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Result Content Idea Research
1 Balancing nitrogen between food production and climate change | TheHill
2 Lehmann, alum artificially age tech waste for new exhibit | Cornell Chronicle
3 Art and science provide fertile ground for research, teaching
4 A short de novo synthesis of nucleoside analogs
5 New soil models may ease atmospheric CO2, climate change
6 Angelika Amon, award-winning MIT cell biologist, dies at 53
7 HIGHLIGHTS: Winter season starts in earnest, first World Cup medal for U.S.’s Moltzan; U.S. crushes Bahamas in FIBA Americup qualifying
8 First U.S. soil sample to soar to space to help farmers
9 Lost in translation: Organic matter cuts plant-microbe links | Cornell Chronicle
10 Lehmann elected to Germany's National Academy of Sciences
11 Striking pay dirt: Cornell soil soars to the space station | Cornell
12 CO2 soil sequestration plan aims to relieve atmospheric warming
13 Trash to treasure: Cornell's pyrolysis kiln opens May 24 | Cornell Chronicle
14 Crossing boundaries: Cornell's thriving research ecosystem | Cornell Chronicle
15 Biochar soaks up ammonia pollution, study shows | Cornell Chronicle
16 Supplementary Materials
17 Cell Biologist Angelika Amon Dies at 53
18 Human waste could help combat global food insecurity
19 Researchers discover high-def electron pathways in soil | Cornell Chronicle
20 Chemist's new process fast-tracks drug treatments for viral infections and cancer
21 The artist who co-authored a paper and expanded my professional network
22 'Climate-smart soils' may help balance the carbon budget | Cornell Chronicle
23 Human feces get their day in the sun — and field
24 The six-year-old space agency with hopes for Mars
25 Spreading rock dust on fields could remove vast amounts of CO2 from air
26 Nathaniel Stern's Mad Science at MOWA Downtown
27 In Germany, University Profs Line Up Against Online Teaching
28 Plants manipulate their soil environment to assure a steady supply of nutrients
29 Biochar provides high-definition electron pathways in soil
30 Biochar at COP22: Fighting Climate Change From the Ground Up
31 Atkinson Academic Venture Fund awards $1.3M to 10 projects
32 Drug Resistance Spread in 6 Metropolitan Regions, Germany, 2001–2018
33 Biochar reduces nasty nitrous oxide emissions on farms | Cornell Chronicle
34 Modified cancer drug effective against multi-resistant bacteria
35 Cornell students meet, learn from COP23 world leaders | Cornell Chronicle
36 Cornell partners in $10M poultry science grant | Cornell Chronicle
37 Spreading rock dust on farms could be a major climate action
38 Art intervenes at Minns Garden
39 New element tracking method a boon for geoscientists | Cornell Chronicle
40 Waste not: Student aims to get more out of manure
41 Finding common ground for scientists and policymakers on soil carbon and climate change
42 Awards fund innovations in digital agriculture | Cornell Chronicle
43 Burned organic matter captures ammonia
44 Soil and its sustainability
45 New model suggests scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere | Cornell Chronicle
46 From cancer medication to antibiotic
47 Making sustainable battery electrodes from sawdust
48 New idea could dig Earth out of trouble
49 Scientists discover that charcoal traps ammonia pollution
50 Atkinson's Academic Venture Fund awards $1.5M to 12 projects
51 Eco Talk: What is biochar, and why is it helpful?
52 Nature Will Triumph—and Reclaim All Our Gadgets
53 Double strike against tuberculosis: Beta-lactone inhibits mycomenbrane biosynthesis and potentiates antibiotics
54 As Uses of Biochar Expand, Climate Benefits Still Uncertain
55 Soil scientist speaks on land degradation at COP22 | Cornell Chronicle
56 Biochar as the new black gold
57 Students, faculty shape global effort to cool a warming world
58 Cornell Student Delegates Attend U.N. Convention on Climate Change in Germany
59 Depleted soil locks rural farmers in trap of ultra-poverty | Cornell Chronicle
60 New biochar model scrubs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
61 Is Biochar a Game-Changer for Sustainable Farms?
62 Amazonian Terra Preta Can Transform Poor Soil Into Fertile
63 A Live Recording of Pianist Johannes Wallmann on Strictly Jazz Sounds
64 TechTour: Corn planting with small, swarming robots
65 Faculty Strengthen Organizational Ties, Work on Food Sustainability at EAT Forum
66 Office Building Givaudan / Ernst Niklaus Fausch Partner
67 Angelika Amon, cell biologist who pioneered research on chromosome imbalance, dies at 53
68 Rethinking connection between soil as a carbon reservoir and global warming
69 Breaking News
70 Charcoal's green image blackened
71 New land-use strategies can reduce greenhouse gas emissions
72 Biochar
73 Can mountains of animal bones boost food security in Ethiopia?
74 What is biochar?
75 Plant matters: Is photosynthesis the best defense against climate change?
76 Beyond the Hype
77 Numbered Titles
78 Goethe-Institut: looking back on a turbulent year, while planning for 2018
79 U.S. pressure could accelerate growth for markets in Greater China
80 Organic matter that lasts
81 More Worries over the Security of Web Assembly
82 Terpning, Rockwell & Remington, Oh My — Heritage Auctions Posts $6 Million American Art Sale
83 Nanoscale coupling of endocytic pit growth and stability
84 WWD China launches Sustainability Summit With Yehyehyeh – WWD
85 3 Technology Trends From Agritechnica 2017
86 New substance may help combat tuberculosis
87 Bringing Paris Climate Talks to CNY: Local Actions, Viewpoints on Climate Change
88 A remote control for neurons
89 H/C atomic ratio as a smart linkage between pyrolytic temperatures, aromatic clusters and sorption properties of biochars derived from diverse precursory materials
90 Cardinal Karl Lehmann, influential German prelate, dies at 81
91 22 Interactive Lessons to Bring Earth Day to Life
92 Black is the new green
93 Is 350 the right number to stop climate change? (Hint: Think greenhouse gases)
94 PANTAFLIX AG: PANTALEON Films series production DAS LETZTE WORT to be available worldwide online on NETFLIX from September the 17th
95 How biochar benefits your garden
96 The Dirt on Climate Change
97 A new growth industry?
98 Risk of HIV transmission through condomless sex in serodifferent gay couples with the HIV-positive partner taking suppressive antiretroviral therapy (PARTNER): final results of a multicentre, prospective, observational study
99 Nut Jobs
100 New liquid crystals allowing directed transmission of electricity synthesized: Organic power cable for electronic components