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1 Trump Says U.S. Intelligence Didn’t Find Russian Bounty Information Credible
2 Former staffer of John Ratcliffe announces candidacy for 4th Congressional District of Texas
3 Senate Intel pushing for global threats hearing before August recess
4 Trump’s Intelligence Director Vows to Investigate Bounty Reports
5 John Ratcliffe vows to investigate reports of Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers
6 Why Congress is unlikely to do anything about the Russian bounty intel
7 State Sen. Pat Fallon to make bid for Congress
8 Top intelligence officials release statements criticizing leaking of Russian bounties information | TheHill
9 Unpacking the National Intelligence Council's Memo on Russian Bounty Operation
10 Worthen announces run for House seat vacated by Ratcliffe
11 Senate Intelligence Committee To Be Briefed On Russia Bounty Allegations
12 John Ratcliffe confirmed as director of national intelligence
13 Want to stop intelligence leaks? Make life easier for whistleblowers.
14 John Ratcliffe says Trump wasn't briefed on Russian bounties for Taliban, Internet asks spy chief to quit
15 John Ratcliffe's nomination for director of national intelligence advances
16 Barings appoints Ratcliffe to lead Asia Pacific real estate
17 DNI Director John Ratcliffe briefing on Russian Bounty at the U.S. Capitol
18 Sen. Ted Cruz Ramps Up Political Machine for Conservatives in Texas and Across the Country
19 Experts Say Intel Should Have Reached Trump On Russian Bounty Program
20 John Ratcliffe at confirmation hearing: "I won't shade the intelligence"
21 Republicans have been skipping House Intelligence meetings for months
22 John Ratcliffe Named Head of APAC Real Estate for Barings
23 Schiff won't oppose Trump intel chief's bid to declassify more of House GOP Russia report
24 Lawmakers paralyzed over response to Russian bounty intel
25 Gowdy insists Pompeo, Ratcliffe and O'Brien 'would never allow bounties to be set on our soldiers, ever'
26 U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe gets director of national intelligence nomination
27 Texas Republican activists could chose U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe's successor
28 The Washington Post: Want to Stop Intelligence Leaks? Make Life Easier for Whistleblowers.
29 Trump Will Nominate Rep. John Ratcliffe As Director Of National Intelligence
30 Bolton book could cause 'grave' damage to US national security: Top intel officials
31 Newly declassified intel document noted Steele dossier claims had 'limited corroboration'
32 John Ratcliffe sworn in as director of national intelligence, ending brief career as Texas congressman
33 Senate Democrats urge Trump administration to do more to counter disinformation ahead of election
34 Trump and treason
35 U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe to replace Dan Coats as intelligence director
36 Democrats say troop threats should be pursued 'relentlessly'
37 Pentagon’s top financial official Elaine McCusker to resign
38 U.S. Rep. John Ratcliffe will not become director of national intelligence
39 Ratcliffe is still wrong choice as intelligence chief [Editorial]
40 President Donald Trump's impeachment advisory team includes John Ratcliffe
41 How bad could a second term really be? Think Donald Trump 2: Police-state boogaloo
42 John Ratcliffe emerges as Donald Trump's defender in impeachment hearing
43 Trump again considering Texas congressman to be intel chief after his candidacy floundered last year
44 Trump nominates Rep. Ratcliffe to be intel director
45 CIA Report Prompts Call for DHS Cyber Authority Over Intelligence Agencies
46 Senate sets Tuesday hearing for Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe’s nomination as U.S. spy chief
47 Pres. Trump Denies Being Briefed on Russia-Taliban Bribery Controversy
48 Dems demand to hear from intel leaders on Russian bounties after White House briefing
49 Senate Demands Answers on Afghanistan Pullout – Foreign Policy
50 Can we trust John Ratcliffe? | TheHill
51 Ratcliffe's Radical Positions During the Impeachment Proceedings
52 “Mask it or casket”; US carriers in South China Sea; Explosion in Iran; Islamic extremists in Mozambique; And a bit more.
