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1 NBC Pulls Controversial 'Nurses' Episode From Digital, Future Airings Amid Backlash Over Orthodox Jew Storylin
2 Transgender Jews’ safe haven: the farm
3 Here's how New Jersey will celebrate a COVID-safe Purim, the Jewish Festival of Lots
4 Why anti-Putin protest movement divides Russian Jews
5 Jews split over storied charity's support for settlements
6 How Jewish life developed in Germany after the Holocaust
7 SNL’s Michael Che said Israel only vaccinated its ‘Jewish half.’ Critics call the joke ‘an antisemitic trope.’
8 Shlomo Hillel, Who Helped 120,000 Jews Flee Iraq, Dies at 97
9 Biden nominee Kristen Clarke is being falsely accused of anti-Semitism. Jews must push back.
10 Dutch ‘Jew cookies’ are getting a new name
11 British Jews lead fight against oppression of Uighur Muslims
12 'I'm Jewish now': Azealia Banks' engagement pic ignites storm
13 Kosher Slaughter, Circumcision and Jews' Religious Freedom | Opinion
14 Lodz Ghetto photos donated to Boston museum
15 'Black & Jewish Talk Series' opens up with 'A Conversation'
16 Jews of Philly Fashion: Jacob Hurwitz
17 Some Jewish Portlanders alarmed or annoyed after seemingly targeted proselytizing book arrives in mail
18 'We have to be Jews in our hearts' says last Canadian Schindler survivor
19 Ruderman Foundation pulls disability inclusion funding
20 Jewish National Fund's new land grab drives wedge between Israel and liberal diaspora Jews
21 Miami-Dade Man Responds Quickly To ‘Beware The Jews’ Graffiti On Fence
22 Turkey's Jewish community commemorates WWII’s Struma disaster | Daily Sabah
23 Canada arrests, charges political party's leader for promoting hatred of Jews
24 Christians, Muslims and Jews to share faith centre in Berlin
25 Rio de Janeiro and Raanana are now sister cities
26 Inside Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities During Covid
27 Jews fear what follows after Republicans applauded Marjorie Taylor Greene
28 Reframing 'Dual Loyalty'
29 'I'm Jewish now': Rapper Azealia Banks ignites social media storm with wedding announcement
30 As Jewish physician was dying, he recruited a successor to continue his work
31 Jewish news reports highlight anti-Semitism
32 Anger grows at Israel’s ultra-Orthodox virus scofflaws, threatening rupture with secular Jews
33 Jewish tradition may explain why Trump’s lawyer covered his head when taking a drink
34 CSUN Amado Lecture to Explore Issues of Gender and Disability in Jewish Stories
35 ‘A Japanese Schindler’: The remarkable diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during WWII
36 Marjorie Taylor Greene’s space laser and the age-old problem of blaming the Jews
37 The Capitol riot revealed a political chasm among American Jews
38 Met Council for Jewish Poverty's 'Purim: Funny Story' Table Read Raises More Than $500,000 for COVID-19 Relief
39 'The Vigil' review: Elevated horror mixed with Jewish ritual
40 Poll: Many Jewish youth ‘hate’ Arabs, want to strip them of rights
41 Covid: London's Orthodox Jews have 'one of highest rates in the world'
42 Jewish books bonanza in February | Arts & Features |
43 Beth Din of Arabia: Jews in Gulf countries announce first communal organizations
44 London mayor's diversity champion resigns over antisemitism claims
45 Ugandan Jews not eligible to immigrate to Israel, state informs High Court
46 Fire at Jewish Temple in Sharon Investigated
47 The secret Jewish history of Mars
48 Jewish holidays, from Passover to Hanukkah | All media content
49 How Many House Republicans Believe the Jews Attacked California With a Space Laser?
50 Remembering Flory Jagoda, Who Preserved Sephardic Jewish Music And Language
51 Tablet: California Is Cleansing Jews From History
52 Netanyahu allies with Jewish supremacists ahead of Israeli election
53 In Light We Are Seen
54 OPINION: 125 years since Herzl's pamphlet for the Jewish state
55 170 Industry Leaders Sign Unity Statement to Launch Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance
56 A bigger picture: This Alabama Jewish film fest is no longer a local affair
57 Dutch Officials Urge New Look at Claim on Painting by Jewish Heirs
58 GOP Congresswoman Blamed Wildfires on Secret Jewish Space Laser
59 The Most Complete Jewish Guide to the 2021 Golden Globes | The Jewish
60 North Carolina's lieutenant governor has Jewish community on high alert
61 FBI arrests Capitol rioter who said Jews and Israel control other governments
62 Jewish Leaders Remember George Shultz
63 Annual Jewish Studies Diller Lecture to feature award-winning author Sarah Stein
64 Tufts student alleges antisemitism and harassment at university
65 Conservative Jewish leaders condemn Israel's rejection of Ugandan Jews from immigrating
66 Dutch Jews died in 'secret Nazi gas chamber' in 1941
67 Williamsville parents question starting school on Jewish holy day
68 Austrian man leaves 'large amount' to village that saved family from Nazis
69 Scoop: Jewish National Fund plans to pour millions into expanding West Bank settlements
70 Covid Hastens Exit from Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Community
71 A taste of home: Claudia Roden’s majestic Book of Jewish Food
72 ‘The Jew is guilty,’ 300 neo-Nazis attend rare gathering in Spain
73 Trump Lawyer Asks to Pause Impeachment Trial if It Runs Into Sabbath
74 David Schoen describes dysfunction within Trump's impeachment team
75 WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Truth behind killing of Iran nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh revealed
76 Jewish Americans Say They Are Scapegoated For The Coronavirus Spread
77 Why the Jewish vote matters | BrandeisNOW
78 Could the Jewish vote decide the election? | BrandeisNOW
79 Orthodox Jews Are Visiting UAE In Waves After Israeli-Emirati Peace Deal
80 Focus
81 Jewish teens say life on TikTok comes with anti-Semitism
82 How a Virus Surge Among Orthodox Jews Became a Crisis for New York
83 We're Forgetting Our History. Is It Good for the Jews?
84 ‘A sin against the Lord himself:’ Christians can’t love Christ and hate Jews.
85 Focus
86 As Thousands Of Israeli Tourists Visit Dubai, A Small Jewish Community Gets A Boost
87 American Jews And Muslims Offer Advice On How To Celebrate Holidays Safely
88 Jewish Americans Grieve Justice Ginsburg As Jewish New Year Begins
89 15 celebrities you might not know are Jewish
90 Book examines Black Jewish indigeneity in South Africa | Cornell Chronicle
91 Is 'Jewish' a nationality or religion? Inside Israel's fierce, bitter debate about identity
92 Half of British Jews will not display public sign of Judaism
93 Celebrating 1,700 years of Jewish life in Germany
94 Subjected to anti-Semitism and racism, Jews of color feel 'stuck in the middle'
95 How Jewish Twitter users and celebrities took down a virtual anti-Semitic mob
96 Looking for Nice Jewish Guys With ‘Standards’? Click Here
97 A COVID-19 'mitzvah': Orthodox Jews donate blood plasma by the thousands
98 The Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU presents new virtual events series: “Black Lives in a Jewish Context”
99 American and Israeli Jews Don’t Understand Each Other
100 Despite recent anti-Semitic comments, Jews and Black people have long been allies