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Result Content Idea Research
1 Mississippi to vote on Jim Crow-era law designed to secure 'white supremacy' in state politics
2 To shake off Memphis' Jim Crow past, its top companies must boost Black executives | Weathersbee
3 Exhibit about Jim Crow-era travel on display at NC Transportation Museum
4 WKMS Presents "The Reckoning," A New Series Exploring the Kentuckian Origins of Jim Crow Oppression
5 Racist Jim Crow era lives on in Florida decision to disenfranchise felons over fines
6 Pandemic school funding debate in South Carolina rekindles Jim Crow-era controversy
7 “Navigating Jim Crow: The Green Book and Oasis Spaces in North Carolina” traveling exhibit hosted at the N.C.
8 The relationship between Jim Crow laws and social capital from 1997-2014: A 3-level multilevel hierarchical analysis across time, county and state
9 Supreme Court: How the justices revived Jim Crow voter suppression
10 Jim Crow deleted from Hyattsville park deed
11 How the South Won the Civil War review: the path from Jim Crow to Donald Trump
12 A Chatham diplomat looks at reconciliation, lasting benefits
13 Mississippi Gives Voters a Chance to End Racist Election Policy That Keeps Black Candidates From Winning Races
14 Remnant Schools: Faculty Are Repurposing the Legacy of Jim Crow Across Louisiana
15 Duluth to receive historical marker from Equal Justice Initiative
16 Lovecraft Country: Horror stories, Wizards and Jim Crow
17 What It Means To Be A 'Person Of Color' : Code Switch
18 For Black Americans, it's been opportunities lost
19 Commentary: Marxists, Smarxists. Black Lives Matter.
20 Paper: Lawful discrimination by businesses creates 'customer caste'
21 Polk's Black history continues to shape community
22 Fargo season 4 review: A tale that sounds a little too familiar
23 LETTER: War on Drugs relates directly to Jim Crow
24 Black Health Matters: Wealth Is Health
25 Death Penalty Disparities Linked to Slavery, Jim Crow Policies: Report
26 Analysis: A Debate No Boy Can Be Proud Of
27 House votes to kill Republican resolution to ban Democratic Party
28 Trump's interference with our voting system hints at his Jim Crow fantasy
29 A Military 1st: A Supercarrier Is Named After An African American Sailor
30 Fact checks on KKK and China
31 A sordid tale of housing and systemic racism
32 Column: Women must be heard where decisions are made
33 The Dream Denied: Black Oppression in the North and South
34 House votes to kill Gohmert-sponsored resolution to ban Democratic Party
35 EDITOR'S NOTE: As You Vote, Recall the Blackjacks Hitting Mrs. Hamer's Back
36 Black Citizenship in the Age of Jim Crow
37 House defeats Gohmert resolution to ban the Democratic Party
38 ‘Going Full Jim Crow’: Attorneys Hammer Florida AG for Criminally Investigating Bloomberg’s Payment of Ex-Felons’ Fines
39 'A healing place': New plan would transform downtown Houston park into lynching memorial
40 How well does Lovecraft Country depict the Jim Crow era?
41 A look at 'FACEism' and the history of blackface in the U.S.
42 A Counter to Confederate Monuments, Black Cemeteries Tell a Fuller Story of the South
43 Iberia African American Historical Society starts book club
44 Opinion/Al Southwick: Electoral College, for better or worse, deciding our presidential elections since 1789
45 Jim Crow laws created 'slavery by another name'
46 PODCASTING: Clinton to join wife with his own podcast
47 Barrett on the bench: Bad news for workers
48 Six Perspectives on Historic Monuments and the Battle Over Civic Space
49 Editorial: The creeping authoritarianism of Ron DeSantis
50 HBS Drops Carter Glass Name From Building To Rename It For Its First Black Tenured Professor
51 America’s Black Holocaust Museum Turns To Social Media For Virtual Life During Covid-19
52 NYU’s Carter Journalism Institute Releases Nominees for “Top 10 Works of Journalism of the Decade”
53 Fought for country; still fighting for equality
54 The election choice: The America of Bull Connor, or of John Lewis?
55 Good Trouble: Georgia congressmen advance systemic change for young farmers
56 GOP state House incumbent faces challenge from union leader for 77th District seat
57 Watoga Trail Report
58 More than coffee | City Desk |
59 Editorial Roundup: Florida
60 Sandy Springs advocacy group to hold candidate forum on racial equity, affordable housing
61 Stacking the deck: How the GOP works to suppress minority voting
62 Savala Trepczynski on Breonna Taylor and the elusive nature of racial justice
63 The OGs: Chris Rock Shines in Fargo’s Brilliant Season 4
64 'The Modern West' Explores Struggles Small Towns Face To Survive
65 Rochester's oldest soul food restaurant is moving
66 Calling all women: It's time to take our stand together against tyranny and injustice
67 Times have changed, but the disenfranchisement game is the same
68 The GOP has suffered from a pathological fear of Black folks enjoying the full rights of citizens
69 You have a right to speak, assemble, petition
70 A North Carolina Artist’s Search for a Lost Sound Uncovered a Dark History
71 Dom Amore: UConn great Caron Butler’s second act a mission to ‘move the needle to the right side of justice’
72 Greg Palast: Wisconsin 'movers' didn't move
73 Why the world needs innovative design more than ever
74 Panel Examines Human Rights at Home
75 Institute Library Goes To The Ballot Box
76 Evelyn Butts fought Virginia’s poll tax. A new highway marker in Norfolk will help people know her name.
77 Letters: Legal, but it still feels wrong
78 Letters to the editor, September 30, 2020 | Opinion
79 What America owes: How reparations would look and who would pay
80 Act now on pressing issues
81 Kentucky Governor: Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Transcripts Should Be Made Public
82 Remnants of Jim Crow Found in Modern Housing Policy
83 African American Michigan: The People v. Jim Crow
84 Obama calls filibuster 'Jim Crow relic' that should be eliminated if necessary to enact voting rights legislation
85 'Apartheid and Jim Crow are really no different': Why George Floyd's death reverberated in Africa
86 Jim Crow Laws
87 Op-ed: Racism scarred Jim Crow-era Black Americans. Here's why they deserve reparations.
88 Voters could remove Jim Crow law that hurts African American-backed candidates
89 Jim Crow Origin
90 Born under Jim Crow
91 Jim Crow, the Nazis and racial hatred
92 Letter: Like Jim Crow laws, statues symbolize white supremacy
93 Eric Douglas: We can't forget about Jim Crow laws
94 Mississippi could drop Jim Crow-era statewide voting process
95 Association of Black Faculty and Staff Will Discuss Old Jim Crow vs New Jim Crow in Zoom Meeting
96 A petition opposed to renaming Jim Crow Road has emerged. Here's what it says
97 Mississippians could vote to strike a Jim Crow-era voting process in November
98 Flowery Branch renames its portion of Jim Crow Road
99 What People Still Get Wrong About Jim Crow Segregation | Time
100 The Jim Crow South in Faulkner's Fiction | by Michael Gorra