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1 Halloween 2018: John Carpenter Joked Michael Myers’ New Mask Looked Awful
2 10 Best John Carpenter Movies, According To IMDB | ScreenRant
3 Every John Carpenter Movie Ranked, Worst To Best | Screen Rant
4 Fantasia Fest To Give John Carpenter Lifetime Achievement Award, Unveils Final Titles Ahead Of Virtual Edition
5 John Carpenter Will Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At Fantasia
6 Halloween’s John Carpenter Had A Hilariously Blunt Reaction To Michael Myers’ New Mask
7 How John Carpenter's The Thing Went From Flop to Cult Favorite
8 WIRE Buzz: The Mandalorian tops streaming originals, Fantasia Fest honoring John Carpenter & more
9 John Carpenter to Deliver Fantasia Fest Masterclass
10 John Carpenter to receive Fantasia’s Lifetime Achievement Award
11 John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Returning to Drive-in Theaters Along With 'Halloween 4' & 'Halloween 5'
12 John Carpenter's 'Halloween' Getting a Best Buy Exclusive 4K Ultra HD Steelbook This Fall!
13 John Carpenter’s 10 Best Film Scores Ranked | ScreenRant
14 John Carpenter’s Halloween And Two of Its Sequels Returning to Drive-In Theaters
15 Keith David, Richard Masur, and more vets of John Carpenter's The Thing remember Wilford Brimley
16 'Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire': What Happened to John Carpenter, the Guy in the Viral Clip Who Won $1 Million?
17 John Carpenter describes ‘Halloween Kills’ as a “slasher movie times one hundred”
18 Review: Does director Andrew Patterson succeed in becoming next Spielberg with film 'The Vast of Night?'
19 Halloween Kills: Nick Castle Worries His Michael Myers Cameo Will Be Cut
20 Frustration At Power Delays Evident At Bernards Committee Meeting
21 Halloween 1978: All 3 Retcons To The Original Movie Explained
22 Jamie Lee Curtis Gives Back With a Kind Heart and Some Humor
23 They Live: Artist Alters Trump Goya “Ad”, John Carpenter Approves
24 Halloween Kills: Original Michael Myers Actor Is Worried His Big Scene Might Be Cut
25 A Muse Concert Movie is Coming to IMAX Next Week
26 Celebrating the Deadly Duo of Stuart Gordon and Jeffrey Combs
27 Mondo The Thing Poster By 100% Soft Drops Tomorrow
28 Jackson's Barney grabs career first Wall Stadium Modified win
29 Interview: Easy Allies' Ian Hinck discusses their love of synths
30 New Image: Anthony Michael Hall's Tommy Doyle in HALLOWEEN KILLS
31 Every Unmade John Carpenter Project That Would Have Been Amazing
32 10 Sci-Fi Films About Alien Parasites That Are Actually Terrifying
33 The best movies based on HP Lovecraft stories
34 Disneyland Halloween Is Canceled Along with Other Theme Park Events
35 John Carpenter streams two new songs
36 MCU Spider-Man 3: Casting Kraven For The Sony Marvel Sequel
37 10 of the Worst Horror Movie Remakes
38 10 Signs You're Watching A John Carpenter Film | ScreenRant
39 Hear John Carpenter’s New Songs ‘Skeleton,’ ‘Unclean Spirit’
40 'The Thing' director John Carpenter remembers the 'inestimable genius' of Ennio Morricone
41 John Carpenter Pays Tribute to Ennio Morricone and His Haunting Score for ‘The Thing’
42 The Movies Directed By John Carpenter, Ranked
43 John Carpenter Will Resurrect Lost Music from ‘The Thing’ with New EP
44 The 10 Best John Carpenter Movies, Ranked (According to IMDb)
45 News | John Carpenter Releases Two New Tracks
46 John Carpenter Announces New EP Lost Cues: The Thing
47 10 Creepiest Killers From John Carpenter Films | ScreenRant
48 John Carpenter Almost Directed A Halloween Sequel
49 John Carpenter's Sci-Fi Horror Film 'The Thing' Was Ahead Of Its Time
50 Horror icon John Carpenter to release unreleased music from ‘The Thing’
