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1 What we learned from John Bolton's eye-popping tale of working with Trump
2 John Bolton muses on how Trump spends his Oval Office time
3 Opinion: John Bolton, like Trump, put self-interest first, betrayed his country
4 Transcript: John Bolton on "Face the Nation," July 5, 2020
5 John Bolton says Trump's Russian bounty intelligence denial 'not how system works' – video
6 John Bolton's memoir has sold a staggering 780,000 copies in its first week on sale
7 John Bolton just revealed Donald Trump's dirty little secret
8 John Bolton describes why he won't vote for Trump
9 Yes, John Bolton was ‘in the room,’ but he should have used a different title
10 Why John Bolton may lose book earnings
11 Bolton: Trump's 'fundamental focus' not on US national security
12 Bolton slams Trump's approach to world leaders as "naive and foolish"
13 Bolton: 'I have enough scars' from bringing up Russia-related intelligence with Trump
14 Former National Security Advisor John Bolton and Former Acting and Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell on “The Takeout”
15 Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton comments on current national security concerns, his new book | Watch News Videos Online
16 Judge denies attempt to block John Bolton's book
17 Bolton: Trump claim he wasn’t told of Russia bounty report is 'not how system works’
18 Trump impeachment prosecutors focused too 'narrowly' on Ukraine, John Bolton says in new book
19 John Bolton plans to publish a tell-all about his time in the White House in late June
20 White House Tells Bolton His Book Still Contains Classified Information
21 Chiusano: Should you buy John Bolton's new book?
22 Overview Of John Bolton's Book 'The Room Where It Happened'
23 Bolton: Trump's denial of Russian bounty intelligence briefing shows his 'fundamental focus' is not on US security
24 Iran's Zarif Says Bolton Book Shows U.S. Plot to Collapse Regime
25 READ: John Bolton book injunction denial
26 Bolton suggests possible 'obstruction' by Trump in SDNY Turkey investigation
27 Colbert spars with John Bolton over Trump 'revelations'
28 NPR's Steve Inskeep Interviews Former National Security Adviser John Bolton
29 Transcript of VOA Interview with Former US National Security Adviser John Bolton
30 Trump Unleashes Attacks on Bolton Book
31 Stelter explains why Trump is 'clearly rattled' by Bolton's new book
32 Story Time with John Bolton
33 Bolton Book Fight Shows Flaws in U.S. System to Protect Secrets
34 The Atlantic Daily: John Bolton Speaks
35 John Bolton defends anti-Trump book, denies it contains classified info
36 John Bolton in Conversation with Robert Costa
37 Bolton: Trump doesn't pay attention to a lot of things
38 Bolton claims Trump asked China for re-election help
39 John Bolton: Putin thinks he can play Trump like a fiddle
40 John Bolton made a tragic mistake. It’s not the one you might think.
41 John Bolton fatigue sets in, just as bookstores reopen
42 John Bolton: The Scandal of Trump’s China Policy
43 Trump reacts to bombshells from John Bolton's new book
44 John Bolton's Book 'The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,' Reviewed
45 Here's Why Everyone Is Talking About John Bolton's Book About President Trump
46 Notable & Quotable: John Bolton
47 Joe Biden Is Wondering Why John Bolton Suddenly Likes Him
48 Trump administration reacts to John Bolton's book
49 Blitzer to Bolton: If you had testified, you might've made a difference
50 Zakaria: Bolton's book paints a picture of Trump as ignorant
51 N Korea says no US talks plan as Bolton hints 'October surprise'
52 John Bolton says he'd be happy to testify in Canada on Huawei exec’s extradition case
53 READ: Trump administration's lawsuit against Bolton over book
54 Bolton: U.S. should consider ‘very severe measures’ over reports of Russian bounties
55 New Book by John Bolton: Trump Fails to Delay Release
56 John Bolton's Book Reveals the Depth of His Hostility Toward Iran
57 What John Bolton's memoir tells us about Trump and Venezuela
58 How damaging is John Bolton's scathing account of Donald Trump's presidency?
59 Lin-Manuel Miranda throws 'Hamilton' shade at John Bolton's Trump book title
60 Plain Talk: Why did Trump hire John Bolton? "He liked watching him on the news shows," Sen. Cramer says
61 Assessing the Government's Lawsuit Against John Bolton [UPDATED after Wednesday's filing of a TRO motion]
62 John Bolton, Mary Trump and the Revenge of the Trump Tattletales
63 John Bolton sells, er, tells his tale
64 Judge: Former national security adviser John Bolton can publish book despite White House efforts to block its release
65 Trump and Navarro condemn John Bolton's China claim
66 Letter to the Editor: Bolton no patriot
67 John Bolton Survived the Battle, But He Will Lose the War
68 On North Korea and Iran, Bolton Blames ‘the Split Between Trump and Trump’
69 Opinion: Bolton's most damning claim – The Appalachian
70 Forget the Book—Bolton Set Trump and America on a Path to a Nuclear Arms Race
71 John Bolton’s Contribution to ‘America First’
72 Rayshard Brooks, John Bolton, N.B.A.: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing
73 Donald Trump Just Wants Elton John to Like Him
74 Here's what John Bolton's book has to say about the inner workings of the Trump White House
75 'Quite the charade': Schiff responds to Bolton's accusation
76 Bolton Reflects on White House Stint, Criticizes Trump
77 Trump books reviews: I read all the memoirs by former White House officials, from John Bolton to James Comey.
78 Rebutting John Bolton’s Vision For The UN
79 Bolton's Trump bombshells (and Jeff Bezos) prove House Democrats have lost focus
80 John Bolton on Trudeau, Canada's tensions with China and not voting for Trump
81 Why John Bolton's Foreign Policy Revelations Matter to You
82 Cyr column: John Bolton’s revenge memoir
83 Michael Bolton Singing Excerpts From John Bolton's 'The Room Where It Happened' on 'Late Show'? Sure, Why Not?
84 US should fully recognize Taiwan, pressure China: John Bolton
85 John Bolton: Kosovo and Serbia Leaders Discussed Land Swap
86 Bolton on Trump-Trudeau relationship, and Canada's role in Meng extradition
87 National View: John Bolton's book shocks but doesn't surprise
88 Late Night Lately: Interviews With Bubba Wallace, Jon Stewart and John Bolton
89 John Bolton book again delayed, this time to June 23
90 Beyond the Bubble podcast: The Bolton bombshell — does it matter?
91 Who is John Bolton and how is he tied to Trump impeachment?
92 Who is John Bolton, the former national security adviser now a focus in Trump's impeachment trial?
93 For John Bolton, an ‘Upside-Down World’ After Trump Revelation
94 John Bolton Knows What He’s Doing
95 Did John Bolton Outfox Himself on His Own Tell-All Book?
96 John Bolton Hints at How Much More He Still Has to Tell
97 What Does John Bolton Want?
98 Trump slams Bolton as Senate considers calling him as a witness
99 Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser
100 John Bolton's book has been delayed until May due to White House review