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1 John Oliver Reveals Origin Of ‘Last Week Tonight’ Adam Driver Obsession To Seth Meyers
2 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Ends Season 7 Addressing Trump’s Election Loss, His Refusal To Concede And…Adam Driver
3 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Recaps Election Results, Celebrates Biden & Harris Historic Win And Trump’s Loss
4 John Oliver Used His Last Show Before Election Day to Make Not One but Two Cases Against Trump
5 ‘Late Night': John Oliver Literally Blew Up the Year 2020
6 John Oliver concludes season finale of `Last Week Tonight` by blowing up `2020`, slams Trump once again
7 John Oliver Explained The Origin Of His Obsession With Adam Driver
8 John Oliver got extra emotional voting in the 2020 election
9 Adam Driver Losing It on John Oliver Won Late Night This Week
10 John Oliver says four more years of Attorney General Bill Barr is reason enough not to vote for Trump
11 Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, November 22?
12 John Oliver explains dangers of Trump's voter fraud lies; has fun with origins of Forty Fort's name
13 Wallingford-based charity benefits from 'fight' between John Oliver, Danbury
14 Forty Fort responds to John Oliver
15 TV Host John Oliver says he ‘nearly burst into tears’ while voting for the first time as a U.S. citizen
16 Petaluma wants John Oliver's art
17 John Oliver features Newswatch 16 on 'Last Week Tonight' again
18 Former John Oliver writer reads her book about voting to local students
19 Jerry Seinfeld Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Update His Seinfeld Impersonation
20 Health Unit clip featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
21 John Oliver’s first voting experience as a U.S. citizen was emotional: ‘I nearly burst into tears’
22 WATCH: John Oliver Use Persuasive Language to Take Donald Trump Down a Peg
23 John Oliver, mayor in "dispute" over naming sewage plant after Oliver
24 Watch as John Oliver says goodbye to 2020 by blowing it up
25 Why 'The Crown' Made Princess Diana's Bulimia a Major Part of Her Story in Season 4
26 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Renewed At HBO For Three Seasons
27 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Unpacks Dangers Of Trump’s Move To Withdraw From WHO
28 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Addresses Difficulties Of Reopening Schools Safely During Pandemic Despite What Trump Administration Says
29 John Oliver skewers US history curriculum in 'Last Week Tonight'
30 John Oliver offers bleak outlook on America’s political future: ‘The system is already rigged’
31 WORLD Channel Series Featured On John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight'
32 John Oliver slams White House over Trump COVID-19 outbreak
33 John Oliver Takes Trump Asylum Policies to Task on ‘Last Week Tonight’
34 Danbury, Connecticut will name sewage plant after John Oliver
35 John Oliver Insists People ‘Won’t Succumb to the Purge’ If We Defund the Police
36 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Addresses RNC Lies, The Party’s “Barely Disguised Racial Panic” And “Infuriating” Events Of Kenosha
37 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Progress From Black Lives Matter Protests, How More Work Needs To Be Done To Change Our “Unacceptable” Present
38 John Oliver tackles widespread impending evictions on ‘Last Week Tonight'
39 John Oliver Torches Trump One Last Time Before Signing Off
40 Todd Allen Oliver | Obituaries
41 John Oliver Skewers Trump for Renewed Birtherism Conspiracies
42 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Slams Trump’s “Great Job” Of Sending Federal Agents To Portland Protests
43 John Oliver Thanks Emmys For Going Virtual As ‘Last Week Tonight’ Scoops Writing Award For Fifth Year In A Row
44 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Dismissal Of Michael Flynn Case And Donald Trump’s “Live And Let Die” Coronavirus Strategy
45 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Hits Season High In Viewership
46 'Last Week Tonight': John Oliver Cautions Against Hasty Return of Sporting Events
47 John Oliver Recaps the Year of America’s ‘Brutality Bingo’
48 John Oliver is being honored with his name on a sewage plant after 'fight' with a Connecticut town
49 Watch Out, America: John Oliver Is Officially a U.S. Citizen Now
50 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Unpacks How Donald Trump Has Failed To Give Coronavirus Crisis The Seriousness It Requires
51 John Oliver targets Amazon in coronavirus segment on workers' rights
52 John Oliver Tries to Understand Trump’s Favorite ‘Pathetically Thirsty’ Media Outlet
53 John Oliver pokes fun at Tom Brady, slams Trump’s ‘ineffective, racist’ border wall
54 John Oliver slams Disney for censoring his show in India
55 John Oliver Fires One Last Missive at Jared Kushner, ‘America’s Most Laminated Prince’
56 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver On Dangers Of Trump-Fox News Cycle Of Coronavirus Misinformation
57 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Addresses Alarming Coronavirus Spikes In Prisons And Jails, Urges Depopulating Facilities To Avoid Spread Of COVID-19
58 ‘Last Week Tonight’: Serious John Oliver Talks Impending Barrett Nomination, Puerto Rico Statehood and Sean Penn’s 2018 Book ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff’
59 John Oliver Explains How the U.S. Can Reopen Safely
60 John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Scoops Fifth Consecutive Emmy Win, Says Late-Night Shows “Very Fortunate” To Be Able To Air During Pandemic
61 John Oliver Spits All of His Wet, Liberal Germs on ‘Irresponsible’ Coronavirus Media
62 John Oliver Explains the Mundane Reasons Your Ballot Could Be Discounted (and How to Avoid Them)
63 John Joseph Oliver | Texarkana Today
64 Video: John Oliver Explains Why We Can't Bring Back Sports Yet
65 John Oliver on Amy Coney Barrett's likely confirmation: 'It's going to hurt for a long time'
66 John Oliver Has Some Belated Thoughts on the ‘Upsetting’ Gilmore Girls Reboot
67 John Oliver: US is 'making a mockery of the phrase a jury of your peers'
68 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Addresses QAnon, Marjorie Taylor Greene And The Danger Of “Batsh*t” Crazy Conspiracy Theories
69 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ & ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Set HBO Returns Amid Coronavirus Crisis
70 Sean Hannity Has A Problem With John Oliver: Why So Serious?
71 11 words from John Oliver that expose Fox News' fundamental hypocrisy
72 John Oliver to Donald Trump: 'The postal service is not a joke'
73 John Oliver: Barrett’s Supreme Court Nomination Is ‘F**king Travesty’ of ‘Rigged’ American Politics
74 John Oliver's coronavirus advice: 'Don’t be complacent, and don’t be an idiot'
75 John Oliver Breaks Down the Human Rights Crisis Happening in China Right Now
76 John Oliver Questions ‘Why the Emmys Are Happening This Year’ Following Variety Talk Series Win
77 ‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver planning trip to Danbury for sewer plant renaming ceremony
78 John Oliver Dares Danbury, Connecticut to Actually Name Sewage Plant After Him
79 John Oliver Kicks Off New Season of Last Week Tonight With Thorough Endorsement of Medicare For All
80 John Oliver donates to Danbury teachers, as city awaits response on sewer plant deal
81 John Oliver mercilessly trolls UFC, Dana White's name and baldness
82 HBO's “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver criticizes Robin Vos over in-person voting amid pandemic
83 John Oliver donates to two charities after Danbury sewer plant renaming
84 ‘It’s always risky, but it’s worked so far’: How John Oliver walks a tricky tightrope with Last Week Tonight
85 HBO’s John Oliver has strong words for those who oppose ‘Medicare for All’
86 Danbury hockey team hits back at comedian John Oliver