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Result Content Idea Research
1 Recovery will save $6b in JobKeeper payments in December quarter
2 Coronavirus: Drop in the number of people on JobKeeper
3 A guide to JobKeeper 2.0
4 Thousands of SA businesses leave JobKeeper
5 ASX to rise; 2 million Aussies drop off JobKeeper
6 Two million fewer workers on JobKeeper but concerns remain far too many still rely on government wage subsidies
7 Job losses would have doubled without jobkeeper in pandemic, research finds
8 Two million Australians drop out of Jobkeeper scheme
9 Reserve Bank of Australia says JobKeeper saved 700,000 jobs
10 New postcode data for JobKeeper applications in Tasmania released
11 Employers given November extension for JobKeeper declarations
12 Coronavirus: Job losses would have 'doubled' if not for JobKeeper
13 Coronavirus Australia live news: Coronavirus Australia live news: RBA estimates JobKeeper saved 700,000 jobs during COVID-19 recession
14 As the end of JobKeeper 2.0 looms, a third of Australian small businesses say the loss of the subsidy will hit them hard
15 JobKeeper saved 700k jobs and kept self-employed in business, RBA says | MyBusiness
16 Victoria’s top 20 JobKeeper suburbs
17 PoliticsNow: 'Afghan lives matter': China's outcry widens
18 Half a million Aussie businesses bumped from JobKeeper –
19 One in three businesses believe loss of JobKeeper will have a major impact, says Sensis survey
20 The Sydney suburbs hit hardest by cuts to JobKeeper and JobSeeker
21 Tour operators need JobKeeper support until international borders reopen: ATEC
22 JobKeeper saved 700,000 jobs in early stages of pandemic: RBA
23 ATO extends JobKeeper monthly declaration after system downtime
24 Government statistics reveal less business applying for JobKeeper supplement
25 Spending climbs back to pre-pandemic levels despite cuts to JobKeeper, JobSeeker
26 Unemployment numbers would have doubled without JobKeeper
27 ATO to examine data on 10m individuals under new JobKeeper compliance program
28 Small-business owner takes JobKeeper eligibility dispute to AAT | MyBusiness
29 Jobseeker Covid payment extended till March but will be cut to $150 a fortnight
30 JobKeeper monthly deadline extended | HRD Australia
31 'This is not foreign aid': Andrews defends Victoria's JobKeeper share
32 When JobKeeper and JobSeeker were announced 'applications fell away'
33 States expected to up their game post-JobKeeper, Treasurer hints | MyBusiness
34 Words of Advice: JobKeeper claims for sole traders
35 Victorians on both JobSeeker and JobKeeper could have payment suspended on November 23 if they don't look for work
36 JobKeeper withdrawal to have major impact, say one-in-three businesses | MyBusiness
37 Australia: Changes to JobKeeper and JobSeeker Programs
38 JobKeeper proves pandemic-winning policy, super, HomeBuilder get thumbs down
39 COVID-19: Australia Jobkeeper 2.0 – Expanded Eligibility
40 Jobkeeper and jobseeker payment: what do the changes mean for recipients?
41 JobKeeper-denied Mildura gets Sydney flights
42 Bowing out gracefully: how they'll wind down and better target JobKeeper
43 JobKeeper Extension: the New Rules are here!
44 JobKeeper
45 People: JobKeeper 2.0: here's what it means (Australia)
46 Covid-19: What Does Australia's Jobkeeper 2.0 Mean
47 Increased employee eligibility for existing jobkeeper payments
48 Extension of JobKeeper and Fair Work Act reforms
49 The Jobkeeper Legislation FAQs
50 JobKeeper payment: A guide for employers
51 JobKeeper payment: how will it work, who will miss out and how to get it?
52 Jobkeeper 2.0
53 @Work | JobKeeper 2.0
54 Australia's “JobKeeper” Scheme Falls Short by Design
55 Australian COVID-19 JobKeeper Scheme Employer Guide
56 Shine wears off the $130bn jobkeeper subsidy as millions are left in the cold
57 How to tweak JobKeeper, if we must
58 Australia: Guide to JobKeeper Payments for Coronavirus
59 JobKeeper extended
60 Coronavirus Updated Guide to JobKeepers Payments in Australia
61 Jobkeeper payment could be adjusted, Scott Morrison says
62 In defence of JobMaker, the replacement for JobKeeper: not perfect, but much to like
63 Australia Coronavirus JobKeeper Legislation Changes in Effect to Sept 27
64 'Need to notify us': New JobKeeper step businesses need to take
65 JobKeeper and JobSeeker: What has changed?
66 Australia Sticks to Plan to Reduce JobKeeper Support for Now
67 JobKeeper is quick, dirty and effective: there was no time to make it perfect
68 ATO reveals it delayed 75,000 JobKeeper payments
69 Services Australia has a JobKeeper data exchange arrangement with the ATO
70 COVID-19 | The JobKeeper Payment
71 How to improve JobKeeper (hint: it would help not to pay businesses late)
72 Treasury officials defend delay in rollout of jobkeeper payments
73 Qantas must pass on full jobkeeper subsidy to workers, federal court rules
74 Free childcare ends July 12, with sector losing JobKeeper but receiving temporary payment
75 3.5 million Aussies face $300 pay cut on Monday
76 JobKeeper payments being 'gamed'
77 COVID-19: JobKeeper 2.0
78 COVID-19: JobKeeper Rules
79 JobKeeper payments: can we trust employers to do the right thing?
80 Fixing jobkeeper: why the banks are not to blame for flaws in the wage scheme
81 Winding back JobKeeper and JobSeeker will push 740,000 Australians into poverty
82 Australia: Extension to JobKeeper Payment and Coronavirus Supplement
83 Australia: Further changes to the JobKeeper program announced
84 COVID-19 Australia Jobkeeper: Employers Need to Know Now?
85 Extra Aussies eligible for JobKeeper, ATO says
86 Jobkeeper has failed, and it's hitting women and young people the hardest | Greg Jericho
87 We need to plan for life after JobKeeper now. We need to make it portable
88 JobKeeper renewed
89 JobKeeper: What your employer can’t ask you to do with it
90 New Monday deadline as more Aussies now eligible for JobKeeper
91 JobKeeper extension welcomed by businesses but many fear they won't be eligible after September
92 JobKeeper Legislation
93 $300 gone: JobKeeper changes to come into effect
94 The government says artists should be able to access JobKeeper payments. It's not that simple
95 What to do if you’re not eligible for JobKeeper anymore
96 Keeping up with JobKeeper: legislation now passed
97 JobKeeper Schemes
98 JobKeeper explained: What your boss can and cannot ask you to do
99 ATO rejects 6,500 JobKeeper applicants
100 In defence of JobMaker, the replacement for JobKeeper. Not perfect, but much to like