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Result Content Idea Research
1 Researchers identify possible drug target for prostate cancer
2 Montgomery County and Frederick County homes sales
3 Protein that hinders advancement of prostate cancer identified
4 Jordan harbors terrorists wanted by France, US
5 Big Ideas to Save the Economy, From Bailouts to Super Chapter 11
6 Teens petition High Court to order IDF to open all combat units to women
7 College notes
8 Creativity in Crisis: How Some of Our Favorite Photographers and Visual Artists Are Coping in Quarantine
9 Think Israel's asking for trouble? Think again
10 Triplets separated at birth didn't know they were victims of grotesque experiment
11 Who's Running for What in the 2021 New York City Elections
12 Efficient high-throughput SARS-CoV-2 testing to detect asymptomatic carriers
13 The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic: A probability-based, nationally representative study of mental health in the United States
14 Learning from Korah how not to argue
15 Israelis, Palestinians eye Jordan Valley annexation
17 It's a very big deal — Something only Trump could do
18 FIRST-QUARTER HONOR ROLLS: Kingston High School
19 The covenants of Har Sinai and Arvot Moav
20 Continuous on-body sensing for the COVID-19 pandemic: Gaps and opportunities
21 After UAE, is Palestinian veto alive or dead?
22 Erdoğan launches a new age of religious wars
23 The Best of the Best- Baseball
24 Breaking down the presidential race in Ohio: Capitol Letter
25 Israel trades huge headache for huge victory
26 New York’s Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community Warned About Large Funeral Crowds
27 Lighten up. Let's smile!
28 Beyond words, to each their own language
29 German wall hid 110-year-old Jewish biz mural
30 British mandate recognized Israeli sovereignty
31 The David Friedman interview
32 IDF not in hurry to integrate women in elite combat units
33 SECOND-QUARTER HONOR ROLLS: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
34 In Nitzavim and Vayelech, reflections at year's end
35 Homebound seniors in Israel: Isolated and lonely
36 Bibi, Trump, Obama doctrines were all on display
37 HISTORIC DEAL: Isreal and UAE to normalize relations; Israel to suspend sovereignty extention
38 In photos: How an abandoned Syrian military base became a posh Israeli hotel
39 Mendham High School notes honor rolls for second marking period
40 30 hot Canadian classical musicians under 30, 2020 edition
41 Learning how to constantly renew our nation
42 Curious about almonds in winter? Read this.
43 Challenging Israeli vacations as summer ends
44 Time for Israeli sovereignty in Judea, Samaria
45 No Al-Aqsa prayer during
46 Dems gang up on Israel: Politically-nuanced House letter rips sovereignty plans
47 Here he goes again: Abbas' empty old threats
48 Jewish groups from left and right voice reaction
49 Unpleasant news for Times' Thomas Friedman
50 The 10 Best Neon Films to Stream on Hulu
51 The distorted Western discourse over Israel
52 Time for Trump to be Trump, at home and abroad
53 UAE deal eyes partnerships, tech investor says
54 THIRD-QUARTER HONOR ROLLS: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
55 Everyday beauty with Nigel Shafran
56 The covenant and the love. And the chesed.
57 Pretreatment CRP Levels in RA Predict Achievement of Therapeutic Target With Tocilizumab
58 138 Five Towns doctors plea to Orthodox community: Follow the rules!
59 The 'Supreme' rat directing Israeli public life
60 Only his iron fist keeps Lukashenko in power
61 Yossi Beilin's still at it, still undermining Israel
62 Alberta doctors plead against “harmful actions targeted towards our public healthcare system”
63 Pompeo, coronavirus and 'risks' of sovereignty
64 Phooey to 1948 partition. Century-old San Remo is 'international law' basis for the Jewish state
65 Beware the Burger!
66 LGBTQ Support List
67 School Yourself on Essential Style Knowledge With RareBooksParis
68 Benny Gantz's words and his pyromaniac allies
69 THIRD-QUARTER HONOR ROLLS: Kingston High School
70 Donald Trump and the Western alliance
71 Trump, Netanyahu face rendezvous with destiny
72 Left- and right-brain Judaism
73 Jewish GOPers seek to sell Trump to other Jews
74 Old City cable car, fast train plans may derail
75 It's a unity of 2, but really only 1 winner
76 Supreme Court dismisses petition of 2 women wanting to join Armored Corps
77 America’s Funniest Home Videos Producer Accused of Racial and Sexual Harassment
78 It's game over for the blood libel of Oslo
79 'Experts' perpetuate Mideast myths
80 The difference between crowds and communities
81 Muffins in winter: Recipes for seasonal warmth
82 San Remo and the end of innocence
83 Following its ads against Bernie, Democratic Majority for Israel taking a step back from presidential race
84 EDUCATION NOTEBOOK: County students accepted into Governor's School for the Arts
85 Wrapping teffilin, binding with Gd
86 FIRST-QUARTER HONOR ROLLS: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School
87 Climate change to add more instability to Middle East
88 Chicago radio ratings: 93.9 Lite FM back on top with Christmas music
89 Virus Uptick In Hasidic NYC Neighborhoods Causes Concern
90 Nike x Patta "Publicity. Publicity. Wohooooow!" AM 90 x 95 and Apparel
91 Nigel Shafran's Work Books 1984 – 2018 – British Journal of Photography
92 Ask Unorthodox: What Should I Call Really Religious Jews?
93 A very bitter Jerusalem bombing anniversary
94 Mendham High School honor rolls announced for first marking period
95 Navigating fine line between Torah observance and Israeli military service, politics aside
97 The many questions of Bereshit
98 ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Russian Doll’ snag Emmy nods
99 A Los Angeles Mansion Is Quietly Shopped for Over $80 Million | Private Properties
100 Newly Approved Recombinant Zoster Vaccine Provides Better Value, Lower Costs