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1 Afghanistan was hell, our soldiers deserve our support
2 Joel Fitzgibbon says the proposed Hunter gas pipeline is needed to support Kurri gas plant
3 Murmurs on the mainland: Sky News puts up Joel
4 Angus Taylor challenges Labor MP's stance on tensions with China
5 We need to 'realign' the physical life of coal generators with their economic life
6 Labor is 'striking the right balance' on coal
7 Federal budget 2021 to 'rain money' but government tight lipped on next election
8 Ministers admit to sending gossip texts during Question Time
9 Labor MP calls for Morrison government to establish remote quarantine
10 Australian coal industry has been 'bashed from pillar to post' in recent years
11 Joel Fitzgibbon and how coal and climate change caused split in Labor ranks
12 'No hesitation': Security risk to determine reclamation of Australian ports
13 Labor left blasts Joel Fitzgibbon for publicly undermining party policy
14 Pauline Hanson blasts port's foreign ownership
15 Australia-India travel ban threatens jail, fines for returning citizens
16 Criminalising return Aussie travellers completely 'nuts' and 'unacceptable'
17 'Get your house in order!': Politicians feud over net zero emissions targets
18 Boris Johnson's win offers lessons for Australian Labor Party
19 Stuart Bonds uses SFF endorsement speech to take aim at Labor candidate Jeff Drayton's record on mine workers entitlements
20 Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon threatens to quit shadow cabinet over emissions target
21 Joel Fitzgibbon isolated as Labor backs bill to strip misbehaving judges of pensions
22 Joel Fitzgibbon's resignation is a reminder there's no white knight in the wings for Labor
23 Albanese throws a bone to Labor's Right, but Joel Fitzgibbon remains off the leash
24 Labor rift as Joel Fitzgibbon defies party on medium-term target for cutting emissions
25 Australian political leaders to join live stream national commemoration of the Armenian Genocide – Public Radio of Armenia
26 At first General Meeting in 14 years, students vote to join climate strike
27 Rudd family matters
28 'Shrill, elitist, out-of-touch and irrational': Joel Fitzgibbon lets fly at critics
29 Fierce battle for the future in NSW’s Upper Hunter
30 All Australians can 'take credit' that the economy 'is doing so well'
31 Stuart Bonds backs Shooters after falling out with One Nation
32 Joel Fitzgibbon wants to take Labor back to its grassroots
33 Nuclear error — Did Australia’s subs selection miss the boat?
34 CBA marketing boss heads back to US
35 Joel Fitzgibbon calls for changes to Labor's leader selection rules as Albanese finalises reshuffle
36 Joel Fitzgibbon blasted by Mark Butler for backing gas-led Covid recovery plan
37 Labor agrees to support new gas projects after public brawl sparked by Joel Fitzgibbon
38 Australia's former Defense Minister, MP Joel Fitzgibbon calls for recognition of Artsakh – Public Radio of Armenia
39 Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon face off in front of the media.
40 Port of Newcastle gets NAB funding reprieve with tough green conditions
41 Anthony Albanese rebukes Joel Fitzgibbon over comments on gas-led recovery
42 Labor Party could split in 20 years, warns Joel Fitzgibbon
43 Climate change: Australia wrestles with its coal mining dilemma
44 A budget carol
45 Fitzgibbon to offer Labor free advice at Howard celebration
46 Joel Fitzgibbon urges Anthony Albanese to focus on jobs not climate change or face 'the next step'
47 Market signals missing from the path to net zero
48 Joel Fitzgibbon wears reported ‘idiot’ attack from Mark Dreyfus as ‘badge of honour’
49 Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon accuses Coalition of starting 'economic war with China'
