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1 Migrants who crossed Channel could be sent to controversial detention centre
2 Home Office immigration unit has 'no idea'
3 Councils may be forced to take fair share of child asylum-seekers
4 Tories' hostile environment has driven racism in Britain, damning report shows
5 Priti Patel forced to cancel deportation flight after court intervention
6 Death of Mercy Baguma ‘inevitable consequence of immigration policies’
7 The Home Office has 'frighteningly little grasp' of immigration policies, MPs find
8 Sanwar Ali: Huge drop in Tier 2 visa applicants during lockdown
9 'Hostile Environment' fails on all fronts including forcing those without immigration status to leave UK
10 Tory peer suggests government buy its own planes to save costs on disrupted charter flight deportations
11 Not just A-levels: unfair algorithms are being used to make all sorts of government decisions
12 How two Twitter photos exposed a massive problem of racism in social media apps
13 Deportation flight is cancelled after last-minute legal challenges
14 Lawfulness of government visa algorithm challenged
15 Technology has codified structural racism – will the EU tackle racist tech?
16 UK commits to redesign visa streaming algorithm after challenge to ‘racist’ tool
17 Here are the biased algorithms the UK government uses to make high-level decisions
18 Local councils could be ordered to take in more child migrants under new government plans
19 AI Weekly: Facebook’s discriminatory ad targeting illustrates the dangers of biased algorithms
20 Announcement of extension to a public appointee
21 Migrants who crossed Channel could be sent to detention centre
22 Councillors back call to protect migrants from coronavirus
23 Government successfully appeals in 'Right to Rent' case
24 Why are migrants coming to the UK?
25 Thousands of migrants denied help in the pandemic
26 State-sanctioned discrimination: Hostile Environment court case paints bleak picture of housing policy
27 'What if they arrest me?': the legal teams saving people from unfair deportation
28 Government's immigration bill receives initial backing from MPs
29 Activists raising funds for humanitarian ship in the channel
30 Eastbourne man’s desperate bid to see his family again
31 AI system for granting UK visas is biased, rights groups claim
32 Sadiq Khan slams Boris Johnson for 'pulling up drawbridge' on social care workers with Brexit immigration rules
33 Boris Johnson vows post-Brexit look at asylum laws amid row with France over 'dangerous' Channel crossings
34 Right to Rent checks to remain following Court of Appeal decision
35 The Home Office's racist algorithm
36 Court of Appeal Upholds Right to Rent Checks
37 Home Office to face legal challenge over 'digital hostile environment'
38 Home Office succeeds in challenging judicial review of 'hostile environment' letting policy
39 Home Office scraps 'racist' immigration algorithm
40 Home Office UK visa discriminatory data algorithm decision criticised
41 Boris Johnson urged to stop Jamaica deportation flight
42 Satbir Singh: Now is not the time to abandon our values
43 The Londoner: Broadcasters blasted for migrant ‘rubbernecking’
44 'Completely dehumanising': Nigel Farage describes group of children and adults landing in Kent as 'invasion'
45 Khan: Windrush legacy 'must see end to hostile environment' | ITV News
46 EU citizens in UK at risk of becoming illegal as coronavirus response prioritised
47 The hostile environment is creating a coronavirus crisis for Britain's migrants
48 UK visa income thresholds a concern for key migrant workers
49 Government Scraps Immigration "Streaming Tool" before Judicial Review
50 Thousands Of Migrants In The U.K. Are Seeking Relief From “No Recourse To Public Funds”
51 The Right to Rent scheme: a temporary stay of execution?
52 Racist UK visa software algorithm was scrapped on 7 August
53 How to support Refugee Week in Oxford
54 Government to defend 'discriminatory' Right to Rent scheme in court
55 End UK visa welfare rule or spread coronavirus, Patel warned
56 Visa applications: Home Office refuses to reveal 'high risk' countries
57 Government under pressure over Jamaica deportation flight
58 The hostile environment in housing
59 If Boris Johnson is baffled by Britain's cruel migration laws he should change them
60 Coronavirus: call to release UK immigration centre detainees
61 Home Office in row over ‘activist lawyers’ representing migrants
62 Coronavirus: More visa extensions urged for foreign key workers
63 'Right to rent' scheme causes landlords to discriminate, rules High Court
64 Discriminatory UK visa algorithm faces legal challenge
65 Councils scrapping use of algorithms in benefit and welfare decisions
66 Immigrants’ rights campaigners take Home Office to court over visa algorithm
67 Home Office does not know how many people facing migrant welfare curbs amid coronavirus pandemic, minister confirms
68 Led by Donkeys aims for £1m+ donation to JCWI through domain name sale
69 Advocate calls on U.K. to help refugees after young man dies trying to reach Britain
70 Universal Credit for UK migrants as PM hints at U-turn
71 Busting Industry City Rezoning Myths
72 Punishing migrants: Stubborn Home Office covid response puts everyone at risk
73 The Weekly Roundup: Coronavirus Human Rights Implications and the Right to Rent
74 Raised in the UK
75 Right to rent rule 'justified' finds UK appeal court
76 Campaigners challenge minister on Channel crossings
77 Migrants Welcome – How International Hospitality in a Warming World Benefits Everyone
78 “The Law of Humanity”: Home Office no recourse to public funds policy ruled unlawful
79 UK visa guidance for non-EU spouses retracted by Home Office
80 Right to Rent’s demise should spell the end for the hostile environment
81 Lockdown limbo: engineer stuck on the streets in virus nightmare
82 Many key workers fear pay falling below Home Office income requirement
83 Everything you thought you knew about UK immigration is wrong
84 Landmark virtual awards celebrate legal aid heroes
85 Sudanese Boy Dies Crossing English Channel: A Tragic Illustration Of The Need For Safe Passage To Asylum
86 Lost in the covid emergency: Migrant women escaping domestic violence blocked from help
87 NHS fees to be scrapped for overseas health staff and care workers
88 Home Office accused of ‘tricking’ vulnerable migrants
89 High court has ruled that minority families have the right to build a home
90 End the hostile environment faced by immigrants – Mayor Khan
91 Coronavirus lockdown: charities raise alarm as thousands face poverty
92 Windrush compensation scheme ‘too slow’ for victims
93 UK Budget hits migrants with £624 immigration health surcharge
94 Councils drop algorithms that target at-risk children and benefit fraud in wake of A-Level fiasco
95 The new immigration rules are not really about Brexit. They're about ripping off workers
96 Skype Families
97 A key pillar of the hostile environment has just been backed by the appeal court
98 Price and prejudice: automated decision-making and the UK government
99 Immigration rules post-Brexit could fuel modern slavery, say charities
100 Coronavirus: Hackney Migrant Centre forced to close drop-in service