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1 Eagles' DeSean Jackson says he doesn't hate Jewish community after posting anti-Semitic messages
2 US Jews and Israel are drifting apart
3 Secular Jews are starting to understand the haredi Orthodox
4 Farrakhan: Jews poisoned me to test whether I'm a man of God
5 Frankfurt’s Jewish community once again has a potent voice
6 Rio de Janeiro’s Jews adapt as virus wreaks havoc on Brazil, infects president
7 Since we’re debating labels, stop calling it anti-Semitism. It’s Jew hatred.
8 Jews Cannot Stay Silent Amid American Bigotry | Jewish & Israel News
9 For Israel and Palestine, Equality in a One-State Solution
10 Yavne: A Jewish Case for Equality in Israel-Palestine
11 'Soul Vey' Shabbat Unites Black and Jewish Communities with Music and Comedy
12 France's 'hip' female rabbi draws Muslims, Christians and Jews in a time of crisis
13 I'm Jewish. She's Muslim. We took down anti-Semitic graffiti in less than a day.
14 Amplifying Diverse Voices in Jewish Librarianship
15 Jewish organizations are in danger | The Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle
16 Jewish groups to NFL star DeSean Jackson: Let us teach you about dangers of anti-Semitism
17 'Arabs, not Jews, founded and built Jerusalem'
18 History of the Hidden Jews — Detroit Jewish News
19 On his 80th birthday, Ringo Starr’s secret Jewish history
20 As COVID-19 spikes, Phoenix Jewish burial society commits to serving Orthodox community
21 As Jews, we are living with risk.
22 Jewish deaths in UK more than double amid pandemic, data shows
23 LA Rep. McCormick compares 'mask mandates' to Jews during Holocaust
24 Covid-19 death toll reaches 502 among UK Jews
25 A Rousing Defense of Pick-and-Choose Judaism
26 University professor in Argentina offers bonus to ‘whoever finds a poor Jew’
27 Amid a national reckoning over race, Jews are embracing Juneteenth
28 'An American Pickle' trailer shows Seth Rogen plays both 1920s Jewish immigrant and his great-grandson
29 Orthodox Jewish camps won’t open as judge sides with Cuomo
30 Light wins two Jewish journalism awards | Local News
31 A Past Reborn | Graduate School of Jewish Studies | Touro College
32 Board Commission on Racial Inclusivity aims to conclude in January
33 Set Up to Fail: The Liability of Being a Jew on Campus
34 Jewish community to pay tribute to 26th anniversary of Rebbe's death
35 What Christians See in Jews and Israel in 2020 of the Common Era
36 Jews of color: protests are reminders of pain, even within Jewish community
37 A 70-year-old letter will make you hopeful about the future of Jewish-Arab coexistence
38 The Liminal Life of Jewish Refugees in WWII Portugal—and What it Can Teach Us Today
39 Defund NYPD Effort Becomes Flash Point For Jewish Groups
40 Tuesday Dialogue with the Greensboro Jewish Federation | Faith & Values
41 Jewish activist whose channel hosted Starkey's 'damn blacks' interview defends himself
42 ‘As a Jew of color, I need more people in my community to speak up’
43 The Coronavirus Is Killing Off American Jewish Institutional Life
44 Many British Jews privately refuse to buy settlement produce
45 Jewish groups react to more anti-Semitic tweets by Ice Cube
46 Two charged in July 4 carjacking at Chesterfield Jewish Community Center
47 East Bay Jewish doctor killed in shooting in the Sierras – J.
48 Jewish women should go it alone | Derek Taylor | The Blogs
49 Jewish groups and MPs condemn Nigel Farage over antisemitic 'dog whistles'
50 Dean Furman: 'I'd love to see more Jewish footballers. We're few and far between'
51 Jewish extermination camp survivors' items that helped restore dignity after Second World War
52 How Jewish organizations can financially survive the pandemic
53 Understanding the dress codes of Orthodox Jewish women and their diverse interpretations
54 Cholent, a traditional Jewish dish, is a perfect lockdown meal
55 Newspaper Removes Cartoon Likening Mask Requirement to Holocaust
56 Calls to defund the police put Jewish institutions in a tough position
57 Physician to become only Jewish member of Kentucky’s state legislature
58 Covid-19 outbreak at San Quentin spurs Jewish activism, support – J.
59 A Philadelphia Couple Moved Their Jewish Ceremony Up a Month
60 Defying their own dire projection, the Orthodox Jewish community of Antwerp has weathered the coronavirus surprisingly well
61 A New Direction for The Jewish Week
62 Preserving Records of Ottoman Jewish Cemeteries, Thanks to Bernard Lewis
63 Jewish Times Voted Second-Best Jewish Newspaper in the Country
64 The Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn Are Alone in the World
65 Oak Park Woman Spearheads Baby Drive to Help Black Moms — Detroit Jewish News
66 What’s Going On In NYC This Week
67 37 Peruvian Jews move to Israel to flee COVID-19 and street riots
68 These Jewish Texans have already handled one coronavirus lockdown
69 OKC Jewish center will distribute free masks
70 COVID-19 forces Jewish conversions to adapt to once-in-a-century challenge
71 Trailer drops for Seth Rogen film on 1920s Jewish pickle-maker
72 Jeff’s Place Offers Hope, Recovery, Healing
73 Local Artists Featured In Virtual Art Show Benefiting Jewish Family Services
74 Oh, the humanity!
75 One Square and COVID
76 Don't erase Jesus's Jewish identity
77 Jewish Federation sells Boca Raton senior living facility for $34M
78 SF Jewish Film Festival revs up at the drive-in (and on your couch) – J.
79 Surowitz Will Leave Providence Tarzana to Lead Jewish Home
80 New Jewish Theatre presents online talk show
81 Top Jewish and Muslim Religious Leaders Urge European Court of Justice to Overturn Belgian Ban on Religious Slaughter
82 St. Louis Jewish community working to highlight absentee voting
83 New psychiatry unit opens at Jewish General Hospital
84 Remote rituals: The Jewish community is sustaining faith, upholding sacred traditions during the pandemic
85 'We have gone above and beyond': Jewish Care reacts to PM care home criticism
86 Largest UK Jewish group commissions report on prejudice against black Jews
87 A Jewish anti-racist reading list for children of all ages – J.
88 Israeli campaigners want Jewish ruins included in West Bank annexations
89 Anti-Israel 'Day of Rage' Protests Target Major Jewish Organizations in San Diego, Boston
90 The capital of Palestine – just 50 meters from a Jewish neighborhood
91 American Jews Are Terrified
92 Jewish Americans Say They Are Scapegoated For The Coronavirus Spread
93 ‘We’re Not Safe as Jews in New York’
94 Why French Jews are leaving France
95 Why some ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities defy social distancing
96 ‘Most Visible Jews’ Fear Being Targets as Anti-Semitism Rises
97 Is It Still Safe to Be a Jew in America?
98 The Museum of the Bible is winning over some of its biggest critics: Jewish scholars
99 Is Judaism an ethnicity? A race? A nationality? Trump signs an order and provokes an identity crisis.
100 During the Jewish High Holidays, there’s a growing awareness that not all U.S. Jews are white