in the 80s
66 National Hurricane Center watching area of low pressure expected to form near Cuba
67 Air France leads tax pushback in climate versus recovery fight
68 Transport Secretary's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19): 12 June 2020
69 Airbus Drought Worsens With Third Month of Zero Jet Orders
70 Meet the man who chartered SIA jets for sky-high joyrides in the 80s
71 WestJet flight cancelled after dispute over whether toddler should wear mask
72 Futuristic Her0 Zero airplane concept promises greener travel
73 A retired U.S. Army general remembers being at Ground Zero just hours after 9/11 attack
74 Virgin and easyJet join first Jet Zero Council meeting
75 The 15 Best Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes Highlights, Ranked
76 These images show horror and heroism in New York on 9/11, 19 years ago Friday
77 Hydrogen could help power new zero-emission Airbus jet
78 CP Daily: Friday September 25, 2020 « Carbon Pulse
79 XOM: Risk-Off Trading Returns to Energy Markets
80 Global Briefing: California plots 2035 end date for fossil fuel car sales
81 Patriots Package Report: Asiasi gets bigger workload vs Raiders
82 Aeroplanes could be fuelled by ammonia with zero emissions
83 Velocys wins additional funding for UK sustainable jet fuel plant
84 Transport Secretary Wants To See UK Develop First Transatlantic Carbon-Neutral Jet
85 UK Govt launches first meeting of Jet Zero Council | CAPA
86 Can airplanes go green?
87 In an all-time low, Boeing wins zero orders and delivers just 13 jets in January
88 Q&A: FlyZero and the future of zero-carbon aircraft
89 EAG Launches 70-Seat Hybrid-electric Regional Aircraft
90 The death of the business trip?
91 Airbus Says Zero-Carbon Regional Jet May Arrive as Soon as 2030s
92 Silver Air Launches “COVID-19 Cleared” Zero-Touch Travel Safety Program
93 Velocys: UK waste-to-jet fuel plant approved by local council
94 'Zero emissions planes' a step closer after ammonia breakthrough
95 Boeing didn’t deliver a single passenger jet in May
96 UK aims to build world's first transatlantic net zero plane
97 BA chief underlines importance of green jet fuel 'priority' as MPs press for further funding
98 Reaction Engines, STFC complete proof-of-concept study on ammonia fuel for sustainable aviation propulsion
99 Report Examines SAF Viability in the UK
100 Tesla electric jet: Elon Musk says a key technology is ‘3 to 4 years’ away