51 Top 10 Groundbreaking John Carpenter Characters | CBR
52 John Carpenter Returns With New Two-Song Single “Skeleton” and “Unclean Soul”: Stream
53 Bacurau review: the best John Carpenter movie Carpenter didn’t actually make
54 Halloween: How John Carpenter's Music Saved The Classic Horror Movie
55 James Gill: John Carpenter spoke truth to power, so they gave him the heave-ho
56 The 10 most underrated John Carpenter horror films
57 10 Best Kurt Russell Action Movies, According To Rotten Tomatoes
58 Halloween Kills Has A Massive Kill Count
59 Why John Carpenter Didn't Direct The Exorcist 3 | Screen Rant
60 Halloween Kills Already Honors John Carpenter’s Original Sequel
61 John Carpenter releases new two-song single ‘Skeleton’ and ‘Unclean Spirit’
62 Halloween: Why John Carpenter Didn't Cameo In Rob Zombie's Sequel
63 Halloween 1978 Referenced The Thing Before John Carpenter's Movie Existed
64 Four John Carpenter films are getting 4K Blu-ray Steelbooks in September | Home Release News
65 The best movies on CBS All Access
66 John Carpenter Narrates the Synthwave Documentary 'The Rise of the Synths'; Watch Online This Week!
67 John Carpenter’s Riot Starring Nicolas Cage Never Happened (Here’s Why)
68 John Carpenter's Prince Of Darkness: 5 Reasons It's Criminally Underrated (& 5 It's Not)
69 John Carpenter Releases 2 Tracks Ahead of New Vinyl Release
70 What Critics Said About John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ Back In 1982
71 The Guest: How John Carpenter's Halloween Inspired The Movie
72 John Carpenter reveals that he wants to write the scores for the new ‘Halloween’ films
73 John Carpenter\'s In The Mouth of Madness (1994) Depicts a Sinister Creative Process
74 ‘The Thing’: Ennio Morricone and John Carpenter’s Thriller Soundtracks Get Special Rereleases
75 John Carpenter's 'Village of the Damned' at 25: Christopher Reeve vs. creepy kids
76 All John Carpenter Movies Ranked by Tomatometer
77 Gary Kibbe Dead: Cinematographer for John Carpenter Was 79
78 John Carpenter
79 The Top 5 John Carpenter Movie Villains | 411MANIA
80 John Carpenter remembers working with Ennio Morricone on ‘The Thing’
81 Seven-film John Carpenter festival includes ‘Halloween,’ ‘The Thing’
82 Ice Cube Confessed, 'I Couldn't Pass Up a Chance to Work With John Carpenter' on 'Ghosts of Mars'
83 Nobody Trusts Anybody Now: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Thing
84 How John Carpenter's The Fog went from disaster to cult horror classic on its 40th anniversary
85 Why John Carpenter Hated Rob Zombie's Halloween (& Why It Split The Fanbase)
86 John Carpenter's Village of the Damned Remake Is Underrated
87 Prince of Darkness: What Inspired John Carpenter's Weirdest Film
88 Why John Carpenter's The Thing Was A Failure On Release
89 RIP Gary B. Kibbe, Cinematographer on Several John Carpenter Films
90 John Carpenter gives us his Halloween movie recommendations
91 John Carpenter's Most Underrated Movie: In The Mouth of Madness
92 John Carpenter on ‘Halloween’ Series Ending: Don’t Count on It
93 John Carpenter’s They Live Feels More Timely By the Day
94 John Carpenter on the early critics who dismissed his films: ‘I’d like to spend just five minutes with’ them
95 IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS Is John Carpenter’s Surreal Masterpiece
96 [Video] Incredible Budweiser Commercial Recreates a Young John Carpenter Writing 'Halloween II'
97 Douglas Knapp, Cinematographer and Camera Operator for John Carpenter, Dies at 70
98 Budweiser Salutes John Carpenter and Its Own Connection to Halloween II
99 Black Christmas Inspired John Carpenter's Original Halloween
100 Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 Accidentally Copied John Carpenter