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1 'Last Week Tonight': John Oliver Takes a Close Look at the Odds of Another Pandemic and How to Prevent It
2 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Addresses Andrew Cuomo’s Mishandling Of Covid-19 Data, Fake Quotes And Love For His Own “Public Adulation”
3 John Oliver Examines Damage Done by Over-the-Top Police Raids on ‘Last Week Tonight’
4 John Oliver Is Ready To Leap Over America’s “Problematically Low Bar” With New Season Of ‘Last Week Tonight’: The Deadline Q&A
5 John Oliver Is Taking Last Week Tonight’s Mascot Budget ‘to My Grave’
6 John Oliver returns from hiatus to discuss how the next pandemic could happen
7 John Oliver on the 'stupid' fun of HBO's 'Last Week Tonight': 'Is this something people want?' (Yes)
8 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation From Deadly Texas Winter Storm
9 John Oliver on the US meatpacking industry: 'Things are critical right now'
10 John Oliver slams Mike Shirkey on 'Last Week Tonight' for false claim on US Capitol 'hoax'
11 Last Week Tonight segment on police raids featured 11Alive report on botched no-knock raid, Baby Bou Bou case
12 Missing Tennessee teen may be in Seattle area
13 John Oliver Begrudgingly Shares the Exact Birthday As John Cena
14 'Insecure', Starz 'Men in Kilts', John Oliver talk show: What to watch now
15 Man Suspected Of Kidnapping Teen Daughter Thinks He’s Like Jason Bourne, Authorities Say As They Warn She’s In ‘Danger’
16 John Oliver Has Had It With Tucker Carlson's Texas Crisis Lies
17 John Oliver Dismantles The Biggest Myth About Comedy In The Trump Era
18 Missing Tennessee Child may be in Auburn Area
19 John Oliver Returns to Expose Ted Cruz Over Impeachment Trial 'Charade'
20 HBO’s John Oliver attacks moderate Democrats for supporting Senate filibuster
21 John Oliver and Colbert Brutally Mock Trump's Terrible Impeachment Lawyers
22 John Oliver: Dead Eyes, Empty Hearts, Ted Cruz — Best TV Quotes
23 Tennessee man accused of holding teen daughter against her will since 2019, may be in Colorado
24 Food Is John Oliver Vegan? The 'Last Week Tonight' Host Has Criticized the Meat Industry By
25 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Season 8: Release date, creators, trailer and all you need to know about
26 Dad With Captive Teen Daughter Is Using IT Expertise to Evade Cops: DA
27 Eat. Watch. Do. — 30 classic Chicago food and drinks, ‘WandaVision’ wraps up, ‘Real World’ returns
28 Mother of a 17-year-old kidnapped by father in Chattanooga speaks out
29 3rd woman accuses Cuomo of inappropriate behavior. Plus, SU gets a big win (Good Morning CNY for Mar. 2)
