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1 U.S. Is Expected To Reach 200000 COVID-19 Deaths Very Soon
2 Two "Average Joes" Helping Houston's At-Risk Communities
3 Practice common sense, not stupidity in this COVID-19 world | Quigley
4 Houston Dr. Joseph Varon says he's fighting war against COVID-19 and stupidity
5 Special Edition: Dr. Joseph Varon, Dr. Umair Shah and Professor Dietrich von Biedenfeld (June 30, 2020)
6 'Unfathomable': US death toll from coronavirus hits 200000
7 ‘We’re all they’ve got:' In a north Houston hospital, overworked staff offers critical virus care
8 'A lot of people are going to die if we don't control this' | Houston doctor sounds COVID-19 warning for fall
9 Houston's Leading Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Houston, Texas |
10 Army medical staff arrive to relieve UMMC doctors, nurses
11 How a small Texas hospital is saving coronavirus patients
12 Window into the Texas coronavirus surge: Death and recovery at a Houston hospital
13 In pictures: A hospital in the US battling for the lives of COVID-19 patients
14 Inside a Houston Hospital During a Coronavirus Surge
15 'Make them smile’: Houston doctor gives hope, humor while treating coronavirus patients
16 Not Your Average Joes: Two Doctors Refusing to Ignore the COVID-19 Plight in the African American Community
17 Coronavirus rises in Texas: Hospital's quadrupled beds almost full
18 Houston’s hospitals, emergency officials juggle Hurricane Laura prep with COVID care
19 Houston doctor says he’s signed more death certificates in the last three weeks than in his career
20 Today's Headlines: Inside one effort to save COVID-19 patients
21 Small Texas hospital is finding ways to save COVID-19 patients
22 'I Cannot Save Everybody': Houston Doctor Fights Newest COVID-19 Surge
23 A day on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis at small suburban hosptial with no deaths
24 United Memorial Medical Center forced to add more beds during COVID-19 surge
25 Texas set a new record for COVID-19 hospitalizations in four of the last five days, officials said. Hospitals are scrambling to accommodate the spike.
26 Local hospital using experimental drug treatment in hopes of saving lives of COVID-19 patients
27 More Than 10,000 Virus Patients Remain in Texas Hospitals
28 Local doctors have opposing take on using hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients
29 Covid-19: US death toll from coronavirus hits 200000
30 Texas doctor: Patients are near death, coming in too late
31 Texas medical board warns physicians who claim COVID-19 cure
32 Doctors Say COVID-19 Protocol Saves Lives. Others Want Proof.
33 Army to provide medical help for COVID-19 patients
34 New rapid COVID-19 test could give results in minutes not days
35 My personal battle from a positive to a negative result
36 Director of Houston COVID-19 ward at 65% capacity says he’s worried about possibility of overwhelming spike
37 Trump administration asserts control over coronavirus data
38 Experts send warning on portable generators after 3 people die in Port Arthur
39 Masks, gowns and caution: Reporting from a coronavirus unit
40 'I'm floored': Spring woman stunned by $3K insurance bill for 3-minute COVID test
41 Presumed COVID-19 patients often sent home from Houston hospital ERs without testing, doctors report
42 Millions of kids told full return to school in fall unlikely
43 The Latest: British PM unveils rules as virus cases spike
44 U.S. Army to open unit within Acres Homes’ United Memorial Medical Center
45 5 things for Houstonians to know for Friday, July 10
46 'A war against COVID and stupidity': Houston doctor
47 Latinx community's focus on family could play role in their COVID-19 risk
48 Boney: My personal battle with COVID-19; from a positive to a negative result
49 Coronavirus Houston: Health experts say CDC changes to COVID-19 testing could do more harm than good
50 A Texas Mayor Implores Residents To 'Only Go Out If You Have To' As Virus Cases Spike
51 COVID hospitalizations in Houston below 900, lowest amount since mid-June
52 The next virus pandemic is not far away — unless humans change the way they live
53 Texas Medical Board warns doctors to avoid making false claims about COVID-19 cure
54 Officials prep alternative hospital plans as COVID-19 cases surge to all-time highs
55 A Texas ICU nurse is hospitalized with coronavirus after testing negative
56 Why coronavirus deaths remain low in the US despite surge in new cases
57 ‘It’s been an exponential increase.’ Hospitals prepare for another surge as COVID-19 cases climb
58 Military medics deployed in California, Texas as hospitals struggle with coronavirus surge
59 US Hospital ICUs Filling Up After Another Record-Breaking Day of COVID Infections
60 ‘A hot mess’: Americans face testing delays as virus surges
61 Medical officials warn of staffing shortage as COVID-19 cases, hospitalization rise in Houston
62 Mississippi’s five largest hospitals are out of ICU beds
63 COVID-19 pressure mounts in the Sun Belt
64 Harris County Jail to test quarantined inmates to prevent major COVID-19 outbreak
65 Concerns grow after local hospitals see spike in COVID-19 cases
66 Coronavirus: Houston doctor says 'we're heading to pure hell' as COVID-19 cases spike in Texas
67 Hospitals In San Antonio Are Filling With COVID-19 Patients, Only 10% Of Staffed Beds Available
68 Window into virus surge: Death, recovery at Houston hospital
69 56 Florida hospital ICUs have hit capacity | Health |
70 3-minute COVID test turns into $3,000 insurance bill, Spring woman warns
71 For many COVID-19 patients, ‘recovered’ doesn’t mean the fight is over
72 Coronavirus prompts drastic measures as death tolls set records
73 Coronavirus Cases Surge in Texas on Cheddar
74 ‘Worst of times’ — Bexar County officials report 854 new coronavirus cases, six more deaths
75 TRUST INDEX: Can you get COVID-19 twice?
76 Houston Hospital Struggles To Manage Surge Of COVID-19 Cases
77 Free coronavirus testing begins Thursday in Houston
78 As COVID-19 cases climb, city and county leaders seek to increase testing sites
79 San Jacinto City testing site opens for seniors
80 “We've Cracked the COVID-19 Code.” (And Why No One is Listening.)
81 Hospital voids charges after adding on extra lab work to COVID-19 test
82 Medical experts aggravated by crowding at Houston bars
83 Texas Hospitals Head Towards Full Capacity Due To COVID-19 Uptick
84 Meet the 'Covid Hunter' of Houston
85 ABC13 hosts 'COVID-19 & Our Latinx Community' town hall
86 Meet the "Covid Hunter" of Houston
87 Commentary: Health care workers are heroes and survivors
88 Smart Financial Centre becomes site for coronavirus testing
89 We're told to wear a mask, not storm the beach on D-Day
90 3 U.S. Hospitals Use IVs of Vitamin C & Other Low-Cost, Readily Available Drugs
91 'I'm just so, so tired': COVID taking emotional, physical toll on Houston health care workers
92 Experts urge physical distancing to blunt catastrophic spread of coronavirus
93 COVID-19 deaths are rising once again. What's driving the increase?
94 Updated CDC quarantine recommendation suggests COVID-19 survivors are protected for 3 months
95 News Brief: California COVID-19 Surge, Trump And Biden Campaign, SCOTUS Ruling
96 Hospitals prepare to hit capacity as US hits one-day record for coronavirus cases
97 Leaning on faith and doctors, Missouri City councilman survives rough bout with coronavirus
98 WHO says Covid-19 pandemic is 'not even close to being over'
99 Our world in photos: July 9
100 US tops 3 million known coronavirus infections