53 Trump, top officials defend response to Russia bounty threat
54 Dysfunction All-Around: The Intel Community's Russian Bounty Memo
55 Senate confirms Texas Rep. John Ratcliffe for Director of National Intelligence
56 Stefanik briefed on Russian bounty intelligence | Coronavirus
57 Reports say Russia offered bounties for the killings of US troops in Afghanistan. Trump says he knew nothing
58 Russia bounty intelligence 'may have been' in Trump brief but wasn't deemed 'actionable,' senior Republican says
59 U.S. Republicans, Democrats Want to Question Trump Aides Over Russia Bounty Reports
60 Rep. John Ratcliffe said he arrested 300 immigrants in a day. He didn't.
61 Senate Confirms Trump Loyalist Ratcliffe as Intelligence Chief
62 US lawmakers briefed on bounty reports
63 House Democrats frustrated by White House briefing on Russia bounty allegations
64 Don't Confirm John Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence
65 Trump’s response to Bolton: No, you’re the threat
66 Father of Marine killed in 2019 bomb attack wants answers amid reports of Russia bounties
67 GOP-led Senate panel authorizes subpoenas of top Obama officials
68 Richard Grenell, former U.S. ambassador and acting national intelligence director, joins CMU's Institute for Politics and Strategy
69 Analysis | The Daily 202: What if John Ratcliffe got the job? Trump's felled pick for DNI shows the importance of personnel.
70 Maud valedictorian heads to West Point Academy
71 The First Nomination as Tragedy, the Second as Farce
72 Wheres Markey? Senator misses dozens of votes in pandemic
73 QAnon: The far-right conspiracy theory taking hold of Republicans
74 McConnell on Ratcliffe for DNI: 'I'm waiting to see how the committee process goes'
75 Trump’s Pick for Top Intelligence Post Overstated Parts of His Biography
76 Other Voices: Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe is still wrong choice as intelligence chief
77 Republican John Ratcliffe's House seat up for grabs
78 A New John Ratcliffe or the Same Old Story?
79 Who is Rep. John Ratcliffe, the North Texas Republican tapped by Trump to be next intel chief?
80 GOP presses for swift Ratcliffe confirmation to intel post | TheHill
81 Divided Senate confirms Trump loyalist John Ratcliffe as top US spy
82 With Intelligence Nominee, Trump Ensures an Ally Will Have the Post
83 Ratcliffe rebuts criticism over experience for DNI nomination | TheHill
84 “Childish”: Republicans have skipped House Intelligence meetings for months amid remote work boycott
85 Texas’ Ratcliffe rises as a leading GOP impeachment voice
86 Dems vow to derail Ratcliffe nomination amid questions over his resume
87 Race to replace Ratcliffe in U.S. House gathering steam
88 Rep. Adam Smith: 'Certainly evidence of Russian involvement' with bounties against US troops
89 Senate Intel to hold confirmation hearing for DNI nominee John Ratcliffe next week
90 Trump walks back plan to nominate John Ratcliffe as DNI
91 The Lawfare Podcast Bonus Edition: John Ratcliffe vs. The Committee With No Bull
92 Rep. John Ratcliffe on Democrats' impeachment inquiry: 'Frame job' of Trump
93 Scant evidence of antifa shows how sweeping the protests for racial justice have become
94 Donald Trump asked Xi Jinping for election help, John Bolton claims
95 John Ratcliffe Is a Dangerous Pick for Director of National Intelligence
96 So Much Spin: How May Plates Can Trump Keep in the Air?
97 Trump Celebrates His Acquittal By Senate, Praises North Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe
98 WATCH: Rep. Ratcliffe says no witness has accused Trump of ‘bribery’
99 Rep. John Ratcliffe, on Trump impeachment defense team: ‘Short trial. No witnesses’
100 WH’s Handling Of Russian Bounty Intel ‘Unacceptable’: Rep. Smith