50 Australian PM does not use word ''genocide'' – Armenian community plans protests
51 'Disaster for the Hunter': Joel Fitzgibbon slams Greens' hung parliament idea
52 No wonder Joel Fitzgibbon has given up on catatonic Labor
53 Has Joel Fitzgibbon locked Labor into a ‘go slow’ switch to renewable energy?
54 'The idiot for Hunter': Labor colleagues trade insults in energy split
55 I’ve got Hunter Valley coal in my blood, but Joel Fitzgibbon doesn’t speak for me or the valley I know
56 Joel Fitzgibbon debates One Nation candidate on coal and climate
57 Joel Fitzgibbon, Anthony Albanese and the ‘insane’ rift destroying Australian politics
58 Joel Fitzgibbon quits Labor front bench
59 Joel Fitzgibbon fuels ALP carbon fire
60 ALP factional feud over climate change rearing its head
61 Green agenda ‘puts Labor in the bunker’, says Joel Fitzgibbon
62 Fitzgibbon: Labor must set aside all opposition to coal mining to win byelection
63 “We should do whatever Morrison says:” Fitzgibbon calls on Labor to capitulate on climate
64 'It's just weird': Gloves off for Joel Fitzgibbon over latest COVID measure
65 Lazarus Rising again: Labor MP’s cheeky stunt to keep pressure on
66 Joel Fitzgibbon: Canberra Report | Incremental change is not good enough
67 Joel Fitzgibbon says grim polling prediction is consistent with the feeling he picks up across the Hunter.
68 EXCLUSIVE: Greens voters 'infiltrate' Labor to influence policy
69 Four-way kidney swap adds years to Patricia’s life
70 Energy Minister condemns former prime minister's improper behaviour
71 Mark Dreyfus 'doesn't understand' new energy investment fund bill: Joel Fitzgibbon
72 US riots: Joel Fitzgibbon slams ALP tweet but says Anthony Albanese did not know
73 Former Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon joins Armenian, Assyrian, Greek calls for Genocide recognition – Public Radio of Armenia
74 Fitzgibbon: we can act on climate change, without costing coal miners their jobs
75 One Nation's Stuart Bonds says Joel Fitzgibbon 'knows he is gone', can't retain seat as a Labor member
76 Labor's war of words in the Hunter Valley
77 Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon takes inspiration from John Howard
78 ‘An arse-covering exercise by military leaders obsessed with PC’
79 Joel Fitzgibbon believes reshuffling the party's frontbench is a step towards 'putting labour back into Labor'.
80 Labor leadership: Joel Fitzgibbon weighs in on Bill Shorten, Anthony Albanese
81 Labor frontbencher Joel Fitzgibbon wants his party to adopt the Coalition's climate policies
82 Joel Fitzgibbon gives Anthony Albanese visit to his NSW electorate a miss
83 Shortland MP says Fitzgibbon's climate change position would leave Labor in 'permanent opposition'
84 Joel Fitzgibbon: Canberra Report | Government support must continue for industries hit hardest by pandemic
85 Labor frontbencher: China 'a big gorilla' that 'will punish us'
86 Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon breaks ranks to back China view on coronavirus probe
87 'Irrelevant': Labor frontbencher says no use focusing on 2030 emissions target
88 New rounds of political phone polling in the Hunter as One Nation coal miner gets ready for a second challenge to Joel Fitzgibbon
89 Joel Fitzgibbon attacks ALP tweet linking Scott Morrison with Donald Trump
90 Joel Fitzgibbon
91 Australia's Former Defense Minister Joins Calls for Genocide Recognition
92 The truth about coal is that its future is strong
93 Jodi backs Joel on climate: ‘He has a point’
94 Matt Thistlethwaite to replace Joel Fitzgibbon as faction chief
95 Matt Kean says Joel Fitzgibbon a climate ally in ‘sensible centre’ against ideologues
96 Labor luminary lashes party ‘fundamentalists’
97 Fitzgibbon denies claim coal has 'limited future'
98 Union boss and environmentalist bury the hatchet in the Hunter
99 Fitzgibbon’s stance on coal burns Labor’s credibility
100 Unions urge ALP to accept need for gas and back blue collar workers or face losing next election