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1 Fact check: Facebook did not remove 'President-elect' from Joe Biden's page
2 Breakingviews
3 Alabama police officer resigns following controversial Biden Facebook post
4 Photos: New Orleans reacts to Joe Biden beating President Trump
5 Fact check: More than 1,000 people viewed President-elect Joe Biden’s Thanksgiving address
6 Facebook and Instagram ready new newsfeed message for election winner
7 Virginia Wesleyan dean resigns after Biden Facebook post uproar
8 The next presidential dogs head to the White House – The Bradley Scout
9 Joe Biden, Facebook, ‘Mulan’: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
10 Biden campaign launches petition lambasting Facebook over refusal to remove political misinformation
11 Twitter and Facebook's election disinformation efforts may be too little, too late
12 Biden campaign ramps up Facebook ad spending
13 Blame game | Letters To Editor |
14 What Could Happen to Facebook Under a Joe Biden Presidency, and Should Zuckerberg Be Worried?
15 Thousands Of Biden’s Facebook Ads Are Stuck In Limbo
16 Professor causes uproar asking Biden voters to unfriend him
17 Trump runs Facebook ads promoting a baseless online rumor about Biden wearing an earpiece
18 Biden outspends Trump on Facebook ads for the first time since June
19 7 things President-elect Biden can achieve on health care
20 Biden should keep Facebook workers out of his transition team, groups demand
21 Facebook Removes Pro-Trump 'Stop the Steal' Election Group
22 What Joe Biden’s And Donald Trump’s Facebook Ads Reveal About Their Campaign Strategies
23 Joe Biden's campaign abandons multimillion-dollar Facebook digital ad push
24 How Biden's Rebels Blew Up Trump's Death Star
25 Trump continues Biden attack ads on Facebook
26 Santa Monica Zip Code Among Neighborhoods Donating Most to Joe Biden
27 How Facebook ad spend predicted the US 2020 election
28 Biden Facebook Likes Growing Five Times Faster Than Trump, but Still 27 Million Behind
29 Facebook Groups Buzzed With Calls for Violence Ahead of US Election
30 Trump v Biden: who is engaging the most followers on Facebook?
31 The Facebook Group That Could Flip Pennsylvania
32 PIPELINES: Biden win could spell the end for Dakota Access
33 Facebook ads in battleground states: Where Trump and Biden are spending most
34 NY Post story goes massive on social media despite crackdowns
35 Facebook, Twitter take unusual steps to limit spread of New York Post story on Hunter Biden
36 Biden Is Losing the Internet. Does That Matter?
37 Biden campaign assails Facebook for 'haggling’ with Trump over his online posts
38 New Trump Campaign Facebook Ads Appear to Use Filter to Make Biden Look Older
39 Joe Biden’s Facebook strategy is to talk to older voters about himself
40 Facebook won't ban Trump's Biden video, but it will label it 'partly false'
41 Biden Escalates Attack on Facebook Over False Political Ads
42 CAMPAIGN 2020: Climate advisers take key roles in Biden transition team
43 The Biden campaign faces a mind-boggling challenge: How to make Joe go viral
44 DOE: Big hurdle for Biden's energy plan: Trump staff cuts
45 Joe Biden: Breaking up Facebook deserves 'really hard look'
46 Already Tired of Trump and Biden? Facebook Will Let You Block Their Political Ads
47 Trump Almost Doubles Biden's Facebook Spending After Signing Social Media Order
48 Joe Biden will campaign in Tampa this week
49 The latest battlefield in a heated presidential campaign: Front yards bearing Biden signs
50 Analysis | Why Disinformation Is a Major Threat to the 2020 Election
51 October's U.S. presidential debate moved to Florida
52 Liz Peek: Liberal media's efforts to trash Donald Trump outrages supporters, in a good way
53 Zuckerberg 'not aware' that Facebook election integrity official worked for Biden
54 Pro-AOC group spent $20,000 on anti-Biden Facebook ads
55 Facebook plays whack-a-mole with foreign election interference
56 Biden campaign continues to pressure Facebook and Twitter over Trump's false voter fraud claims
57 Facebook and Twitter Are Still Tinkering With Democracy
58 Biden voices strong support for Taiwan in congratulating Tsai
59 CNN to air coronavirus town hall featuring Biden, Facebook's Zuckerberg | TheHill
60 Turning Point USA tied to fake accounts, Facebook says
61 Joe Biden, Barack Obama endorse Carolyn Bourdeaux in 7th Congressional District race
62 Joe Biden to Ron DeSantis: 'Floridians deserve science-based action' on coronavirus
63 With nearly 2 million ballots already cast, Democrats have a big lead in early voting totals thus far
64 Republican Spokesman, for Some Reason, Mocks Photo of Biden Holding Young Son
65 Much Higher Than Normal Percentage Of CT Republicans To Vote For Joe Biden, Poll Finds
66 April 16 coronavirus news
67 Senate Republicans vote to authorize subpoena targeting Facebook, Twitter CEOs, citing their handling of New York Post story
68 Joe Biden Visits George Floyd Protest Site in Delaware and Speaks with Community Leaders at Church
69 Kamala Harris to attend events throughout metro Detroit on Sunday: Her schedule
70 Biden says it's 'possible' Zuckerberg committed a criminal offense
71 Trump's Crime and Carnage Ad Blitz Is Going Unanswered on Facebook
72 Joe Biden will speak at a veterans roundtable Tampa Tuesday
73 Fact check: Ernest Hemingway quote falsely attributed to Joe Biden
74 Commentary: Who's winning the social media race – Trump or Biden?
75 Why Trump and Biden's Facebook ads are focused on one man (and it's not Donald) | ITV News
76 Outside groups help Biden close the digital ad gap with Trump on Facebook
77 Biden Announces $2 Trillion Climate and Green Recovery Plan
78 Facebook bans political ads after polls close on Election Day as U.S. tensions rise
79 PBCHRC Endorses Joe Biden and Bill Weld in Primary
80 Not Quite There: Joe Biden’s Struggling Virtual Campaign
81 Biden Campaign Blasts Facebook As 'Foremost Propagator' of Lies About Voting
82 Biden Campaign Now Outspending Trump Campaign On Facebook Ads
83 Trump and Biden will both hold rallies in Tampa on Thursday
84 CAMPAIGN 2020: Biden, Sanders fight for first place in Iowa caucuses
85 Protests a blow to Trump, but may still beat Biden: analysts
86 A 'Never Biden' movement vows not to vote for Joe
87 Biden calls on Facebook to fact-check political ads
88 Mason-Dixon poll gives Biden a narrow lead in FL over President Trump
89 Poll: Biden 'All But Certain To Beat' Trump In NJ, Enhancing Amy Kennedy's Congressional Hopes
90 Whitmer to take part in Biden roundtable on coronavirus Thursday
91 Cher Sings 'Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe' at Biden Benefit
92 Hunter Biden's wife, Melissa Cohen, gives birth to baby boy
93 Biden Reflects on Trans Hero Aimee Stephens, Calls Conversion Therapy 'Sick'
94 Joe Biden campaign lashes out at Facebook over 'technical issues' that blocked thousands of their ads
95 CNN says Biden campaign gave it edited photo for biographical special | TheHill
96 Florida Democratic voters chose Joe Biden, then sanitized their hands
97 In Reversal, Twitter Is No Longer Blocking New York Post Article
98 Biden fans and the Pa. Democratic establishment are taking a quiet primary victory lap: ‘He’s the guy to beat
99 Trump owns YouTube's homepage ads on Election Day — but it won't happen again
100 Team Trump sticks to polarising, manipulative content on social media ahead of election