30 Billy Eichner makes history with a big-studio gay rom-com
31 Auburn's Peter Oliver ready to rack up yards for Crusaders
32 Alan Pergament: 'Allen v. Farrow' similar to reporting by Orth in '92 Vanity Fair article
33 Lucas/Oliver and Multi-Family Zoning By Right
34 After saying this David Sackler is Purdue Pharma's David Sackler, the NY Post insists the wrong man pay its lawyers
35 John Oliver Reveals ‘Last Week Tonight’ Return With New Season Trailer
36 Is There a New ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Airing This Week?
37 John Oliver Cuts His Hiatus Short to Fetishize and Bribe the Pringles Corporation
38 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Progress From Black Lives Matter Protests, How More Work Needs To Be Done To Change Our “Unacceptable” Present
39 Top Food & Bev Industry Posts You Missed in February
40 Pringles Mascot Responds To John Oliver’s Odd ‘Last Week Tonight’ Request To Unveil Full Body, Donates $10K To Charity In Honor Of HBO Host
41 Creative way to address Tucker Carlson’s description of Springfield warranted (Letters)
42 John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’ Renewed by HBO Through 2023
43 WORLD Channel Series Featured On John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight'
44 John Oliver on police drug raids « Drug WarRant
45 John Oliver makes light of election week drama on 'Last Week Tonight'
46 John Oliver Takes Trump Asylum Policies to Task on ‘Last Week Tonight’
47 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Addresses RNC Lies, The Party’s “Barely Disguised Racial Panic” And “Infuriating” Events Of Kenosha
48 John Oliver Reveals Origin Of ‘Last Week Tonight’ Adam Driver Obsession To Seth Meyers
49 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Addresses Difficulties Of Reopening Schools Safely During Pandemic Despite What Trump Administration Says
50 John Oliver Literally Blows Up 2020 in Final Show of the Year: “Get F--ked”
51 Connecticut town renames sewage plant after John Oliver
52 The Best HBO Max Shows Of 2021
53 Claire Oliver Gallery : Love Letters for Harlem
54 John Oliver gets sewage plant named in his honor following 'Last Week Tonight' rant
55 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Hits Season High In Viewership
56 John Oliver Says Voting for First Time in 2020 Election Brought Him to Tears
57 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Need To Scale Up Coronavirus Testing And How The U.S. Fell Behind
58 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Explains How The Pandemic Bolsters Affordable Housing Crisis
59 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks George Floyd Protests, Trump’s Library of Racist Maxims And Importance Of Voting By Mail
60 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Trump Testing Positive For Coronavirus And How White House Has Handled The Pandemic With Denialism
61 Connecticut city OKs renaming sewage plant after John Oliver amid tongue-in-cheek feud
62 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Dismissal Of Michael Flynn Case And Donald Trump’s “Live And Let Die” Coronavirus Strategy
63 'Last Week Tonight': John Oliver Cautions Against Hasty Return of Sporting Events
64 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Addresses Alarming Coronavirus Spikes In Prisons And Jails, Urges Depopulating Facilities To Avoid Spread Of COVID-19
65 John Oliver Examines Why U.S. “History” Varies So Wildly From State to State
66 Broadcast TV Scorecard 2021: What's New, Renewed and Canceled
67 John Legend jokes he hasn't waxed his chest all year in quarantine parody song with Jimmy Fallon
68 John Oliver Continues Friendly Feud With Danbury; City Mayor Retaliates With An Offer Full Of Sewage
69 Is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver new tonight, January 31?
70 John Oliver says four more years of Attorney General Bill Barr is reason enough not to vote for Trump
71 TV Host John Oliver says he ‘nearly burst into tears’ while voting for the first time as a U.S. citizen
72 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Slams Trump’s “Great Job” Of Sending Federal Agents To Portland Protests
73 John Oliver Fires One Last Missive at Jared Kushner, ‘America’s Most Laminated Prince’
74 John Oliver Criticizes Trump's Coronavirus Response, Attorney General William Barr in Supersized 'Last Week To
75 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver On Dangers Of Trump-Fox News Cycle Of Coronavirus Misinformation
76 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver season 8 start date announced
77 John Oliver Tries to Understand Trump’s Favorite ‘Pathetically Thirsty’ Media Outlet
78 ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Addresses QAnon, Marjorie Taylor Greene And The Danger Of “Batsh*t” Crazy Conspiracy Theories
79 John Oliver Offers 2020 Voting Advice as Trump, Republicans Try to Sow Confusion
80 Wallingford-based charity benefits from 'fight' between John Oliver, Danbury
81 John Oliver explains dangers of Trump's voter fraud lies; has fun with origins of Forty Fort's name
82 John Oliver Somehow Finds the Humor in the Capitol Riot
83 Adam Driver's Last Week Tonight Cameo Explained by John Oliver
84 John Oliver Spits All of His Wet, Liberal Germs on ‘Irresponsible’ Coronavirus Media
85 John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant, calamari comeback: Weirdest stories of New England this year
86 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Unpacks How Donald Trump Has Failed To Give Coronavirus Crisis The Seriousness It Requires
87 John Oliver: Barrett’s Supreme Court Nomination Is ‘F**king Travesty’ of ‘Rigged’ American Politics
88 Key Words: 'Andrew Cuomo is a colossal a—–e' — John Oliver dissects the New York governor's recent scandals
89 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Government’s Messy Treatment Of Essential Workers And Unemployed Impacted By Coronavirus
90 John Oliver on why the USPS is on ‘the brink of collapse’
91 John Oliver Details China’s Devastating Treatment of Uighurs
92 Danny New makes it onto “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver impression
93 Forty Fort, Pennsylvania responds to John Oliver
94 Syracuse’s new snow plow names make John Oliver ‘furious’
95 John Oliver Breaks Down the Human Rights Crisis Happening in China Right Now
96 John Oliver on Amy Coney Barrett's likely confirmation: 'It's going to hurt for a long time'
97 ‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Talks Trump’s Lies About Coronavirus, Flattening The Curve And Importance Of Avoiding Misinformation
98 Petaluma wants John Oliver's art (and $10000)
99 Every moment of John Oliver's diabolical long-running joke about Adam Driver
100 Sean Hannity Unloads on John Oliver Over 'Last Week Tonight' Segment